thank God it's over

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by BigWill, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. BigWill

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    it was too painful to go on any longer.
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  4. tallgrant

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    Love the Horns, love the guys (particularly Damien) but it was rough to watch this year.
  5. recycle bin

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    It couldn't have ended any other way. All the chances in the world to win and a major collapse at the end.
  6. RJDriver

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    Right on. I can't watch Pittman miss 3 point-blank dunks in a row anymore. Fatness. Hook Em. [​IMG]
  7. caryhorn

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    This game was lost like most others this year: opponents open under the basket who repeatedly got easy dunks; few points in the paint for us; and last but not least, missed free throws!!!!

    A suck end to a suck last half of the season.
  8. NEWDOC2002

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    Unless Barnes and this team have some kind of epiphany in the next six months this board is gonna have a lot of [​IMG] .
  9. HornsForever'93

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    I swear this team had an extremely low basketball IQ.
  10. starchild

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    have to agree. i always want the horns to win, but it's hard to think that the game was going to end any other way. missed free throws, defensive breakdowns, missed layups, etc. same song, different verse. we'll miss you, damion. thanks for the hard work, and good luck in the association.
  11. cochamps

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    that team sucked ***. it will be interesting to see if they can figure anything out during the off season.
  12. Santafe

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    I hope to God every man on the starting five leaves this team. We need players, not chokers.
  13. Alex_de_Large

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    To coin a phrase from texags, that was a donkey abortion of a season.
  14. TexasRx

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    I feel bad for James but I agree... disappointing end to a disappointing season. Fight your way back to tie game, go up by 8 in OT, miss 4 free throws in the last minute. Lose. [​IMG]
  15. UTAustin92

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    Agree. Too painful to watch when there are breakdowns in almost every aspect of the game.
  16. wadster

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  17. orangebones

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    we already knew barnes is about as good at coaching offense and balls skills as oklahoma is at not-sucking, but defense was a big problem this year too, even before balbay got hurt. how many dudes did we make look like kobe bryant this year? how the hell do you NOT BLOCK OUT and let some athletic jackass with no skills dunk all over you in put backs?

    freaking blowing goats at the stripe and not running anything except that middle school high screen offense while everyone else stands and watches makes me want to throw a lamp through the tv.

    our fundamentals suck, which compunds the problematic truth that barnes' teams are worthless on offense unless he has a #*@#!+@ lottery pick running the dang point.
  18. RomaVicta

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    Have to agree. Something about overtime reminded me of the whole season:

    Hey, we've got this thing won.

    Wha' happened?

  19. Orangeblood90

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    First time in a long time I'm glad the season came to an end. I will always love the players and anyone who represents Texas, but as a team working together; their performance the second half of the season really was embarrassing. Hope they can go back to basics, because they are seriously lacking in some fundamentals
  20. BeatYaEasyEasy

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    It was an appropriate ending to this season in particular. Choke city, free-throws, and just a general gaggle in terms of offense.
  21. 71grad

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    At least we are spared the total *** rape of playing Kentucky.
  22. Longhorn01

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    that was a broken team
  23. orangecat

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    Kentucky would have beaten this team by 30 and this team would have deserved that.

    I wanted to play Kentucky so the freshmen could see what a team looks like, a team that plays together and doesn't make silly mistakes, miss free throws, etc.

    This team needed more experience, well they got at least 5 minutes more experience than they deserved. This team got a lucky matchup against a team that tried to give it away several times, a team that had lost 5 of its last 6.

    I don't see Barnes doing anything different next year. I think he will try to give the point guard job to Ward and see what happens.

    Defense is the big question mark. if Barnes doesn't get these guys to learn some D, next year could be the beginning of the end for Rick. I picture a no D team like this year's, maybe ranked 9th in the conference in D, a team that goes 18 and 15, and NIT, then I would think he would get one more year. But then again, this is not a basketball school, so unless there is a scandal ala Penders, he might not get shown the door.
  24. humahuma

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    Free Throws.
  25. Aces_Full

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    Gary Johnson was absolutely terrible down the stetch. He committs a couple of huge fouls in regulation to put them at the free throw line. Then J'covan gives him a nice pass underneath, and he gets stuffed and we go to overtime. And you could tell in OT that he wanted NO PART of those free throws. He looked like he would rather be in Iraq than at the line.
  26. TexasGolf

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    In reply to:

  27. accuratehorn

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    The entire latter part of the season, I couldn't sit through a whole game on TV, even this one. There would have been a brick inside the cabinet. This morning, the radio guys said we missed 18 lay-ups or dunks. And that's par for the course. Wide open shots by the opponents, and we can't even pick up a loose ball right in front of our feet without falling down? Ugh. How about starting out shooting 2 for 14? What team would we beat doing that? Then the same thing to start the second half, which sadly echoes a lot of other games the latter part of the season. Missing 4 of the last 6 freethrows-did anyone actually think it would be otherwise?
    All in all, we don't have to watch what would have happened against Kentucky, but you still like to win at least one game in the tournament.
  28. hookem1962

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    the last 3 seasons have been the beginning of the end for rick barnes...

    he will NOT take us to the top. PERIOD. We have seen enough to know that.
  29. the Saint

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  30. Detective Shilala

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    This season for Barnes was worse than Macovic's last season at UT.

    He's damn lucky we don't give a flip about basketball, or he'd be riding the next greyhound bus out of Austin in a Ms Doubtfire disguise.

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