Texas freshman QB Shane Ehlinger crushing defenders

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    I gave them a day to fix it, but journalism just isn't what it used to be...


    Texas freshman QB Shane Ehlinger crushing defenders
    AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Deep into overtime against Kansas State, Texas freshman quarterback Sam Ehlinger burst into the middle of the line and veered right. A Wildcats defender in his sight, Ehlinger lowered his shoulder, threw a forearm and smashed through the tackler for an extra five yards.

    In one crushing blow on a drive to the winning touchdown, Ehlinger sent a message to the Big 12:
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    USA Today had him confused with this guy upload_2017-10-12_9-37-26.jpeg
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    Sam Erxleber.
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    Shane, Sam, Buchelle, Ehlinger, Smellinger, Buchlinger. Regardless, ou still sucks.
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