the team was at Disneyland today

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by BigWill, Jan 3, 2010.

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    the girlfriend was whining at me that she wanted to go to Disneyland before the christmas stuff (decorations) was removed. We have season passes, so I say whatever.

    We get there around 1 PM. As I'm walking in the gate, I see a bunch of BIG boys in burnt orange warmup suits signing autographs.

    Holy ****, I say to myself. It's the team!

    Anyway, more to add tomorrow, as I'm really tired, but let me say they were very polite and respecful. Earl Thomas must have signed a thousand autographs. Everybody posed for pics when asked. I saw Jordan but no sign of Colt.

    The GF saw Mad Dog and almost crapped her pants...said he's the biggest human she'd ever seen.

    I have some pics I will try to upload tomorrow morning.

    Rest assured, all of you would have been very proud of the guys.
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    That's great to hear! Can't wait for the pictures.
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    you are still awake so don't be lazy and share some tonight, slacker.
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    Thanks. What did they write on your football?
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    somebody got bitten by the Angry Mamba tonight?
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  9. BigWill

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    Dude, I don't "represent UT". I'm a ******* Tshirt fan.

    I am a graduate of Cal Poly Pomona. And I'm half drunk.
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  12. BigWill

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    Also saw Coach Tolly and spoke to Coach Chambers (a very polite man). I think that there was a BOOM his wife a redhead? I saw a Boom lookalike and a redhead, each pushing a stroller.
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    Uh-oh, I see a player in need of some focus. Ahem, picture is being taken over here, buster.
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    and "stuff was removed" is correct. "Stuff were removed?" I think not.
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    more and better photos on gf's camera. These were from my phone. I'll get those tomorrow morning.

    BTW, as luck would have it, today was the rare non-work day where I wasn't wearing burnt I could go "undercover" and chat with the guys as a casual fan.
    "Good luck on Thursday" was universally met with "Thank you sir...thank you for your support".

    On a side note, I overheard an older lady (70 yo +) screaming to someone on her cell phone that "the Texas Cowboys are here at Disneyland...The TEXAS COWBOOOYYYSS".

    You could almost imagine son/grandson on the other end of the call going "who?"
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    Sometimes I think there is an entire conversation going on in threads that just goes right over my head, Anyway thanks for the pics keep em coming.
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    Awesome thanks for the pics BigWill...definitely keep them coming.
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    Hmmm... Oddly reminiscent of a game in that area of the country four years ago... [​IMG]

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