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Discussion in 'West Mall' started by theiioftx, Nov 10, 2016.

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    Speaking of the wall. Donald Trump now says it needs to be "transparent".

    If it wasn't a direct quote, I'd never have believed a sitting POTUS would have made that statement. We have elected an idiot.
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    CNN did not know how they were supposed to handle this

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    Ive been on this issue for 30 years

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    Yeah, it's interesting. Macron was confrontational with Trump early on, and now he's licking his balls. It's kinda strange.
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    Come over to the Libertarian Party, young Skywalker.
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    He has a thing for older people
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    I think they like that it is failing as predicted. They want that albatross hanging around the Democrats' collective necks for as long as possible. The stigma of that legislative stupidity is brutal.
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  12. iatrogenic

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    The good news is:
    -We have another conservative member of the Supreme Court, and may get yet another
    -We have run ISIS out of Mosul (one of their two Caliphate "capitols" and are hammering their asses
    -al-Baghdadi is a red stain on a mud hut in Raqqa, and ISIS is close to being destroyed there
    -Illegal border crossings into the U.S. are down
    -The Supreme Court has sided unanimously with Trump and against the liberal 9th Circuit on part of his vetting of refugees, and will most likely agree with him 100% when the case is finally decided
    -The hope of tax cuts remains
    -We have a business friendly, anti-government regulation President that has voided many of the Obama's oppressive Executive Orders
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    I would've had thought that you would know that anytime a man is licking another man's balls that it IS strange and not kinda strange.
  14. Mr. Deez

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    Just trying to be politically correct. I don't think we're supposed to say that dude-on-dude ball licking is always strange.
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  16. Joe Fan

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  17. Brad Austin

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    And not one of the talking heads and so-called 'experts' has admitted how pathetically wrong their drama-filled predictions of impending doom were.

    I recall countless claims that a DT victory would crush the stock market.

    No accountability, significant retractions, or giving the accused his due after he obliterates their phony predictions.

    It's no mystery why the public has concluded the MSM is full of sh*t.
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  18. Joe Fan

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  19. Seattle Husker

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    Democracy is a *****, huh? What he fails to mention is that he can't get 51 votes for a Repeal.

  20. Joe Fan

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    Here is something on that --

    "Matt Drudge was right and the "corporate media" were wrong in calling the 2016 election, according to a new book that examines top White House adviser Steve Bannon's rise to the top.

    Bloomberg Businessweek journalist Joshua Green wrote in his new book, "Devil's Bargain: Steve Bannon, Donald Trump and the Storming of the Presidency," that on election night, Bannon, then Trump's top campaign adviser, was nervous and unsure about the looming results.

    Green said that at Trump Tower, where the campaign was headquartered, Bannon watched as exit polls came in, showing Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton with a significant lead and polling data published by major news outlets with the same.

    "Not knowing what else to do, Bannon called Matt Drudge to ask what he thought," the book said.

    "F*ck the corporate media," Drudge reportedly told Bannon. "They've been wrong on everything. They'll be wrong on this."

    Drudge, using his influential website the Drudge Report, was widely seen as an early champion of Trump's candidacy. Other journalists frequently mocked the unscientific polls he often published on his website that showed the celebrity billionaire dominating the primary and general election debates.

    But, Green wrote, as swing states started flipping in Trump's favor, it became clear that "Drudge was right. The corporate media blew it."
  21. Joe Fan

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    Drudge^^ makes a good point about their polling
    Something they have never been forced to fully account for
    Were they just wrong?
    Or, were they committing fraud by attempting to suppress the Trump vote?
  22. Brad Austin

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    I remember around a month or so before election day I decided to look deeper into growing claims that polls were badly oversampling Dems.

    I researched the figures on party affiliations to determine a realistic sampling edge.

    Rasmussen and Gallup had lot of sampling of this with years of historical data.

    Dems led by an average of approx +3 in weekly samplings the previous two years.

    When new weekly MSM polls came out I dove into their sampling methods. They were constantly sampling Dems from +6 up to double digits. Seemed +8 was approx. avg.

    I'd already heard these claims, but no one was specifically citing historical party affiliation data to dispute them. Seeing the slant job for myself was proof positive.

    In nearly every MSM poll HRC was being fronted an extra 3+ points swing above the +3 I already assigned from historical sampling data.

    Many were far more exaggerated in her favor than that. Pretty pathetic the polling con job attempted by the despicable MSM and other HRC cult pollsters.
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  23. mchammer

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    They were trying to suppress the vote. Clear as day.
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  24. mchammer

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    Also, the early exit polls are counted as such to give Dems the largest lead possible, again to suppress the vote. By end of day, exit polling was +2 Clinton (when all the exit polling is counted).
  25. Joe Fan

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    Calif and New York both allow people who entered the country illegally to practice law

  26. Brad Austin

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    Let's not forget the most disgusting aspect of the campaign. Dems orchestrated a wave of phony sexual assault allegations (from distant past) to smear DT.

    Another of countless cases of Dems projecting phony allegations of a crime they actually committed onto their enemy. These were used to distract and overshadow Bill's exploits.

    Wonder why all those accusers just disappeared? Haven't heard a peep from them since.

    If there was truth behind any of those womens' claims there'd have been further follow-up, win or lose.

    The amount of evil it takes to orchestrate phony sexual assault claims to win an election is incomprehensible. That's worthy of a beat down in my view.
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  27. I35

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    I remember about a month out they had only 20 something % of Republican voters polled in Arizona when that is a red state. SMH

    They do that every election to the GOP candidate. Remember the story of Mitt Romney bullying a kid and I think it was said that he and a couple of other guys either cut the kids hair off or just beat him up. Romney said he never recalled doing that. Never heard anything else about it after the election. That was obvious Fake News. Most don't like the way Trump handles himself with Tweeter, but I'm glad he's called out the bullies of MSM. Then they cry like little kids. It's actually amusing to watch. :popcorn:
  28. Brad Austin

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    Yeah but accusing someone of beating up a kid as a minor is nowhere near the level of accusing an adult of multiple counts of sexual assault, a serious crime.
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  29. Joe Fan

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    Treasury put new Sanctions on Iran
    -- 16 designations tied to ballistic missile program + IRGC


  30. Joe Fan

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    Only about 30 years late ..... and it took Trump to prioritize .... but at least it looks like the exit system mandate may finally be taken seriously & implemented --

    "U.S. Customs and Border Protection has processed about 35,000 passengers through a test version of a new system designed to combat visa overstays, the agency’s deputy executive assistant commissioner John Wagner told a House subcommittee last week.

    Customs and Border Protection has been developing a biometric entry-exit tracking system since fiscal year 2013. President Donald Trump issued an executive order Jan. 27 pressed DHS to expedite the completion of the system.

    The test demonstration, which has been in place at the Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport since June 2016, involves taking a foreigner’s photograph before the flight and storing it in a database to track people entering and exiting the country using a visa. This provides a platform to track which temporary visa holders have overstayed their legally allowed time in the United States and accelerate the process of removing them....."

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