Texans pay reasonable price to dump terrible QB contract

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Crockett, Mar 10, 2017.

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    I thought this board was for Longhorn football and not corporate football.
  4. SabreHorn

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    We need to study McNair's mental midgets. They may not have invented "**** up", but they certainly perfected it. A case study in what not to do with a professional franchise and personnel management.

    I can't believe his partners sat on the sidelines this long before intervening and forcing McNair to make changes.
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    If that’s the rule, then we should eliminate all the Cowboys threads, too. It might be close to Aggy Country but there are plenty of UT grads in Houston. :headbang:
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    I am a UT grad that lives in Houston. I wanted to be a Texans fan when they were created, but I just can't because they are a bunch of f ups.
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    We post on multiple different football teams. Mostly UT. Sometimes teams like the aggies and Texans.
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    The Texans are an aggie team in an aggie town.
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    I have carefully watched the Kirby Kretin Korp since McNair paid $600,000 for the Grand Champion Steer at HLS&R to insure the Rodeo's support for the new stadium and to get the Rodeo to build Reliant Center. Hiring Charley Disasterly ended any interest I might have ever had. I can't understand why it took so many years for McNair's major investors to get rid of Smith, who gave the term "mental midget" a whole new meaning.

    That said, not even A&M has pulled such a total cluster **** as McNair has accomplished on Kirby; and yes, I am old enough to remember Bum Bright, Tom Chandler (no one had ever ruined more great HS pitchers), the Corsicana Clusterfuck, kidnapping the school president (that one I actually admire), the 1979 stadium debacle (funniest Aggie joke ever), Rice half time show, etc

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