Texas vs South Florida

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    CDC is an amazing athletic director who is doing so much for Texas sports. He just built the new training facility for baseball, the softball training facility is currently under construction, the football locker room and stadium is getting an upgrade, the new basketball arena is being built and they are in talks of completing a new basketball practice facility and thats just what I know about. He really does care for Texas athletics and is doing a great job making sure Texas is the best of the best.
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    But has NEVER played a full year...barely half of each year here...
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    The bus driver was NOT a Texas Employee...but stuff happens, and your comments are really unwarranted...they are usually at arenas an hour before game time..
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    She's still a senior, and entering her fourth season with the program.
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    South Florida vs. Baylor
    Pretty tight game right now.
    3rd Quarter.
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    Physical, low-scoring game. Baylor up 6 with 5 minutes - could have been more but Baylor has missed some free throws.
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    Pretty interesting that Baylor struggled with USF until very late in the game.
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