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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by moondog_LFZ, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. moondog_LFZ

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    If you can call it that.
    I thought I was going to break my set when we get called for seemingly anything in the second half and Abalama almost nothing.
    That Ref was staring at Malcom as he was knocked to the ground before the ball is close to getting there and just signals incomplete.
    This crew had their head up their *** all night.
    That is all.
  2. wherzwaldo

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    Overall it was not that bad, and it didn't cost us the game. The calls/no-calls you referenced were bad, but not game-changing IMO.
  3. ut1978

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    they also made sure that the Bama Oline went 38 quarters without a holding call!
  4. TigerPride

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    If the catchable balls would have been caught, there would be another mythical chapter of Horn football.
    That being said, If Saban hadn't gone bonehead about three times, they might have won at any rate.
  5. HornBud

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    Other than the two PI non-calls, the officiating was fine.

    3 Saban brain farts? I count 1: the fake punt deep in their own territory.
  6. wherzwaldo

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  7. TigerPride

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  8. GHoward

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    The officiating was satisfactory, and a non-issue. In a big game fans will always find things to nitpick.
  9. HornBud

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  10. jwig2020

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    Only other call that I saw was I thought Cody flinched on the first TD. Overall the refs were fine and a non-factor in the game's outcome.
  11. horns4everup

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  12. Bill in Sinton

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    I know of two calls that should have been called on Bama for PI and the comentators pointed it out. Also one that was called on us was not a catchable ball. Overall I still give them a C.
  13. Bevo-Stevo

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    Not calling holding once, a phantom facemask on Sergio, a horrific PI call less than 5 minutes after Malcolm was flat-out mugged by the 'Bama DB and not called for PI. The facemask call and ******** PI call gave them 30 yards and although it led to no points for them, it switched field position at a time when the UT defense was absolutely dominating them. Very one-sided officiating last night. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  14. GHoward

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    Did anyone happen to see why Chris Hall got called for a personal foul? He came out injured, so I assume something happened in the scrum (twisted leg or something) and Hall retaliated. IT was just weird, he seems like such a calm guy and he left the field obviously pissed.
  15. wherzwaldo

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  16. HousHorn09

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    What Bevo-Stevo said. There, now I'm over it.
  17. hornpharmd

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  18. Third Coast

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    God IS good and people will get over it in their own time.
  19. Oilfield

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    What Bill in Sinton said, except it was C-.
  20. Eichmare

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    My wife is not a huge Longhorn fan - in fact she's mainly a soccer fan. But she knows the rules. She had to stop watching in the second half because the officiating was pissing HER off.
  21. Aragorn

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    My wife who is still learning the game looked at me in the 4th quarter and asked: "What's wrong with these officials? They always side with Alabama." Ha.

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