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Discussion in 'West Mall' started by I35, Jan 19, 2017.

  1. I35

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    All Libs talk about is how Trump isn't a legit Prez because he didn't win the popular vote. That's like saying the Packers didn't win this past weekend because the Cowboys got more total yardage. I'm not watching the game because the Packers aren't the legitimate contender for the NFC Championship. All those morons that are skipping the Inaugural are about as relevant tomorrow as I'll be at game time on Sunday.
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  2. Phil Elliott

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    They should keep it up. They are making sure that people who voted for Trump but did so with trepidation are now sure they did the right thing.
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  3. Brad Austin

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    Like him or not, Trump did America a HUGE favor by magnifying and exposing so much corruption within American institutions, be it Gov, MSM, society, etc.

    Only a uniquely polarizing person like DT could've directly and often indirectly forced so many to shed their masks and scream from the rafters.

    But more importantly, he opened the eyes to so many about the election process.

    He unveiled the corrupt rules with the electoral process, both in primaries and general elections.

    We saw firsthand the absurdity of current rules allowing electors the freedom to vote for whoever they like despite the vote of the people they represent.

    Finally, we witnessed a dramatic example of the importance the electoral college, and exactly what it was designed to prevent.

    DT won the vast majority of states and counties, and the EC prevented a few landslide anomalies from overriding the majority of the rest of the country's preferred direction.

    It worked exactly how it was intended. I never understood its function and purpose so profoundly until 2016.

    Going forward, I'll always support the electoral college and defend it's purpose, regardless of which party wins. It's a very necessary safeguard.
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  4. Joe Fan

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  5. utahorn

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  6. NJlonghorn

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    Today, around the time Pence is sworn in.

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  7. horninchicago

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    Yes, I am no fan, but Hillary put on a good face today and acted in a proper and gracious manner. So did the Obamas.
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  8. NJlonghorn

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    Of course you will support it -- it favors candidates you like. The electoral college reduces the influence of large urban centers, which are inevitably more liberal, and increases the influence of rural states, which are inevitably more conservative. Thus, the electoral college can help a conservative win the presidency (like it did this year), but it will never help a liberal win.
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  9. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Densely populated cities which historically vote heavily in one direction or another should never control the election. No matter who benefits from this, 4 or 5 states should never ever determine an election every year. Without the electoral college middle America would never have a voice in the presidency.
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  10. Brad Austin

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    You have no clue about my morals and why I made that statement.

    Actually it's a common theme of Libs not understanding code and morals as they checked them at the door long ago.

    I'm all about fairness, period. Losing fairly teaches important lessons about how to win the next time. Your party needs to take notes instead of refusing to accept a legit loss.

    In a national scope, a few huge groups of like-minded people, packed into overpopulated areas, living their own preferred style of life have no right to decide how the lives of a majority of other large groups across different locations should live.

    I assume you'd prefer HC's Cali coup calling the shots for our country. Never mind they've lost their f'n minds with crazy anti-American legislation and have become a laughing stock for the rest of the country.

    I guarantee your ilk would've overwhelmingly prefer Sanders and adopting Socialism to dismantle the historical American way of life.

    Yes, my preferred candidate won which taught a deeper importance of the EC in this election. If the roles were reversed I agree I wouldn't have gained such insight.

    But I guarantee you if by any chance in the next several decades of my life my side came up short the same way, I'd still recognize the EC's winner as the appropriate victor of our well thought-out election process.

    I realize you Libs need excessive excuses to whine, pout, dissent, and scapegoat your painful loss as being illegitimate.

    However, discrediting the EC and storied American election process is pitiful and only further proves Lib disdain for the traditions and history that made this country prosper.

    This isn't the United States of New York and California and our founders brilliantly foresaw such a day and aptly protected against it. :usflag:

    Thank GOD today marks the first day of PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump. :trophy:
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  11. Joe Fan

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    Check out Bill get busted by his wife for checking out Ivanka.

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  12. horninchicago

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    Well, she stayed classy. What a hillbilly he is.
  13. Brad Austin

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    In Bill's defense, it'd be pretty hard not to sneak a few extra glances her way.

    Of course Slick Willy was never one to keep his inner perv on the down low. :smokin:
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  14. Joe Fan

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  15. Seattle Husker

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    I'm so happy to hear that Brad supports an investigation into Russian hacking and their attempts to influence the election!! Welcome aboard, Brad.
  16. Horn6721

    Horn6721 Half of seeming clever is keeping your mouth shut.

    How do you think Russia affected the elections?
    Do you think Russia influenced voters?
  17. Seattle Husker

    Seattle Husker 10,000+ Posts

    Do I think Russia attempted to effect the elections? Absolutely. Do I think the Wikileaks release aided Trumps campaign sails? Absolutely. I'm not her calling him illegitimate. Do I think there should be an investigation of Russian interference and potential Trump ties? Yes, without a doubt.
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  18. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    The bigger there anything released that wasn't true and if not why wasn't our own press absolutely grilling her on it? Who cares where the information came from if she was deliberately covering up all of her wrong doings? Even today I hear nothing about her criminal activities and only criticism about the people who released it.

    Makes me sick. Russian hackers influenced the election should be changed to Clinton's illegal and immoral activites changed Americans votes.
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  19. Mr. Deez

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    You do know that you and Seattle Husker can both be raising valid points, right?
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  20. bystander

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    The complaints about the Russian hacks smack of a "Who told?" response to an accusation rather than addressing the actions that were exposed. It reminds me of some of my friends back in high school.

    Americans did not vote for Trump because the Russians hacked us. EVERYONE should be outraged by that fact. But what did the hacks reveal? And if true then we deserved to know regardless of who exposed the information.

    But what really slays me is how the Left covered and/or downplayed Hillary's use of an unsecure server. Now we find out we were hacked. The disconnect (meaning ignoring the former and being outraged by the latter) is hysterical. I don't know that this is true but what if it was Hillary's server that opened the door to the Russians? It could have. That was the point all along; it was not a partisan witch hunt. At least not from the adult portion of the population.
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  21. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada Winebibber

    The Dems need to look inward. If Wasserman Schulz and the rest of the DNC had not rigged the primaries against Bernie Sanders, chances are pretty good he would have been the Dem nominee. And as wacky and avowedly socialist as Crazy Bernie is, he still would have been a better candidate in the general election than Sleazy Hillary. The dumb **** democrats did this to themselves.

    I personally think Trump should give the Presidential Medal of Freedom to whomever hacked those servers and released the emails to the public. And remember, I didn't vote for Trump.
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  22. Brad Austin

    Brad Austin 2,500+ Posts

    All you need to know about the corrupt Dem party is Superdelegates.

    Unpledged delegates (free to vote however) who made up just under 15% of delegates. Nothing more than the power to unite and override the people's choice if the power players so desire.

    The supposed party of equality has no desire to equally share the power of one person, one vote.

    Even under 2016 reform, they'll still allow 1/3 of superdelegates to remain unpledged.

    I assume this means 5% are still free to sway the outcome. If two finalists are neck and neck with one slightly ahead (which should be the winner), the powers that be can elevate the trailing candidate (people's second choice) to swipe the nod. :puke:

    Dem power players make candidates kiss the ring and play ball if they want to win.
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  23. mchammer

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    Dems do this because the party leaders know that a good portion of their voters are batshit crazy.
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  24. Htown77

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    Not exactly analogues (on the popular vote end or the liberal/conservative end), BUT John Quincy Adams over Andy Jackson, Abraham Lincoln over all of the democrats, Rutherford Hayes and Benjamin Harrison.... I guess our electoral system as a whole has always favored federalists/republicans over democrats, but in the 1800s the federalists/republicans were more centered in the populated northern cities and in many ways (though not others) were more left of the democrats.

    It favors rural more, but just because rural is "right" today and city is "left" today does not mean they will be that way tomorrow. I think that (it will never help a liberal win) is an unfair and shortsighted statement and I think our electoral system as a whole has helped candidates more to the left win before in the 1800s. What is today will not be tomorrow. I believe the electoral college is a good system for reasons gone into in another thread before.

    Americans must not abandon our constitutional safeguards for the sake of expediency. There has been too much of that already and I fear there will be more. Im looking at both of you Trumpricans and street protesters. I saw some protester actress say "Congress is not America" and some buddies of mine who are marines were saying "only military votes should matter."

    Congress is not America + only military votes should matter = how the roman republic went from a senate to an empire with a brilliant military commander as dictator for life.
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  25. texas_ex2000

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    It's not the People's Urban Centers of America.

    It's The United STATES of America.

    Trump won 30 States to Hillary's 20. Complaining that a woman rejected by 60% of the States should be the President of The United States of America is kind of pathetic.

    Maybe I'm too optimistic, but I don't think the problem is that serious - as in I don't see this is a threat to our Constitution. I just think our society and our kids are just whinier and poorer losers then we were 30 years ago. Certain kids had parents that raised them in a way that they cannot handle losing and adversity.

    This is all good if you're a conservative, because these pink hats and confusing feminist protests will only strengthen their conservative solidarity.
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  26. Htown77

    Htown77 5,000+ Posts

    I hope that is all.
  27. Brad Austin

    Brad Austin 2,500+ Posts

    We all scoffed and shook our heads at the news of participation trophies.

    I wondered how this would influence these kids later in life. Now we're seeing the results of coddling feelings, refusing to reward winning, and teaching to have respect in defeat.
  28. old65horn

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    I don't think that is the reason people are say that Trumo is not a legit president. The constitution clearly states that the President is selected by the vote of the electoral college. I don't know why that is, or if the reason it is still exists, but that is what it is. The reason I have heard for the "not legit" is the facts regarding the involvement of the Russian influence on the election and the possible collusion of the Trump campaign with the Russians. We do not know the details, and may never know. Comey did not bother to tells us about this, yet he inserted himself into the election 11 days before election day and probably swung the results to Trump.

    The popular vote should call attention to another major problem. The Dems collected almost 3 million more votes than the Repubs, yet the Repubs have more than a 40 seat majority in the House. The house is supposed to represent the population as a whole. It does not. How can we say we have a democracy, which is one person one vote. The president and the Senate are not supposed to represent the people as whole, the House is supposed to. Look at our great state. We have 36 house seats, 25 are held by Repubs and 11 by Dems. That is 69% are Repub while only 31 are Dem, that is not representative of the voter who are allowed to participate in elections. This may be OK with you if you benefit from it, Can you change it back to a Democratic system of government when it swings to the other side? The attempt is to keep it the way it is by denying millions of people the right to vote, using voter suppression based on bogus claims of illegal voting. There is absolutely no evidence of illegal voting other than a few isolated cases.
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  29. NJlonghorn

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    Sorry for the long post, but there have been a lot said about my post that I want to respond to.

    First, regarding your response to my main point:

    All I meant to say was that it is very easy for a conservative to look at this year’s results and say, “Gee, I love the electoral college.” The fact that you said this in the easy context of 2016 remains true. You claim that you would have reached the same conclusion if the tables were turned. I’ll take your word on that because I don’t know you well enough to hazard a guess. But I stand by my original point – that it is unsurprising that this year’s results helped you and other conservatives see the benefits of the electoral college.

    As I’ve said repeatedly in this forum and elsewhere, I agree with you guys that the Democrats need to shut up and accept the election results. Trump’s election was legitimate, and he will be president for at least the next 4 years. But I take issue with the idea that the Democrats are “my party” or “my ilk”. For gods’ sake, my preferred candidate through most of the 2015/2016 election season was John Kasich, hardly an ultra-liberal Democrat. A few of my prior posts, ranging from May 2015 to December 2016:

    I definitely was not a Hillary guy, so this post is way off base:

    God no. I did end up voting for Hillary Clinton, but that is only because I saw her as a less-bad candidate than Donald Trump. I certainly don’t like the idea of putting ultra-left Californians in charge of our country’s future.

    On this, we are in complete agreement. I am on record as saying that the electoral college is fair. The fact that it helped Trump win this year doesn’t change my opinion. Any system that bases control on the popular vote would be unfair to smaller states. Any system that bases control on the number of states won would be unfair to larger states. The current system is a beautiful compromise, and should be preserved. Nothing I said, in this post or elsewhere, has even hinted at the idea that I oppose the electoral college, so I don’t know why you guys think I do.

    I agree. However, I could point to things that the far right has done that are equally pitiful and equally disdainful of the country’s traditions and history. Our problem not liberalness – it is extremism.

    I suppose it is possible that rural areas may someday be more liberal than conservative areas. For the foreseeable future, though, the electoral college will continue to favor Republicans.
  30. Brad Austin

    Brad Austin 2,500+ Posts


    My disdain for the double-standard, hypocrisies, and collusion over the election cycle probably led me to take your post way too personal the other day. :smile1:

    There's too much grey these days and it gets overwhelming for someone who believes strongly in fairness and justice. Not saying either party plays by those rules.

    But there's little doubt Liberals are taking this to a whole new level of disgust.

    I'd label my political viewpoint as independent with a right lean. Before gang politics became so absurdly abused these last several years, I judged candidates by the person, stances, and not party affiliation. I supported Perot actually. :D

    For example, while the Dem debates were nearly unwatchable listening to Clinton and Sanders promise free everything and pandering to the minority vote with every answer, I listened closely to Webb...the one who seemed moderate and made sense at times.

    If he'd have won the nod, I'd have given him a fair look. But the hard truth is even as President, Webb would've been forced to tow the Ultra Lib line while surrounded by radicals in Congress.

    I'm always open to a moderate, non-Rep candidate if said person is offering a better plan for the country and seems highly competent. Johnson was far from that, IMHO.

    It's a shame Congress has to be figured into the POTUS equation so heavily now due to the overwhelming abuse of gang voting.

    Congress was meant to be a checks and balance to the Executive Branch. Now it serves as a divided group with two default settings...attack or enable, depending on the Prez's gang affiliation.

    While I prefer to be Independent and will not join either party in order to decide stances from a neutral setting, it's undeniable the Dem party has been hijacked by radical Libs.

    The only thing a person who strongly believes in fairness, justice, and traditional American values can do is help keep them out of power and further destroying the framework of this country.
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