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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by DrJ, Aug 4, 2001.

  1. DrJ

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    I don't know if this has been posted previously on this site, but here is a link to a photo history of SWC football helmets by school.

    Definitely some nostalgia in some of these older helmet designs:
    The Link

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    Man, those jerseys from the early McWilliams era were butt ugly. Another reason why the late 80s really sucked to be a Hornfan.

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  4. DrJ

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    I seem to remember the bigger Longhorn silhouette on the helmet in the 1978 season - the year Texas whipped Maryland in the Sun Bowl. However, this site says the current Texas helmet has remained unchanged since Fred Akers' first year in 1977.

    Anyone else recall the bigger silhouette in 1978 or am I dreaming?
  5. ENlightened

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    I don't recall any changes to the classic look since '77, except for the Cotton Bowl Classic logo put between the horns for the '82 CB vs. Alabama, plus the occasional individual variation (RW).

    Which reminds me of a trivia question. Disregarding teams that haven't used helmet logos (i.e., the Penn States and Alabamas of the world; even Notre Dame for a time had green shamrocks on its golden domes) and Michigan (which simply carried over the trim from its leather helmets; that insignia, while easily identifiable, has nothing to do with Wolverines), which is the only school to have utilized the same basic helmet logo longer than Texas, which introduced the steer head in 1961?

    (Small hint: Texas has played this team within the past 20 years, and it's not in the Big 12).

  6. Osler

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    Tennessee? (a bit of a guess, but I know they have had the current logo from the mid 60s)

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  7. Osler

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    I just realized how badly my math skills are slipping.We last played Tenn. in 1968 so I suppose I withdraw my guess.

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  8. DrJ

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    Very good question, ENlightened.

    Let's see....Miami?, Air Force?, North Carolina?, Iowa?....I'll guess Iowa.

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  9. DrJ

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    All right, I just pulled out my tape of Texas vs. Maryland in the 1978 Sun Bowl. The longhorn silhouette on the helmet is definitely bigger than today's silhouette.

    When Russell Erxleben walks to the sideline, the straight-on view of his helmet shows the horns curling around toward the front. The horns cannot be seen from this vantage point nearly as plainly today.
  10. Classic Rock

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  11. ENlightened

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    I will say only that the correct answer has been mentioned, but not guessed ... if that makes any sense. But Tennessee, Iowa and Auburn ... *sound of game-show buzzer indicating wrong answer*

  12. jgar

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  13. Osler

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    My 13 year old son has begged me to say that it is Georgia.Come on Enlightened, this is killing me!

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  14. Jalbert

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    Air Force?

    I know UNC not to long ago had U N C staggerd diagonally down the sides of the their helmet not to long ago. so that eliminates them.
  15. DrJ

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    Don't plant a trivia question and leave it unanswered, EN!

    My (next) guess is Miami.
  16. TornJock

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  17. DrJ

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    ENlightened....oh, ENlightened......

    Do we need to contact SL Xpress to corral the posse to string you up again? What is the answer to your trivia question?
  18. ENlightened

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    SORRY. Geez ... Jalbert is correct. Air Force has had some form of that lightning bolt on its helmets since the late '50s. I've looked over a lot of old photos, and that's the only one that appears to pre-date the Longhorn.
  19. AlfondalUrlaydee

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