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Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by txlandagent, Feb 12, 2018.

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    I think tonight's game vs the Waco rapists is potentially the biggest game of the season. Baylor has won 3 of their last 4 (3 straight) including a 16pt drubbing of Kansas. We've lost 3 out of the last 4.

    Bamba has only 1 block in each of his last 3 games. Watching tape, it looks like opposing coaches have finally figured out how to score around him. No one else is playing defense either. Dylan is shooting .248 over the last 4 games including production nights of .214, .182 and .167...which is absolutely atrocious. He looks flat and slow and just lost.

    Jekyll and Hyde season continues...I'm hoping someone comes in with some fire and helps us beat Baylor tonight. We need to pick up momentum down this stretch and get three wins. Anything else is gravy. I'm cautiously and optimistically adjusting my season record prediction to 18-13.

    I heard Joe Lunardi say on Saturday that the NCAA selection committee was rumbling that Texas could end up in a play-in-game if they lose a bunch of games down the stretch.
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    ^^^I agree, and created a thread very similar to this a couple of days ago. I'm afraid the Horns are in a precarious place.

    After the victory over ou, I over reacted with an overly positive response to the win, giving too much credit to our performance. We did play hard, intense and shot well enough to win against a good team. But in hindsight, I think ou played really poorly, and that is more likely how we won.

    But in our last three losses, we have regressed to a sad level, like we played against Michigan and Tennessee State. Who shows up tonight, Dr. Jekyll, or Mr. Hyde?
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    Changing the subject, my wife and I came back from a weekend away and walking through the airport saw three very tall people/looked like basketball players. They were not wearing any college related items so I was wondering if we hosted anyone this weekend?
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    One of them could have been Gerald Liddell. Was at least 6'7, I thought maybe taller....
  5. moondog_LFZ

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    I'm finding it hard to expect another win this season.
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    So far, Mr Hyde. Or should that be hide
  7. moondog_LFZ

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    Why can't Bamba get a 2 foot shot over the rim and in the basket?
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    How may big 12 games do we win when we score 22 points in the first half? Not many, if any. But since bu only scored 25, we have a chance.
    But with our shooting, its not a great chance.

    Get the ball inside!!
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    We have three big men who all have this problem
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    Wow. Almost three minutes into the second half and no points. Finally, bamba makes a layup. Thats the way to get it down low!
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    Paul BiancardiBasketball Recruiting
    Interesting nugget: According to Kenpom, Texas is the youngest team in the Big 12 and ranks 337th out of 351 Division-I teams with less than a year of experience (0.97). Texas freshmen were highly ranked and highly recruited. 2018 class is top 20. As the roster gets older the pay off will happen.
  12. txlandagent

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    Clutch free throws from Coleman and some good team pressure D to close. Another OT. This season will have aged me 5 years.
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  13. caryhorn

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    Bamba needs to stay in college an work on his game. Learn how to make a two foot shot at the rim. Seriously.
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  14. bystander

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    Roach clutch at the line at the end of OT.
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  15. caryhorn

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    Roach and Coleman deserve a lot of credit for making the clutch field goals.
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  16. uisge beatha

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    More clutch FT by Roach, another OT. This GAME will age me 5 years
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  17. caryhorn

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    Baylor has done a great job of keeping us from fast breaking. They have put us in the half court offense the whole night, and it has kept them in the game.
  18. caryhorn

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    we have the last shot to win or lose the game. Roach was fouled on the way to the rim. No call.

    We were swept by bu; they won on the road in double OT.

    Hate to say it, but BU is better coached. Their point guard is a 5th year senior. Plus Maston, their other senior, scored over twenty; mostly jumpers from 12 feet on in. They played a disciplined game on both ends of the court.

    Bu is not as talented or athletic as the Horns. but they found a way to steal this game on the road. Thats the last two home games the Horns have lost against teams we should have beat.

    Losing this game at home could do it for this team. Not a good game at all for the horns.
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  20. Htown77

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    Shaka Smart is 1-6 against Baylor, having now lost 6 in a row. Overall he is 3-10 against Baylor and TCU.

    For the sake of saying something positive, he is 3-2 against Texas Tech.

    However, an overall 6-12 against in-state Big 12 opponents is not very good.
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  21. txlandagent

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    82% FT shooting. We got to the line 22 times. Eric Davis’ two missed on the technical hurt us but overall I’m pleased with free throw shooting. It kept us in the game at the end. The defense was pretty ok last night.

    Other stat lines that jumped out at me:

    16% 3Pt on 36% FG shooting. Garbage.

    8 team assists. This is incredibly low production from the point.

    8 Steals - solid. The hands were busy last night.

    6 blocks - Mo’s 4 is back on par.

    5 TO’s to Baylor’s 13. We protected the ball they didn’t.

    [-3] Asst-TO ratio is really bad. Baylor scored 13 points off our 5 TO’s, we scored 14 points off their 13. I might correlate low distribution (assists) to how many times we got fouled. Baylor is not an incredibly disciplined basketball team and our I think we frustrated them.

    Not sure why Shaka didn’t play to this strength and continue to pound the ball inside instead of jacking 3’s. We can’t seem to put a complete game together where we’re firing consistently on both sides for 40 mins. Also, water’s wet.
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    This is a young team. But I can’t help but look at who’s younger/less player experienced than us this year.

    #346 Oregon - 17-8, 7-5
    #348 Alabama - 16-9, 7-5
    #350 Duke - 20-5, 8-4
    #351 Kentucky - 17-8, 6-6

    All comparable recruiting classes. The X factor would be experience ranking of the coaches.
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  23. caryhorn

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    I think we had fewer TO's because Baylor was in the zone defense most of the night, and also they didn't press us.
    We were in Man most of the game, and did occasionally press, which put defensive pressure on them causing turnovers.

    I think BU played a pretty disciplined game. They ran a lot of motion, and got the ball to the hot shooter; we were unable to keep the ball out of Maston's hands.
    They didn't force shots, or force what they weren't good at. They played within themselves.

    I think our lack of discipline shows up in the half court offense where, especially in the first half, we kept taking the jumpers which we simply could not hit. (This is our team's major weakness, has been all season; and we keep forcing it)

    Only 22 points in the first half. That speaks volumes.

    Our team was slow getting the passes inside to Bamba early in the shot clock when he was often open. And also Bamba is not strong working himself to the hoop. But in the second half, we were tenacious at getting shots inside, and it paid off to tie the game, twice!
    One could say that Davis' missing the two free throws off the technical cost the game. That might be "technically" correct (pardon the pun) because those points would have given us the lead in the final seconds. But I can't get on board with that.

    I think the first half, where we did not play well at all, lost the game.
  24. txlandagent

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    Great assessment Caryhorn.

    I forget that Drew likes to mix up his zones so it looks a little like a sloppy 2-3 but it's just guys shifting. I guess undisciplined is a little inaccurate. Baylor does play with a lot of emotion and it gets the better of them sometimes.
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  25. ProdigalHorn

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    It definitely makes me wonder whether Shaka is OK with those those shots completely, if he's OK "in principle," but they added up to a lot more than he would have liked, or if they're just not doing what he's telling them to do when they don't get the initial drive.

    I've definitely noticed that when Davis gets his hands on the ball and starts to dribble, our offensive effectiveness falls off the cliff. Roach and Coleman driving and dishing works when they take care of the ball, but someone's gotta step up and hit the shot. I'm also starting to wonder if Bamba's height is actually hurting his hook shot a little - he's basically shooting down at the basket when he gets in close, and i wonder if that makes the angle harder. Most guys shoot hook shots that have some arc to them, and his are basically line drives pointed down.
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    Here's the thing I don't understand at all. Dylan O. is horrendous and next to last on the team at 26.5% from 3pt range yet he is second in attempts making 27 of 102 for the year only behind Eric Davis who has attempted 107.

    This is the thing I don't get about Shaka because I see the same crappy shooting every game. Either make him better or make him stop shooting three's. He's a really good rebounder so he would be better served down low waiting for a missed shot instead of jacking them up and missing from the outside all the time. He's also decent for a big guy from the FT line at 73% so drive and create more shooting fouls because he has double the chance at hitting FT and inside shots than 3's.

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  27. Joe Fan

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    Is now the winter of our discontent?

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    I'm starting to develop a theory that O's shooting in game is lousy because he's out of shape. He's a good shooter if you listen to anyone who has watched him in practice. So why not in games? And why does he seem to be worse now than he was at season's beginning? Are his legs gone? He just looks kinda doughey to me, and wondering if he could drop about 20 pounds over the offseason and be a lot sharper..
  30. caryhorn

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    From Joe's post of Gabriel's tweet:
    "Discontent and conflict about Texas Basketball is a Texas Football offseason tradition. #HookEm"

    I think some basketball fans might be slightly offended that basketball season is referred to as "Texas football offseason." :tap:

    Although Texas is first, and foremost, a football school: Go Horns-- We do have great potential to develop something special in the basketball arena. Barnes and now Smart are getting the players to come. Next, we need a great coach, and a strong fan base to show up and provide the home court advantage that our players deserve. Admittedly, these last two ingredients are easier said than done. :idk:

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