The Abridged Constitution

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    We The People
    Sailed the same course
    Some willingly
    Some by force
    We The People
    A document to inform
    A more perfect Union
    No matter the storm
    No more kings
    No more oppression
    No more taxation
    Without representation
    Checks and balances
    And the rule of law
    Mitigating injustices
    Safe harbor for all
    The secular trinty
    President, Congress, Court
    Not one above the other
    Veto, fiat, tort
    Our common interest
    Our common defense
    Our common liberty
    Our common justice
    The domestic tranquility
    And the general welfare
    The pursuit of happiness
    And the resources we share
    Civil rights
    And our protection
    From a despotic government
    Or an insurrection
    Freedom for God
    Freedom for your God
    Freedom to find God
    Freedom to deny God
    Open discourse
    Speaking your mind
    You have an opinion
    However unkind
    Collective grievances
    Peaceably petitioned
    We walk together
    But never threatened
    To bear arms
    For our security
    Or being forced
    To quarter unwillfully
    To remain secure
    In our sanctuary
    Unless presented
    With writ of entry
    Neither held
    Absent habeas corpus
    Or loss of property
    Unless agreed by us
    Never forced to testify
    To contradict our denials
    Or brought forward
    In duplicitous trials
    To face our accuser
    In much haste
    Represented by counsel
    Our peers decide our fate
    Not one but twelve
    Examining the facts
    We are brought forward
    But only this court acts
    Reasonable recompense
    For fine or bail
    Cruel or unusual retribution
    Shall not avail
    The enumeration
    Provides illumination
    But within the penumbra
    Shadows suggest freedom
    What is self-evident
    Requires no list or count
    Nothing to encumber
    Or restriction to surmount
    A union has formed
    But sacred remains the individual
    The tyranny of the majority
    Is never permissible
    A living breathing document?
    Or construction unbending?
    But as we amend
    Change is never ending
    Open to interpretation
    If you see a right
    Others may disagree
    Who can see the light?
    The spirit of intent
    For all to see
    Freedom to choose
    Secured by liberty
    We The People
    A sacred quest
    We The People
    No more no less

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