The Jim Rome show is so much better this week

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by Statalyzer, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. Statalyzer

    Statalyzer 10,000+ Posts

    It's so nice to be able to turn on 1300 mid-day and actually hear sports being talked about, and not have the same sentence repeated 5 different ways.
  2. MrMojoRisin

    MrMojoRisin 25+ Posts

    I thought Rome might have had a take on Aggy.
  3. l00p

    l00p 10,000+ Posts

    What happened? Did they drop it or better yet did Jim Everett finally kick his ***?
  4. accuratehorn

    accuratehorn 10,000+ Posts

    What's he saying about aggy?
  5. Statalyzer

    Statalyzer 10,000+ Posts

    Rome's on vacation this week so they have a different guest or two doing the program. The guys Monday were great. The past two days the guest hosts weren't very good, but at least they were mostly sticking to sports and not repeating themselves ad nauseum. Rome does do great interviews though, I should add, better than most.

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