Texas vs KU

Discussion in 'Volleyball' started by BabHorn, Sep 24, 2016.

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    Horns had an awesome comeback to win the first set. Thought for sure they were going to lose it the way they started out but they really stepped it up when KU got to 22-18. Horns won it 27-25 and now lead 8-2 in the second set. :hookem2:
  2. BabHorn

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    Horns win it 3-1.KU won the third set but Horns closed it out with a fourth set win. :hookem2:
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    I was there at the game. But that non-call "I'm not sure what happened, do-over" call from the head ref makes me have to look for the game on LHN, tape it, and fast forward to that call to see what Nell and Paul have to say about it. It was so obvious he wanted replay to bail him out. And then, he signaled Texas point and then 30 seconds later signaled Kansas point, which pissed off both coaches and resulted in the replay challenge. I've never seen that.
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    Great win!!! It is still early in the season but is Kansas really the number 8 team in the country? I am not sure that Kansas' AA would see much playing time at Texas......Big fish little pond vs little fish big pond.....
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    Last year during one of Elliott's pre match chalk talks someone asked him if he had recruited Payne(she's from Austin) His answer (paraphrased) was that they had looked at her but did not pursue her hard. He said that was a miss on his part. She played very well against us last year, particularly in Lawrence. It would have been interesting to see how she might have developed if she was in our system for three years.

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