Texas v Kansas State April 12-14

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    You may be right, but 5-6 in conference with OSU & WVU coming up is not confidence building. We lose just one of those series we are probably 8-9 and chances for the regular season championship are pretty much done. Then we get Kansas who just took 2 of 3 from OSU. We would have to go on a tear which is unlikely with this pitching staff.

    In the past three weeks we have counter balanced all of our good wins early in the season with bone headed losses like KSU. At this point we might not even host a regional.
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    Seems like the pitching has a good game and the bats go limp. Or errors abound.

    The Rice game seemed complete, decent pitching, hitting, and defense. Oh, and scrappiness. Is that like focusness?'

    I'm optimistic they'll improve little by little.
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    Yeah, I think a regional host would be the most optimistic goal right now for this team. At a minimum I hope they finish out well enough for a regional invite somewhere, that should happen unless they just completely implode.

    Conference is still a possibility, but kind of like with basketball not as critical as just getting into postseason and who the field is in that round. Maybe an invite to a Baton Rouge regional? Did okay with the Tigers earlier.
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    Wow, just see that after oSu smoked last place KU 27-6 on Friday, KU comes back to win next two 5-4 and 7-6 in 11 innings.

    Conference tournament seeding is going to go down to the wire and probably not meaning much --- anybody can beat anybody else seems like.
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    Hardly anything left on the schedule that is an easy W. The only game left that should be a gimme is Lamar. After the series I mentioned above we have Texas State coming up twice who is no slouch. They beat Rice all three games, Aggy once (played once) and UConn once (played 3 games) who was ranked top 25 at the time. Not sure where UConn is ranked now but they are 23-13 overall.

    Incarnate Word is decent and aggy Islanders are 24-15 then OU to finish the season. In the last 17 games of the season I think we go something like 10-7. Maybe a game or two better or maybe a game or two worse.

    I'm thinking 33-22 with quality wins gets us a birth in a regional with probably a 2 or 3 seed in a tough park. With our luck it would be at LSU and you know they will be ready this time.
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    Well we are ranked 211 in d1 batting averages. That isn't going to take you far if we don't get on it.

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