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    first 4 minutes and i've seen 3 very ticky tacky fouls called on Texas so far... OU will be in the bonus by the 10 min mark. not good...
  2. sblazer

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    OU hits three 3s in a row. we're about 0-6 from 3. this could get ugly in a hurry. we miss 3 chippies in a row.... all this with 2 of OUs best players on the bench. ouch.
  3. sblazer

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    add 7 turnovers in the first 10 mins. most of them being lazy passes....
  4. sblazer

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    12 turnovers in the 1st half to OUs 3.... . OUs hit 5 or 6 3s. best player for OU only played 6 minutes. 32-25 ou at the half. sloppy sloppy game. Texas was also 0-7 on 3s in the first half. sounds simple to correct this. keep pounding the inside, limit stupid turnovers, better perimeter defense and we have a shot to come back...
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    And the guards finish a woeful 7-26 shooting. Not nearly as poor as the KU line for them (6-37), but we might not get out of the round of 64 if that trend continues.
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    where is Big 12 network on DirecTV? Used to watch some UT sports on Austin's Ch 51 on DirecTV, but movie on right now. The game is tape delayed on FSSW=HD tomorrow moning 9-11. But where is it live?
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    Hard to beat anybody when one of your guards has more turnovers than points. As Abe Lemons would say, "son, you scored two more points than a dead man".
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    HuFan, the pregame story on texassports.com usually has a link to the Big 12 affiliate stations carrying that particular game. For OU, it was KBVO TV in Austin, KTXA TV in Dallas/Ft. Worth, along with a long list of other stations.
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    Don't know what to think at this point:

    * team picked to finish 8th will now finish no lower than 4th
    * Swept Baylor but got swept by ou of all teams
    * Felt this was it for Barnes now don't see how Patterson can get rid of him

    The only good news should be Riddley's presence has abated which means he should come back (which means nothing if some agent looking for business whispers to him he would be a draft pick)
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    Going 3-4 last 7 games isn't that impressive. The reasons why:

    1. Young players plateaued. Perhaps, the Walker, Yancy & Croaker trio regressed a bit. This is a concern for next year, too.

    2. Inconsistent shooting by Felix, untimely injury to Holmes, and teams adjusted to Taylor and Ridley.

    3. No more surprise factor. Our offense is now predictable, hence preventable, except when Felix' 3-point shooting gets hot.

    4. Mysteriously, our defense got a bit porous. This is probably the biggest sign of trouble.

    At this point we may get to the round of 32 at the NCAA tournament, but the Sweet 16 will take a small miracle. Overall, not a bad season, but I don't see how we'll improve much next year.
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    What did we expect? Our losses were all on the road to the top 4 teams in our conference. 3 are ranked and all 4 have at least 20 wins. It's very hard to beat a good basketball on their home court. Makes a huge difference where you play. Which is why we beat 3 of those same 4 teams on our court. I expected us to drop at least 3 of those tough road games no doubt.

    What will signal we are losing ground is if we drop either of the last 2 games we have against lesser teams. And if we get bounced in conference tourney quick. Win these two final games like we should and put up good fight in our tourney and we are exactly on par where we were before the hard road games. Just ask KU, OSU, and Kansas St. how easy it was to beat us on our court...they couldn't. We are fine, right where we thought we were. The schedule just got way harder on road the last 3 weeks or so, that's the only thing that changed.

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