Texas vs New Mexico on Wed.

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    The New Mexico Lobos come to Austin this Wednesday night hoping to repeat their victory the last time they came to Austin. On Nov. 18, 2005, the Lobos left Austin after upsetting the Horns 76-68. Texas (5-0) will be looking to run their record to 6-0 while handing New Mexico (1-5) their sixth loss of the season. Texas holds a narrow 4-3 lead in this series which began in 2001, stopped in 2006 and resumed last year with Texas pulling out a 67-52 win at the Lobo’s home court, The Pit. This game is number three of a six game home stand for Texas. New Mexico has played two top ten teams in Texas A&M and Stanford. They lost by 14 and 5 pts. Another common foe played before Wednesday is UTPA who eased to a 61-59 win.

    Antiesha Brown (# 15, 5-10 RS Sr. G) , a transfer from Texas Tech, leads the Lobos in scoring (13.5 ppg). Khadijah Shumpert (# 13, 6-0 Jr. F) adds 12.3 ppg. Bryce Owens (# 12, 5-4 Jr. G) is at 9.8 ppg. Brown leads the Lobos in FGs made and attempted, having made 30 of 76 FGs (39.5%). Shumpert is tied for the highest FG% at 53.8% (28-52) with Alexa Chavez (# 11, 6-0 Jr. F) who has hit 7-13 (53.8%). Besides Brown and Shumpert, Owens (20-56, 35.7%) and Cherise Beynon (# 0, 5-10 Fr. G) at 20-63 (31.7%) are the other main scoring threats as those four have each taken at least 20 shots more than any other Lobo. New Mexico has four players who take over two 3s a game. Brown at 6-15 (40.0%) is the most successful. Owens (5-17, 29.4%), Beynon (2-17, 11.8%) and Brea Mitchell (# 31, 5-10 Jr. G; 3-16, 18.8%) are the other 3pt shooters for New Mexico. Shumpert (17-23, 73.9%) tops the team in FTs made and attempted. Brown (15-21, 71.4%) is second to her. Beynon and Jayda Bovero (# 24, 5-11 Fr. G) lead in FT% at 75.0% as each has hit 6-8 FTs. Aside from those four, no one else is making over 67% of their FTs. As a team, the Lobos are making 58.9% of their FTs.

    Shumpert tops the Lobos in rebounding with an 8.3 rpg average. Beynon (6.0 rpg) and Chavez (5.7 rpg) help out on the boards for the Lobos. Brown and Beynon are tied with 12 assists each. Owens is next with 9 assists. Shumpert (9 blocks) and Kianna Keller (# 32, 6-4 Soph. F) with 6 blocks have 15 of New Mexico’s 19 total blocks. Brown leads the Lobos with nine steals. Shumpert with seven and Beynon with six are second and third in steals.

    Four players have started every game they have been available for. Brown, Shumpert and Beynon have started all six games. Owens started the first five games before missing game six due to illness. Allemand started game six in her place. Keller has started the last two games. Josie Greenwood (# 3, 5-11 Soph. F) was the fifth starter the first four games. All fourteen players have gotten into at least one game. Eleven have played in at least 5 games. Ten are averaging at least 10 minutes per game. Brown (27.7 mpg ) and Owens (27.6 mpg) have the highest mpg averages.

    Texas enters this game with three players averaging double figure scoring. Kelsey leads with 15.2 ppg. Nneka is second at 12.2 ppg. Ariel is third at 10.8 ppg. Four others average between 8.2 and 6.8 ppg. Kelsey (63.2%), Nneka (61.0%), Brianna (50.0%) and Lilley (50.0%) are all hitting at least half of their shots. Kelsey has made and taken the most shots at 36-57. Nneka is second in FGs made with 25 of 41. Six players are averaging at least 2.8 FGs made per game. Brooke leads the list of ten players that have taken at least one trey in 3s made and attempted (8-16, 50.0%). Brianna has hit the only 3s she has taken to have a 3pt percentage of 100%. Ariel matches Brooke’s 3pt shooting percentage at 50% on 3-6 shooting. Surprising, Kelsey rarely gets fouled, getting to the FT line only 6 times in five games, making 4. Ariel at 19-22 (86.4%), Nneka (11-20, 55.0%) and Empress (11-18, 61.1%) are the main players getting to the FT line. Nekia (2-2, 100%), Tasia (10-12, 83.3%) and Brady (9-11, 81.8%) join Ariel in hitting at least 80% of their FTs. The Horns are hitting a low 65.2% of their FTs as a team.Five players are averaging at least 5 rpg, led by Nneka’s 7.2 rpg. Kelsey is at 6.8 rpg. Brianna is 5.8 rpg while Nneka adds 5.0 rpg. Four players are averaging over 2 assists per game: Ariel (2.0 apg), Brady (2.3 apg), Empress (2.4 apg) and Celina (2.8 apg). Three others average over 1 assist per game. 11 players average at least 0.6 apg. That’s sharing the ball and making that extra pass. As a team, Texas has 34 steals or 6.8 steals per game. Ten players have at least one steal with Kelsey and Ariel leading with six each. Nneka and Kelsey have 18 of the teams’ 22 blocks. Nneka has reached double figures with 10 blocks while Kelsey has 8.

    Nine players average at least 10 minutes a game with Kelsey’s 31.4 mpg tops. She is the only player that breaks the 30 mpg barrier. Nneka (26.6 mpg) and Empress (26.4 mpg) are second and third, respectively, in average minutes played per game. The starting lineup has remained stable the last four games with Celina starting the last four games. Kelsey, Nneka, Ariel and Empress have started all five games. Nine players have played in all five games with Brady and Lilley playing in four.

    Projected starters based on the last game:
    Texas New Mexico

    Nneka (6-1 Sr. F) Shumpert (6-0 Jr. F)
    Kelsey (6-5 Soph. C) Keller (6-4 Soph. F)
    Ariel (5-11 Fr. G) Beynon (5-10 Fr. G)
    Empress (5-7 Jr. G) Brown (5-10 RS Sr. G)
    Celina (5-8 Jr. G) Allemand (5-4 Soph. G) or Owens (5-4 Jr. G) [/pre]

    Allemand started the last game for the Lobos when Owens was unable to play due to illness. Either of those two will start. Both should play. Owens is more of a scoring threat. Shumpert and Keller will have a tough time handling Nneka and Kelsey inside. Brown will be the focus of the Horns defensive effort as she should face a rotation that includes Empress, Ariel and Brianna among others. Nekia will also present matchup problems for the Lobos. They have 119 TOs. Texas’ pressure could result in a bunch of fastbreak baskets. On the other hand, they did play both A&M and Stanford fairly close, even though they send both teams to the FT line quite a bit. Both Owens and Chavez are coming off illnesses. They will likely play but how much and how long they can go will impact how well New Mexico can play.

    After starting the season at 906 pts, Nneka has scored 61 pts and is only 33 pts away from joining the 1000 pts scored club. She also has a chance to hit 1000 rebs for her career. It will depend on how many games in the Big 12 tournament and the NCAAs the team plays in.

    TEAM STATISTICS Texas New Mexico

    SCORING.................. 374 353
    Points per game........ 74.8 58.8
    Scoring margin......... +15.2 -10.0
    FIELD GOALS-ATT.......... 142-323 136-356
    Field goal pct.......... .440 .382
    FG made per game. 28.4 22.7
    FG att. per game… 64.6 59.3
    3 POINT FG-ATT........... 17-60 18-76
    3-point FG pct.......... .283 .237
    3-pt FG made per game.. 3.4 3.0
    3-pt FG att. per game….. 12.0 12.7
    FREE THROWS-ATT.......... 73-112 63-107
    Free throw pct.......... .652 .589
    F-Throws made per game. 14.6 10.5
    FTs attempted per game... 22.4 17.8
    REBOUNDS................. 235 248
    Rebounds per game...... 47.0 41.3
    Rebounding margin...... +14.0 +1.5
    ASSISTS.................. 76 68
    Assists per game....... 15.2 11.3
    TURNOVERS................ 77 119
    Turnovers per game..... 15.4 19.8
    Turnover margin........ +0.8 -5.8 Assist/turnover ratio.. 1.0 0.6STEALS................... 34.0 39
    Steals per game........ 6.8 6.5
    BLOCKS................... 22 19
    Blocks per game........ 4.4 3.2
    WINNING STREAK........... 5 -0-
    Home win streak........ 3 -0-
    ATTENDANCE............... 9270 17306
    Home games-Avg/Game.... 3-3090 3-5769

    Ave. Score by Period: 1st 2nd OT Total
    -------------------- ---- ---- ---- -----
    ............. 35.0 37.4 2.4 74.8
    New Mexico
    ........ 28.8 30.0 - 58.8 [/pre]

    Texas is playing a team that has even more trouble shooting 3pters and FTs than they do. Horns should dominate rebounding and scoring inside. Every starter for New Mexico averages at least 2 TOs a game. Look for pressure defense from Texas to see if New Mexico can handle it. The Lobos actually played fairly well against A&M’s pressure, forcing 20 TOs and getting 16 steals. The question will be if they can handle the pressure from Texas. The Lobos do a decent job of defending shooters, both overall and from BTA. If the Horns are off the mark while New Mexico has a good shooting game, this could be interesting. But I expect the team to be focused on their game.

    I do expect the Horns to win this game. Whether it is runaway or a tight game may depend on whether the Horns don’t take the Lobos seriously. New Mexico won’t be able to match the talent of Texas, but they will bring intensity and a chip on their shoulders to the game.

    texassports.com game preview

    From the New Mexico website: Lobos Face Heat vs. No. 4 Texas Longhorns

    Rick Cantu of the AAS: UT-New Mexico game preview

    And, holy cow, a story by Kirk Bohls: Longhorns traveling on comeback road

    Game time will be 7 pm. The game will be televised by the Longhorn Network with KVET 1300 AM carrying the radio broadcast.
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    TEXAS wins 86-36!!

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    whoa, the first half was damned near perfection. And the second was very good although not good as the first. Horns would beat a lot of teams the way they played in the second half. [​IMG]
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    Good Job tonight Texas.
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    In reply to:

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    Nell Fortner stated that Imani returned to the practice court for 15 minutes the other day. So, that is very encouraging news.
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    Way to go ladies! Only negative I could find in the box scored was that the Horns need to get that free throw percentage up! [​IMG]

    TEXASMADE 250+ Posts

    I've seen plenty of beat downs in the fec but that one last night was the biggest one. We where up 37-3 at one point.
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    Last night was an example of what we call "a coaches perfect problem" meaning that you have almost nothing to say at the half, AND in the second half you have to worry about perception. As much as you want your kids to be able to go pedal to the medal at all times you have to remember that you're competing against kids at the same time. Especially with the exposure that UNM gets because of the well chronicled support for one of their players who's mother is battling breast cancer.

    Overall I was very IMPRESSED and that says a lot because my expectations coming into this year were already high. Looking forward to the Aggie beat down, that's one time where you can press and beat them mercilessly and be heralded for it
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    they were 9-10 on FTs in the first half so improvement in that area can certainly happen.

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