Texas To Play In Mexico?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Texas Taps, Jan 29, 2014.

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    What an obscene idea. Let's play half our games on the LHN and half the games on foreign soil. That way UT can play in even more obscurity. This is insane.
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    The pro side of Patterson has surfaced. An awful thought to have college ball in Mexico City, imo. Given the choice, I would rather see us play in a Taco Bell parking lot on our side of the border.
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    Dear, lord....a mini-Jerry. Worst idea I've heard....but it's still early in the day. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    The union is not gonna like this.
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    THere is a huge market for things Texas related in Mexico and we could sell a billion dollars worth of shirts and hats with one trip there. This state is half Mexican ethnic now and is growing moreso every year.

    Mexicans are the most rabid sports fans in this hemisphere. This is a very good idea.
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    And a Mexico City road trip would be far superior to Dallas or anywhere else we play.

    Azteca is one of the greatest sports venues in the world and the idea that maybe half of the fans would be Mexican soccer fans is awe inspiring. You have to have attended a soccer match there to understand what a great idea this is
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    the mexican soccer fans MEMORIAL STADIUM would be a lot more animated than the sleepy fans who usually take up space there.

    Internationalizing the Longhorn brand is a great idea. The Cowboys did it down there years ago and make millions off it.

    I guess we are still too parochial to grasp the opportunity.

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    BUSINESS-WISE....makes perfect sense...

    ...one of the most beautiful ladies I ever met while in school, YOLANDA, lives in Mexico City....maybe she'll get to go to the game....
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    If it happens I will definitely be there and could use her number.

    Speaking of Mexico, I wish our band would play "Jalisco," which is the most rousing fight song I ever heard. With the state going majority hispanic soon, it would be a nice gesture

    We should name a field after Carlos Slim and rake in a few billion maybe?
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    Hmmm... During the trip, Coach Strong will need to instruct the players and coaches to not take cab rides to Boy's Town [​IMG]
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    Just wend the men's and women's soccer team down there to play.
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    The Link

    Should be a fun a road trip as long as no one loses their head!
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    Why does the Longhorn brand need to be "internationalized?" Is there that much interest in Mexico for any college sports team in the US (except maybe Notre Dame?), and what's to be gained other than selling some caps and tees? I see Latinos all over Texas wearing Texas gear now and that's great; but back in the '80s and early '90s it was atm gear. There's lots of passionate, hardcore Latino fans of the Horns - the four guys who have season tix next to mine are great examples - but again, what's to be gained?

    And would the Horns play a Mexican college team from the City, Guadalajara, Merida, or where? Do they even play American football to offer anything worthwhile? Or will Patterson/ESPN have to solicit another American school to go south? Why would another school do it other than for $?

    IF this should come to pass in the future, it better not be at the expense of another home game <cough> ou <cough>. A non-conf game that was going to be away regardless might be okay....dumb, but okay.

    I would hope Steve Patterson would have other things to work on rather than this pipe dream.
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    Huisache is dead on.
    There is an active Texas Exes chapter here in DF and there are plenty of UT fans all over the place.

    I'm giddy at the notion of Azteca awash in burnt orange.
    If it happens, I'll host the pre-game festivities: kegs and cocktails on the roof of my building with a spectacular view of the city...
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    Htown77, that article was from an incident several years ago in a part of the country far removed from DF. It's like saying a trip to Austin might be dangerous because a gunman killed two dozen people in Connecticut in 2012.
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    I think it's a good idea. Why not? Those complaining about it not being at home... do you go to all the road games? if so, frankly you're among a relatively small number. There's no question it would be televised - even if it was a lesser opponent, the idea of a college football game being played in Mexico City would be novel enough to pull a national broadcast.

    What objections are there other than knee-jerk reactions about not being able to see the game? Seems a little early to make that argument.
  24. huisache

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    Mexico City is one of the coolest places in the world and full of things to do and see. Mexico is taking to american football and several colleges there field teams now----some of them might be competitive with the Houston high school teams in another ten years.

    I stayed with a Mexican family in Cuernavaca while attending language school a dozen years ago and their kids played on their school's team. It is catching on there and this is a good way to build on the ties the Mexicans already feel for our state. And the money would not be bad.

    The traffic in DF can be problematic but is no worse than Austin and the subway could get you to the game with ease.

    Great restaurants, beer that doesn't taste like colored water and a lot more bang for your buck than up here
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    I think such exposure can only benefit the University, on several levels. Its a terrific idea, and probably only other academic institutions that would benefit similarly are states which also border Mexico. I don't think even Notre Dame would match the resonance that a Texas or USC would have with the people of Mexico.


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    Again, what is to be gained other than a little PR and a fun trip for those who can afford it? Does anyone seriously believe that 50-60,000 Longhorn fans will travel to Mexico City to help fill Azteca when only a few thousand travel to Ames or Manhattan for a conf game?
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    Screw Mexico.
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