The little kid on gameday just now

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Laphroaig10, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. Laphroaig10

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    Said he was picking Oregon in the rose bc it would help the PAC 10 (he's a USC fan). Savvy fan or nostalgic for california's days in the confederacy?
  2. jwt

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    Did anyone else see Corso try to shake his hand? Wow. Fowler tried to save him by pulling the kid's hand towards Corso just at the same time Corso was pulling his hand back so Fowler just gave him the handshake.
  3. utmck

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    I saw that. Fowler also asked the kid "who do you see winning this game" Probably not the best use of a word considering.
  4. ImissWallyPryor

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    I also think Corso or Fowler said something like "I see you're wearing your USC colors today." The kid should have responded, "Good. I told Mom to make sure I was wearing my USC gear today. I guess she was listening."
  5. tamster

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    saw that too. folwer tried to bring his hand over but then corso left him hanging.

  6. CanaTigers

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  7. Horn87

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    who was that kid, btw??
  8. Dewbrewer

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    The kid is a USC fan who got cancer and lost his vision recently. Team found about him and has had him at some games. Hang in there kid. He seems to have a pretty damn good attitude. I could learn from it.
  9. l00p

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    It shows that SEC fans have the intellect of a little kid. The kid probably has more teeth.
  10. CanaTigers

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  11. Laphroaig10

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    Awesome. Let's make fun of the kid with cancer. You stay classy loop.
  12. l00p

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    No, I was making fun of the SEC fans who have the intellect of a kid. I am getting tired of having to explain simple things to you. Actually, I am not. It is easy and fun handing you your epic fail awards.

    Your obsession with the Longhorns is noted. Thanks for playing along and proving my point with every word you read and every letter you type. My pwnage of you continues.
  13. Laphroaig10

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    I'm not obsessed. I have a degree from Texas, and so am interested in it's sports teams. If your GED study group ever forms a football team, maybe you'll understand.

    In order for you insult to work, you have to be insulting the kid with cancer. All joking inside, that's ******* pathetic. Congratulate yourself on cyberstalking me and launching stupid one liners all you want, but even you can realize something is over the line can't you?

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