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Discussion in 'Baseball' started by 22Horn, Jun 3, 2018.

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    What ATT channel will be televising this game vs ag or KS / NMST?
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    Watching IU v. tAMU for the right to play Texas tonight
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    LHN (uverse 611/1611HD) according to Texassports
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    Yeah that ball cleared the old fence in the farthest corner of the ballpark.
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    Shugart is nails. Period.
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    Glad we took care of that tonight. Last year was flashing through my mind at the end and we avoided that trap. Now on to the supers. You know the last time we won it all in 05 we went through Oxford Mississippi.
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    Was at the game on the 3rd base side and couldn't see the foul ball that the 3rd base ump said wasnt a catch. The stadium went absolutely nuts including me even though I couldn't see it (mob mentality I guess). Was it a catch or was it a good call? Seems like by the end of the game the crowd was pretty fed up with the umpiring anyway. Seemed really bad behind the plate.

    Great win Horns!!!
  13. FWHORN

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    It looked like he caught it and then in his back swing to show that he caught it, it came flying out, Pierce said after that it was right call but holy cow if the strike out doesnt follow that would have been a frame by frame kind of replay and rehashing.

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  14. ProdigalHorn

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    My take was that it's a catch. He doesn't have to pull the ball back into the field of play to complete the play. He has to have control of the ball with his feet down, and he did that. I think that when he pulled his arm over the rail, he hit his glove on the rail and it knocked the ball loose. But it shouldn't matter. he'd already made the catch and established control.

    Regardless... we got it, and that's all that matters. Pretty sure that's not a call that's going to have to be made again anytime soon.
  15. Sangre Naranjada

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    I think it was a catch too, but he didn't show the umps. They don't have the benefit of HDTV and multiple angles, and when the ball flew out of his glove it is not unreasonable to assume he never had full control.
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    He didn't make a football move after the catch.
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    It was a catch. Just like Dez' catch/non-catch in Green Bay would be a catch under the rules for 2018. Once his feet hit the ground with the ball in the glove and no continuous effort to throw the ball, the play was over. The bigger problem is the home plate ump got worse as the game progressed.
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