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    My wife runs a small business, and I help her with a few things, especially with the hiring process.

    I’m sure other small business owners have experienced this, but it is absolutely stunning to me how some people conduct themselves with interviews. What I mean is: showing up for the damn thing, or at least having the courtesy to call to cancel or reschedule.

    This morning we had three interviews scheduled. Each candidate had applied for the position through Indeed, filled in another application on my wife’s website, participated in a phone interview with the two of us, and confirmed their interview appointment for this morning. We have them do all this partly to gauge how serious they are about the job.

    Three interviews scheduled and confirmed. Only one showed up.

    This particular position is for a leadership role. One candidate was scheduled for an 11:30 interview (the last of the three time slots for today). At 11:40 she was not there and had not called or texted, so we left. At 12:10 she texts my wife “I’m here for my 11:30 interview.” Forty minutes late to an interview for a leadership role?

    This has happened numerous times. We just have to laugh about it now. What is it with people?
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    It's today's society. I have the same issues all...the....time. It's miserable trying to find anyone to do just about anything these days. We have about 20 openings at all times and have to filter through hundreds of applicants just to get to the phone screening. Then we filter through more during screenings to confirm 10 to 14 for interviews and even after all that effort we might get 6-8 show up. Then after interviews we might only hire 3 or 4. Really frustrating.
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    Wanna know why Alabama got AirBus, ThyssenKrupp, Mercedes Benz, BMW, et al?

    AIDT | We Are Workforce Development

    Gary, et al are incredible to work with. Everyone of the officers & employees at AirBus except three executives was hired through AIDT.
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    What business are you in, if I may ask?
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    I'm a Director in food retail.

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