The New Longhorn Gameday Experience: WTH?

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by Mesohorny, Sep 9, 2018.

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    I can't comment abt Bevo Blvd. since we were tailgating with our usual bunch near the LBJ library, but the "experience" inside the stadium was sorely disappointing (not talking abt the game itself, although it was too).

    What's the deal with the LHB running out to the north end zone and scrambling to line up instead of proudly marching in to the increasing tempo of the drum section? That has always been an exciting build up to the start of the game. Last night looked like a clusterfuck.

    The new section for the band in the southeast corner reduces the volume - esp. in the NEZ - even more than when they were in the SEZ. Doubt if the fans in the east side heard them at all.

    WTF was Bob Cole doing repeatedly saying "Get your hook 'ems up!"? Hook 'ems up? Is this a new directive from CdC to change a 60 year tradition? Cole sounded like a new announcer from New Jersey who has never been to a Longhorn game.

    But the most aggravating thing during the entire game was the 10 year kid (must have been) who was in charge of Godzillatron constantly showing fans in the stands immediately after every play. The second the whistle blew after every play we were treated to shot after shot of fans mugging for the big screen. Very very few replays, even on important plays. A LOT of crowd shots that lasted a second or two AFTER the snap. Shots that didn't do that would switch from the crowd maybe a second before the snap and didn't give you a chance to see the formations. We sit in the lower half of the NEZ and need the big screen esp. when the ball is near the south goal line.

    Also, those useless "De-fense!" and "Texas Fight!" videos that no one pays attention to lasted well into many plays, usually on a crucial 3rd down. Stop it. That's what the cheerleaders are for.

    I guess the RTF school uses the video board to train undergrads, but whoever is in charge of the production and has their hand on deciding what goes on the board needs to be a professional. It was an aggravating joke.

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  2. Dionysus

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  3. Mesohorny

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    Correct assumption.
  5. PecosBill

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    Some comments from 104 UD from the game.
    The band sounded louder and better than when in SEZ when it was competing speakers from Tron.
    The audio seemed distinctly clearer and easier to understand/listen than the louder volume last year.
    The TV time out clock for commercials in bottom right corner is a plus to watch and know when the guy is red is getting ready to waive and gives fans, players and coaches a countdown to when to get ready to begin play.
    The number of commercials seemed reduced with commercial logo tags on some video rather than a full video commercial.
    Most comments I heard near by was that the volume was lower, fewer annoying commercials, and that some effort was made to not compete with the band.
    For the fan cam there were lots of fan shots rather than Taco Bell commercials.
    I also think the video screen itself was larger with fewer banner placement.
    Not sure how much the video feed from LHN vs broadcast camera work from ABC, FOX, ESPN made a difference but did not see as many cameras on the field and sidelines.
    Over all a net improvement from last year.
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    thanks Pecos ... I appreciate it's not an improvement for everyone ... but plan to be with you in 104 on Saturday ... may even bring the Vette! Our Patriarch is going with us ... we'll see.
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    Braver than me bringing the Vette. Good luck and Hookem.
  8. ShAArk92

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    yeah, it's a night game, isn't it ... hmm.

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