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Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by LutherIsMyDog, Mar 27, 2018.

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    First mention I've seen of a possible new HC at Tech. The article states that they expect a new coach to be hired by the end of the week.

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    Not sure what to think. Candi left a big mess for whoever takes the Tech job next; it wont' be easy to turn things around. And, it won't happen quickly.
  3. LutherIsMyDog

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    Foley turned down Tech. Kamie Ethridge is mentioned as a possible candidate. More surprising is the mention of Corey Close as a candidate.

    Please note, don't click the link in Raoul's post to "the raiderland.com". The linked website contains information on "winning a prize" that may download harmful info to your computer.

    Update on Tweet. Raoul removed the Tweet as many people were having issues with the corrupted link. The info in the Tweet was accurate but the link was to a malicious website.
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  4. BabHorn

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    Foley would have been a nice catch. He is doing very well at Little Rock. His team bounced Tx State in the tournament finals to get the conference's NCAA bid.
  5. overseasbbfan1

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    Not sure what to make of all that. I'm not surprised White and Foley turned it down, there aren't many top candidates that would want to step in to that situation. What is surprising is the mention of Close, hard to believe she might be interested, but then who knows what Tech is offering - I guess stranger things have happened. I still have a hard time believing Kami would want to take on that mess in Lubbock; she's going to have multiple options at whatever point she moves on from Northern Colorado. If Close did surprise everyone and take the Tech job, and if the Bruins were smart, they would jump on Ethridge. I guess we'll find out soon enough how it all plays out.
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  6. DFW_Horn

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    I don’t see Cori Close leaving UCLA For Tech. Grew up and went to school in California.
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    I grew up near Lubbock. Takes a special kind of person to be willing to move there. It's a nice place but the weather extremes are hard to handle. The cold is especially tough.

    But it should be a good place to built a rep for the right coach willing take it on.
  8. LutherIsMyDog

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    The article speculated that Close might leave due to California's state income tax and because UCLA WBB has not garnered much appreciation or respect from the school/students or LA.

    In my opinion, she won't leave UCLA for Tech. However, Tech may be able to pay her a nice salary and the students and fans in Lubbock would fully support her.
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  9. Moooooo

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    It will take a lot of work and time to get Tech's program back where its fans want it to be (winning the Big 12). If you can't convince a coach from UALR to come to the Big 12, then you are doing something wrong. Interesting story to follow.
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  10. utfannforlife

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    Put me firmly in the "NO way Close leaves UCLA to go to Tech" camp. I cant imagine that Tech being the best version of itself would come anywhere close to the championship level she's attained at UCLA. The best tech would get to consistently is fighting for 3-5th place in the conference and second round every year with the occasional sweet 16 mixed in.
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  11. Scamp

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    Keep Shimmy Gray-Miller on the job!
  12. 22Horn

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    I believe with the right coach and the support / enthusiasm of Tech fans, they can rebuild in a relatively short time. They have had some success to build on. Contrary to what many seem to perceive, Lubbock is a good place to live. How did they get Evans, Culver, Zeke and Zaire Smith, and and other talented players. Texas may have been much better with some of these players.

    Look at the success LCU has had in recent years in WBB....something is drawing good players / kids to Lubb and it's not the blowing sand and hard winters.

    They will need to put a lucrative contract ($$$) to get top coaches. Some think Tech may reach out to LCU's Gomez as replacement.
  13. kurupt

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    I’ve been to Lubbock numerous times and have relatives that live there. I also have a lot of relatives that live in Slaton. IMO Tech was great when they were able to keep those great small town players from that area. We all obviously know the success that Jody had getting those players from that area before Sharp was able to keep them.

    But I don’t think those small towns are producing the talent that they did in the past. The kid going to Oklahoma that Heather coaches would’ve gone to Tech 25 years ago. When Tech’s program was great they would also get the best players from New Mexico. Recently there have been a couple of really good players come out of New Mexico like Danni Williams who went to a&m and also the kid that’s going to Florida State this year. But whoever Tech hires Erin Grant needs to be on the staff.
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  14. Moooooo

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    Well, considering Tech fired their head coach during the Spring semester, they had a head start in their search compared to schools who fired their head coaches at the end of the season. But, with UALR coach saying no, they are possibly back to square one.

    It would shock me if Close left UCLA for Texas Tech. I can see the Raiders having a worst season next year as they have no recruits signed for 2018, IIRC. And, they will probably have even more attrition based on what occurred this past season. So, whichever coach is hired, it won't be easy reviving a team that is last in the Big 12 and way below .500 for the season.
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  15. BabHorn

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    They have two players signed for 2018:
    Chrislyn Carr, 5-5 PG from Rock Island H.S. (IL) and Taylor Hosendove, 6-1 W from Westlake H.S. (GA). Neither is listed in ESPN's top 100 nor in PropectsNation's top 150. Guess with the previous coach leaving, they could request to be released from their LOI.
  16. Moooooo

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  17. jusme828

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    Wow. No one wants to go to Lubbock. Are they even considering Shimmy Gray-Miller? She at least had the team playing with more intensity, and believing in themselves.
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  18. brnkj

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    I don't know that anyone could re-create what Marsha Sharp once built. One of the biggest challenges is that West Texas girls' basketball doesn't seem to be producing as much DI ready talent as it once was.
  19. yelladawgdem

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    KA is doing a good job, in a much more difficult era, of bringing this program to where Jody had it. But continuing to play games in front of 10-12,000 empty seats, is a hard sell. And I am not even sure that winning it all takes us back to the late 1980's attendance numbers. I don't know what the answer is. But just on a hunch, start by winning it all.

  20. UTSUgrad

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    It will take years to get back to the Marsha Sharp days - women's BB now attracts players from all over the country. Lubbock is not the problem, because places like Buffalo (mountains of snow) and Central Michigan (no idea where that is) were in the tournament and competitive. Players go where they feel comfortable and can get a degree.
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  21. Moooooo

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    Tech starting all over again, it appears:

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  22. ViperHorn

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    Tech has been there before so saying the best they can do is 3rd - 5th is a little short sided. Mulkey will eventually either get caught or quit. Texas can make the case they are consistently the best of the rest, but who remembers who is number 2?.
  23. Moooooo

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    How long has it been since Tech finished at least 3rd in the conference standings? Has to be at least 7 years. It's tough to resurrect a program, especially one that has hit rock bottom. Part of the uphill battle is trying to climb over the programs who are currently ahead of you; in Tech's case, it's all other nine programs in the Big 12.

    Honestly, Tech's program right now is probably comparable to how it was back in the 80's as far as talent, fan support, etc.
  24. BabHorn

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    Shimmy Gray had stated during the season that she did not want to be considered for the permanent job.
  25. LutherIsMyDog

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    The latest on Texas Tech

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    Minnesota WBB coach Marlene Stollings sounds like she would be a pretty good hire. She does have P5 experience and knows how to rebuilt a team. Impressive that she received two degrees when she graduated: BA in Marketing and BS in Sport Industry (whatever that is).
  27. ViperHorn

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    An oddity due to course and degree offerings. Effectively a degree in Sports Marketing.
  28. Moooooo

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  29. breckenj05

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    From Raoul's Twitter account...
    Interesting twist to the Texas Tech WBB coaching search saga (first noted on a Lady Raiders message board): one of Shimmy Gray-Miller's first hirings after being named Saint Louis head coach in 2005 was . . . Marlene Stollings
    <a href="https://t.co/Z3jlMX40EH">https://t.co/Z3jlMX40EH</a> <a href="https://t.co/UZ8k4h8ydP">pic.twitter.com/UZ8k4h8ydP</a></p>&mdash; Raoul (@Raoul_000) <a href="">
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    well, at least Stollings is likely to get the full scoop on the situation at Tech from Gray-Miller.
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