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    From the Ft. Worth Star Telegram Collection/UT-Arlington Libraries:
    “The Red River Shootout game between the University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas is being held at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas. The rivalry began in 1900 and has been running since. The Longhorns scored first in the 1941 contest and never relinquished the lead. In the first quarter, the dominant Longhorn line gave fullback Jack Crain, 44, any alley to the end zone with the ball. Guard Chal Daniel and end Preston Flanagan (87) are out front blocking as Crain gallops eleven yards for the second touchdown. Other Longhorns are Noble Doss (11) and Vernon Martin. The Sooner defenders are Orville Mathews (35), Jack Jacobs (27), Marvin Whitehead (21), and Howard Teeter (77). The Longhorns went on to win 40-7. Published in the Fort Worth Star Telegram morning edition, October 12, 1941.”
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    I like how they identified the players
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    Louisianahorn, you are from Marshall, yes? You know Chal Daniel was from Longview?
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    I like the cop laying down on the sideline. Things were different then weren’t they? People wearing hats and ties in the stands and how about those pants the ref is wearing?
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    And the players ‘wrassing with the steer. Different times; where there were not 100 rules for everything.

    Two months later America was in the Second World War. You wonder how many of the players in the pictures served, and what they did in it.
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