Texas vs Stephen F. Ausin

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by Wishbonemac, Nov 14, 2013.

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    I can't find what the line on this game is but it looks like we should have a slight edge and win this one, I predict a good, close game. An excellent value for the $ 7 admission.

    The Tree Murderers hit 50% of their shots and this is their biggest regular season game of the year so they'll come out pumped up.

    Their starting forward, Nicola Gajic from Serbia has several dozen family and friends in for the F1 race and they'll be there to cheer for him I'm told. He's a beast! Mr YouTube.

    Isiah Taylor is special and Connert Lamert seems to come out of nowhere to make game-changing plays. Croaker has the purest shooting form since AJ Abrams.

    During the Rick Barnes era, the Longhorns have posted a 104-5
    (.954) record in non-conference home games against unranked
    (AP) teams.

    No one seems to mind the empty arena so far.

    The game will be televised Nationally by the Longhorn Network!

    Keep an eye out for the pre-game keg in Lot 108, under the oaks.
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    It's Stephen F. Austin, not Sam Houston State.
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    Thanks, I've corrected that.
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    So we've got a football and basketball game (thankfully not a big one) and F1 race all on the same weekend.... multiple somebodies did not plan this out too well.
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    Another 2nd half comeback by the Horns - 72-62.

    Hopefully they can get more production of Ridley down the line. As Abe Lemons would say, he scored one more point than a dead man and his Hack-a-Jack strategy put him on the bench for most of this game.
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    If SFA had not gone stone cold from beyond the arc, the score would have been about the same in SFA's favor. I think they were 9-13 from 3-point land at one point. Only finished with 2 more the rest of the way.

    Turnovers were ugly. You could see the frustration from Barnes. It's just hard to tell what the team is doing/learning from those situations. We could have really used Papi this year to create mismatches, too.

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