The official apologize to Laphroaig thread

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Laphroaig10, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. Laphroaig10

    Laphroaig10 1,000+ Posts

    I will accept, if enough contrition is shown.
  2. Bevo Incognito

    Bevo Incognito 5,000+ Posts

    I refuse to apologize for saying that Lagavulin is better than you. In fact, I think all of the rest of the Islay malts are better.
  3. TexasTower

    TexasTower 500+ Posts

    Who is Laphroaig?
  4. Third Coast

    Third Coast 10,000+ Posts

    I talk to my bottle of scotch too sometimes after several drinks.

    FWHORN 5,000+ Posts

    I know I trust the NCAA.

    Kind of like a California jury.
  6. Bevo Incognito

    Bevo Incognito 5,000+ Posts

    I'm going to get "Ardbeg17" for a user name and make Laphroaig10 bow down in humility.
  7. Dogbert

    Dogbert 500+ Posts

    My friend Glen Dronach said never apologize to Laphroaig.
  8. georgecostanza

    georgecostanza NBHorn7’s Protégé

    Wait....why are we apologizing? I honestly don't remember. Post the thread that you want us to eat crow from.
  9. Graeme

    Graeme 25+ Posts

    Lagavulin is veddy nice. Attempting to drink a bottle of Glen Morangie atm.. not my speed so much thus far.
  10. l00p

    l00p 10,000+ Posts

    Shouldn't this be the thread where your parents say they are sorry to the world for not practicing safer sex?
  11. El Torito

    El Torito 1,000+ Posts

    The Macallan doesn't apologize for anything. [​IMG]
  12. Horn2Run

    Horn2Run 1,000+ Posts

    Arkansas said they were sorry for not using protection last weekend. That, plus their friends named Alabama and LSU are coming over very soon to share in the fun.
  13. VYFan

    VYFan 2,500+ Posts

    I guess it's a scotch? I always thought it was an alternate spelling for "lap frog," which is what it looked like. "Here comes Lap Frog on another Auburn thread."
  14. Hook 'Em Danno

    Hook 'Em Danno 1,000+ Posts

  15. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada Winebibber

    I think we just turned this into the official "Laphroaig10 can kiss our collective ***" thread. [​IMG]
  16. IB ROC N

    IB ROC N 100+ Posts

    I have to go out on the back deck to partake of Laphroaig. My wife won't let me drink it in the house because of her sensitive olfactory senses. She says it overwhelmingly smells like cigar that's a bad thing?
  17. Squall

    Squall 500+ Posts

    He's just a little upset that people were throwing around allegations at his school like he does with his rivals.

    The hypocrite couldn't handle his own medicine it seems.

    And I don't mean hypocrite in a bad way, as a white male american, it's kind of a birth right.
  18. Texas___Fight

    Texas___Fight 2,500+ Posts

  19. Hu_Fan

    Hu_Fan Guest

    Thx. I needed this.
    It's nice to take the Blue Pill once in a while...
  20. BevoJoe

    BevoJoe 10,000+ Posts

    Don't's a sign of weakness!!
  21. accuratehorn

    accuratehorn 10,000+ Posts

    I apologize-I never got into Scotch. Now, a nice Belgian beer, like Chimay, I consider a treat.
  22. Laphroaig10

    Laphroaig10 1,000+ Posts

    The penitent man is humble before God. Penitent, penitent, penitent.
  23. Bevo Incognito

    Bevo Incognito 5,000+ Posts

    GlenGoyne, the most beautiful distillery in Scotland, sends howls of laughter from the Highlands toward Laphroaig10.
  24. Squall

    Squall 500+ Posts

  25. kujotx

    kujotx 500+ Posts

    Ah, c'mon Laphro... It's just business.
  26. Horn69

    Horn69 2,500+ Posts

    I'm talking to my friend Glen Fiddich...and he is so laid back, all he can do is say hello.

    Hook'em!!! [​IMG]
  27. ampUT

    ampUT 100+ Posts

    Push Push in the Bush(mills). I'm Rick James. I don't apologize for ****, ***** !
  28. TXbigdog

    TXbigdog 25+ Posts

    Lap rag? Laugh rag? ****, I give up. [​IMG]
  29. Dionysus

    Dionysus Cocky + Relaxed Admin

  30. Bamaguy

    Bamaguy 25+ Posts

    I'll apologize.

    I think it's pretty ridiculous how everyone feeds off of every little thing they see on the internet. Most people who post on message boards have an IQ of 6. They read a story on an website, complete with sources from people and institutions who have an axe to grind with Auburn, and they take it hook line and sinker.

    I don't really think Cam newton is clean. But I haven't seen any real evidence that Auburn University paid him. Did a booster pay him? Probably. But as long as a school is trying to prevent it, isn't that all we can expect?

    Fans don't seem to be smart enough to understand that it is possible for a rogue booster to pay someone, and for the school not to be involved. I'm not excusing it. A school should do everything within reason to make sure boosters aren't paying players. But let's be realistic. You can't stop everything. And for the most part, none of us have any idea to what extent a school does or does not take actions to stop it.

    Do you know what would be refreshing? If people actually said they don't have a clue what's going on, but that they are hoping for the worst possible outcome for those involved. That would be honest.

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