The History of Duke Basketball in 5 Minutes

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by Aragorn, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. Aragorn

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  2. Sgt. Longhorn

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    That **** is disgusting. Some of those should have been technical fouls they were so blatant.
  3. Officer_Cartman

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    They should follow soccer's lead and start giving fouls for diving.
  4. HornGrandioso

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    Coach K, please. You are better than that. Or not.
  5. Aragorn

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    The Duke players flop the same way every time. You can see the split-second delay before they realize, "Oh, I should be taking a dive like Coach said," and then fling themselves to the ground, every time with their arms and legs flailing in the air in identical fashion. It couldn't be more obvious that they've been taught that technique.
  6. HornFan16

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    Those are hilarious, especially the Paulus' flop. My wife, who has barely ever watched any basketball, watched the clip with me and said, "he fell by himself." Hammer hits nail.
  7. Aragorn

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    Yeah, the Paulus flop is definitely the gold standard at Duke. I wouldn't be surprised if they use that as a training video for new recruits.
  8. TexasD

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    I will take the success that Duke has had and take the flops with it. Just win baby!!
  9. Rockinghorse

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    If they wanna hate, let em hate and watch the W's pile up...

    PS Hansbrough is good at this's part of the game.
  10. Statalyzer

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    With better officiating, it wouldn't be a part of the game, but there are guys who just won't call a charge unless the defender flops or the guy just lowers his shoulder to steamroll the defender.
  11. bierce

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    For the umpteenth time, Duke is not worth our concern. They just aren't such a dominant program that anyone needs to worry about them.

    We need to focus our ire on Georgetown. After about fifty games this year in which they delayed and delayed and stalled and caused the game to go on and on and delaying the broadcast of UT games, what did they do today on national TV when the Horns weren't scheduled to come on next?

    They finished on time.


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