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Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by brwhorn, Jul 12, 2011.

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    So I'm taking my morning "break", just sitting in the first stall (studies show that is the cleanest) taking care of business. It's pretty early, and no one else in the entire bathroom. I hear the door open, and some mouth breather comes huffing in, and rather than follow the skip a stall rule (there are 4 + the handicapped one still available), this dude parks it right next to me and proceeds to unload with unrestrained volume.

    Only thing worse would have been if he had started a phone convo. mid-plop.

    sorry, had to rant.
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    yea, well, my phone is broken.
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    Heh, there's an individual who is profoundly deaf at my office. This dude grunts every time he is sitting as though he is passing a VW microbus. Apparently, his parents must have been deaf too, or perhaps they just never thought it prudent to communicate this to him...
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    "That's a lot of noise you're making, flip flop."
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    "skip a stall rule"

    Amen. Give your fellow man some room on those bombing runs.

    Also, drop the bomb as silently as possible. I don't need to hear your F-ing life story BOOM! told to your bathroom break buddy RRRrrrRIIIPP! of how you traveled, got tired, and then SQUATCH! settled for a cushy desk job here. No theatrics, I get enough drama at home with the women folk.
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