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    Nice story from texassports.com on the history behind the series:
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    (#6/#6) Texas (20-4; 11-2) will take on the (NR/NR) Texas Tech Lady Raiders (7-17; 1-12) on Valentine’s Day in Austin. This will be the 100th game of the series, which is led by the Horns 70-29, including winning the last nine in a row.

    The Lady Raiders rank last in scoring. They do not have a player that makes the top 30 in conference scoring. Their leading scorers are post players Erin DeGrate (#1, 6-6Soph.C) at 9.5 ppg, Brittany Brewer (#20, 6-5Soph. F) averaging 8.4 ppg, Jada Terry (#12, 6-4 Sr. C) at 7.9 ppg and Brielle Blaire (#00, 6-1 Sr. F) at 7.8 ppg. Those four are the only players that have attempted at least 90 FGs: Blaire (34-111; 30.6%), Brewer (47-102; 46.1%), Terry (43-98; 43.9%) and DeGrate (51-97; 74.6%). Lyndsey Whilby (#3, 5-11Fr. G) is the main 3pt threat, launching a team high 51 treys. She has made 15 for a 29.4% from BTA. Next up is Blaire at 27.7% (13-47). Dayo Olabode (#32, 6-1 Sr. F) has the third most 3pters attempted (7-25; 28.0%). She did miss the last Tech game versus WVU and it is unclear if she will play Wednesday. Tech has made the least FTs in Big 12 games and ranks last with a FT% of 54.1%. Olabode has the best FT% at 81.8% but has only eleven trips to the FT line in 13 league games. Blaire at 65.6% is second in FT% with Angel Hayden (#23, 5-6 Fr. G) third at 61.9% (13-21). DeGrate (22-44), Terry (17-33) and Brewer (15-29) are among the best of the Lady Raiders at getting to the FT line but are not capitalizing as none make more that 52% when they get there.

    Grayson Bright (#10, 5-11 Soph. G) tops the Tech team with 3.2 apg. Hayden (1.5 apg) and Whilby (1.0 apg) are the others averaging at least one assist per game. Terry (6.2 rpg) and Blaire (4.2 rpg) lead Tech in grabbing rebounds. Brewer with 13 blocks in 13 games tops the Lady Raiders in that category. Three players average at least one steal per game: Bright (1.1 spg), Blaire (1.0 spg) and Hayden (1.0 spg).

    Tech has eight players that have started at least one league game. The starting five in the last game versus West Virginia were Bright, Hayden, Brewer, DeGrate and Zuri Sanders (#30, 6-0 Jr. F). Bright, at 25.6 mpg, leads four players that average at least 20 mpg for the Lady Raiders. Nine players have played in at least 11 games with all nine averaging at least 17 mpg. The only other two players that have seen action in recent league games are Ionna McKenzie (#42, 6-2 Sr. C) and Haley Bruedigam (#24, 5-9 RS Jr. G).

    Texas is led in scoring by their starting backcourt: LaShann (15.2 ppg), Ariel (14.9 ppg) and Brooke (12.6 ppg). That trio is averaging at least 10 shots a game each. That’s about half of the shots that the Horns take a game. LaShann (55.7%) and Ariel (53.3%) lead a quintet of Horns that are making over 50% of their shots. LaShann (10-28; 35.7%), Ariel (16-43; 37.2%) and Brooke (16-62; 25.8%) to have reached double digit treys made. They account for 42 of the 59 3s Texas has made during conference play. Ariel (34-37; 91.9%) and Brooke (30-33; 90.9%) give Texas the top two FT shooters in the league per percentage. LaShann is the team leader in FTs made & attempted at 38-50 for 76.0%.

    Ariel (6.1 rpg), Jatarie (6.0 rpg) and Joyner (5.8 rpg) give the Horns a three headed beast on the boards. Brooke (4.8 rpg) and Audrey-Ann (4.5 rpg) provide support rebounding. Brooke (4.5 apg), Ariel (3.1 apg), LaShann (2.3 apg) and Alecia (1.8 apg) provided outstanding distribution for Texas. Audrey-Ann (2.9 bpg) and Ariel (0.9 bpg) are the top shot blockers. Ariel (2.8 spg) and LaShann (1.9 spg) are the main players in this category.

    The lineup for conference games has LaShann, Ariel, Brooke, Audrey-Ann and Jatarie for 12 of the 13 games to date. It is unclear how many games, if any, Audrey-Ann will sit out after suffering a wrist injury versus Kansas State. Look for Joyner to step into the starting lineup unless Jordan is called on for her first league start. I have to wonder if this would be the time for Rellah to get some minutes in. Brooke is the only player averaging over 30 mpg at 32.5 mpg although Ariel is at 29.5 mpg. Nine players have seen action in at least 12 of the 13 Big 12 games. Seven of those nine average double digit minutes with the other two at 9.9 and 8.7 mpg. Thirteen of the fourteen have gotten into at least one game. All three frosh, if ready, should get a chance to get some playing time. I expect Chasity, at least, to get double digit minutes. It would be a good game for Rellah to show what she has learned since she last played as well. I am not sure if Destiny has been cleared for game action.

    Projected starting lineups are based on the last game played.

    Even without Audrey-Ann, the Texas posts should dominate inside. Aside from Brewer and Blaire, Tech should not be able to run with the Texas posts. DeGrate and Terry will be difficult to handle in the half court game for Texas. But the quickness of the Texas posts should negate the bulk of the DeGrate and Terry. Joyner, especially, should create matchup problems for Tech. The big battle will be inside with Tech’s halfcourt offense causing problems if the Tech posts can get set inside.

    Hayden is a good player and should be the focus for LaShann defensively. Brooke and Ariel should have an advantage over their defenders in this matchup.

    Team stats are for Big 12 games only.

    Texas won by 51 points in Lubbock. Although Tech will battle to the end, this game should not be much different as long as the Horns tend to business. Tech doesn’t get a lot of shots off during a game. Part of that is due to their league worst 22.5 TOs a game; part of it is due to their tendency to play to their strength which is getting their bigs the ball. If they can’t get score off the fast break, they will pull up and wait for their posts to get in position in the paint. Slows the game down and limits their shot opportunities. And they don’t shoot well when they do get a shot.

    Currently, that trio averages 21.1 ppg and 16.3 rpg in league play and 22.2 ppg and 16.4 rpg overall.

    Game time is 7 PM this Wednesday, Valentine’s Day. The game will be carried on the LHN.

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    So, has Joyner grown an inch from her listed 6-3?
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    This is one of those games you have to be careful about. Tech desperately wants a win and we cannot take them for granted. They played West Virginia really well. I expect we’ll win but it’s not a W until it’s a W. #40Long40Strong
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    Wow, I didn't realize we had beaten them 9 times straight...
  6. BabHorn

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    First I have heard about Terry's injury and her day to day status.
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    Hard to believe all the problems Tech is having as a program. But, that's what happens when you keep a head coach a year or two too long simply to save money by not having to pay an early contract buyout. All the players and assistant coaches who have transferred out of the program were basically ignored until the AD was forced to make an untimely decision in the middle of the season.
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    I’m still trying to wrap my head around the Balcomb resignation just 5 days before Whitaker was fired. I keep wondering if her leaving was attributed to Whitaker and was the straw that broke the camel’s back for Tech.
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    Honestly, I felt that when Balcomb was hired this summer, it was to basically take over for Whitaker in the event she was let go mid-season. I find it hard to believe that it was Whitaker's decision to hire Balcomb; might have been solely the A.D.'s doing.

    The timing of Balcomb's resignation was definitely a surprise to me; of course, she cited personal/health reasons.

    Folks on the Tech message board posted that there might have been a blow-up between the two, and that is why Balcomb resigned.
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    HCIW situations are awkward and rarely successful even when the current head coach is on board, can only imagine how tense that relationship was from jump.
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    Habit sometimes bites you. I forgot to change out Audrey-Ann out of the starting lineup with Joyner. :facepalm:
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    Just my uninformed opinion, but if Rellah and Destiny don't play tonight, I am going to assume we won't see them on the court the rest of the season. :(
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    Texas GameDay on LHN right now. Texas wearing light gray uniforms in shoot around.
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    Good to see R.Boothe on the floor.
    I hope Texas Tech keep this Coach. She would be good for that program.
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    Good win. But Texas has to tighten up on the defensive end and rebound better. Especially with Baylor coming to town.
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    Well, I agree with you about Destiny. We really need Rellah to step up with Audrey-Ann gone.

    IIRC, she said at the start that she did not want the pressures & responsibilities of being a head coach permanently. Although I wonder if she will change her mind. If she doesn't, I hope they keep her. She's an excellent coach. She had a very good game plan but just doesn't have enough players at this time. They do continue to play hard and don't quit.
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    1) Coach A sent an obvious message about Rellah by playing her so early in the game
    2) Frustrating to see Tech out-rebounding the Horns by sheer effort
    3) To toss it away with their signature high turnovers
    4) They made 6 free throws. They made 6 three pointers
    5) Tech came out fighting, we played sloppy
    6) That #1 on Tech, she just slowly backed up to the bucket turned around and just sank the ball each time. Good we didn't foul her, but no aggressive defensive against her
    7) Made our second and only block in the 4th Q. AA when do you come back?!?
    8) I'm glad she left Rellah and the 3rd string gang out there for so long
    9) Joyner cleaning up on the second chance points! Still waiting for her power-drive to the basket to return
    10) Should have beat this Tech team my 25+. Credit their coach for their hot start. Their bigs are effective, but not in fast-break shape
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    Anybody want to suggest why Aston played zone almost the entire second half? Trying to conserve energy for OSU and Baylor Saturday - Monday? It wasn’t a very good zone. Some huge holes there. Maybe that is the reason she doesn’t play it more.

    WCBBNUT 1,000+ Posts

    A win is a win is a win but man oh man we better play better defense during our last four games. Maybe the AA injury spooked Karen a bit, but that was some serious risk she took with the lineup in the final 1 and 1/3 quarters. Personally, I’m glad she took that risk.

    So good to see Patterson shooting. Rellah needs to get a whole lot better on defense or she’s going right back to the end of that bench. That said, I hope she doesn’t lose her shot in the process of becoming better defensively. Loved seeing her with the mic at the end of the game talking about taking down Baylor.

    In Stillwater we need #40Long40Strong
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    I felt that the Zone was very effective tonight. It changed the tide of the game. We need more mixup defense.
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    The zone did make Tech adjust some. But huge hole in the middle of the paint. The six point swing via 2 three pointers on one possession were indicative of open shooters. Aston called time out with the lead down to 12. Told em to sit down twice in no uncertain terms. I was positive she was going to put the starters back in. But she was committed to seeing if the reserves were going to hold on or not. As she told em at half-time....”you are playing with fire”. So was Aston by leaving the reserves in. It was good to see them getting extended minutes and I never was anxious they were going to lose. But if Tech cut into the lead to say 8 or 6, it would have been interesting to see what she would have done. I like mixing in a zone at times but not for extended times as good shooting teams will eventually find the holes.
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    Well said. I was glad to see Karen rest the legs of the regular rotation... the upcoming Saturday to Monday turnaround is going to be brutal against two very good opponents. It was nice to see her show the reserves that she believed in them by leaving them in. Patterson looked really comfortable shooting last night and running the point. The frosh will hopefully be much improved defensively by next year.
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    Kudos to Karen for going to the zone. I never thought she would do it, but it went a long way toward shutting down their bigs who did so well in the first half. A little scary to leave the freshmen in all the way, but they acquitted themselves fine. It was a relief to see Patterson shooting so well and looking more comfortable.
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    I did see Destiny shooting 3-pointers in the pre-game shoot-around (based on LHN GameDay background while Fortner and Loeb were talking). I would not expect
    that if someone isn't healthy. Anyone see her participating in other pre-game warm-up / running drills?

    Perhaps she is being held out for the possibility of a medical redshirt waiver.
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    Postgame Press Conference:

  26. LutherIsMyDog

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    Do you now think Destiny qualifies for a medical redshirt?
  27. Moooooo

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    Someone had stated that the games played to apply for medical hardship waiver is less than 30% of season's games. I think we discussed it a bit more on the "Rellah" thread.

    But, if she were a candidate to redshirt for season-ending injury, she wouldn't be participating in pre-game drills, IMO.
  28. LutherIsMyDog

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    It's certainly perplexing.
  29. BabHorn

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    Coach Aston has played zone before. While man to man is the base defense, she is willing to change up when needed and Horns needed to shut down the Tech posts. Tech is not a good 3pt shooting team so it was a good move. Olabode hitting 5-6 from BTA is unusual as she normally makes around 28%.
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    WCBBNUT 1,000+ Posts

    “Hey coach. Two players one rebound away from a double double and you took them out. You ruined my storyline”

    “Yeah I did. Just anther W in the column.”

    Good for you, Karen. :bow:
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