This is why academics are funny

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by ProdigalHorn, Dec 9, 2013.

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    Ok leaving aside the tone of the article and the whole "it's liberals' faults" theme, I think most of us would fall into the "they did a STUDY to figure this out???" camp.
    Study: Men check out women that have attractive bodies

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    It's going to happen no matter what they try to control or teach!!!

    12-18 y/o males are going to do it! They are gonna be checking out chicks at school, the mall, the bowling alley, the movie theaters, the parties on the weekends!!!

    Now take into consideration the 18-24 male year range.....College, spring breaks, South Padre Island....HAHAHAhAhAHAHAH!!!
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    That's a procreative drive that comes from deep in our lizard brain. Not even liberals can change it.

    I was at a local mall over the weekend. It was cold, for S. Texas, and most young, hot chicks were wearing skin tight, clingy "pants" that looked like something a female would wear to an aerobics class and boots. Yehaa! They looked like high dollar hookers. I hate to sound like a male chauvinist, but if you don't want "the look" don't dress like Miley Cyrus at the MTV awards.
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    GUILTY! But I don't care..... [​IMG]
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    This is something we can all agree on. There are idiots in every occupation.
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    I think a better use of funding would be to find out why some guys prefer big boobs and some say more than a handful is a waste. I've always been confused why anyone would prefer flat chested women.
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    I think aim is a bigger problem than splashback, especially if you don't have a good solid stream flowing.

    The Link
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    I dunno, we had a pretty eye-opening time in our new building. After a week I'd walk in and look at the floor under the urinals, and you could see a v-shaped pattern of sprinkles where splashback was bouncing out and onto the floor. Of course, that may have been a design flaw on the past of the urinal production team.
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    We're all a bunch of old fogies on this board caring more about urination splash-back than oogling women.

    My wife for one would like to know why I can't stop myself from staring at some nice perky breasts that we pass as we walk down the mall.
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    we will all be felons if this gets any traction
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    I volunteered to participate in the "eyes up" study and am willing to sacrifice my time for the enrichment of others if there are other studies such as this.

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