Thomas Ashcraft To Commit Tonight

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by DRAG69, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. DRAG69

    DRAG69 1,000+ Posts

    The guy from OB is on 1530 (I will not attempt to spell his name) and he says Ashcraft will commit to Texas tonight.

    Discuss because all I know is he is a Top 100 OL.
  2. enigma2025

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    If true, then [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. coolhorn

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    He's big time, one of the two or three best offensive linemen in the state. It's great news, if true, and would probably wrap up OL recruiting for next year's class. (Although I'm sure Mack would have to think seriously if a certain west Texas lineman wants to verbal.)
  4. DRAG69

    DRAG69 1,000+ Posts

    According to Jason Suchamel (sp) he is a definite verbal tonight for Texas.
  5. coolhorn

    coolhorn 2,500+ Posts

    I like this pipeline we seem to have into Cedar Hill.
  6. Fritz

    Fritz 500+ Posts

    This recruiting season is off to an unbelievable start. [​IMG]
  7. RunRickyRun34

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    early rumors had this kid as a OU lean. This one is sure to sting for ol' Bobby.

    And it's "Suchomel"
  8. El Torito

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  9. WorsterMan

    WorsterMan 10,000+ Posts

    Wow, what a great class this is already shaping up to be. Ashcraft would be just more great news. After only 3 OL in '08 - Horns need a strong & larger class of Big Uglies in '09. [​IMG]
  10. Truck's Son

    Truck's Son 500+ Posts

    Great pick up. That makes 3 tackles right? I'd love to pick up a guard as well, even with all the depth we have at that position currently.

    JOSEYWALES66 100+ Posts

    Normally, one or two of the early commitments give you a reason to scratch your head and ask, why?

    Not this year. All studs so far
  12. coolhorn

    coolhorn 2,500+ Posts

    Mack has been known to clean the plate at certain positions...any chance we go after one more offensive lineman, say from west Texas, if Ashcraft verbals tonite?
  13. UTDB

    UTDB 25+ Posts

    Great news if true.

    It's amazing how quickly things can change after a visit to the campus and receiving a scholarship offer. Well done Mack. [​IMG]
  14. 22 HORN

    22 HORN 250+ Posts

    Who is the other West Texas target?
  15. UTDB

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  16. Colt McVince

    Colt McVince 250+ Posts

    this makes me think mack has 4 spots for OL this year. no way with walters unable to make the trip on the 10th, he passes him up. these 3 guys plus walters = another class o'beef [​IMG]

    oh.. and who cares OT/OG... they can crosstrain like we have had guys do for years.

    JOSEYWALES66 100+ Posts

  18. mcbrett

    mcbrett 2,500+ Posts

    What's the difference between OT and OG?

    I don't understand- obviously a center must be good at hiking, but outside of that it seems that the other 4 have a similar duty and technique.

    Excuse my ignorance, I'm sure there is a good answer..
  19. jt09

    jt09 500+ Posts

    What's the deal w/ Walters? Is he not interested in TX at all?
  20. DesertBigHorn

    DesertBigHorn < 25 Posts

    Walters will be here for the second Junior Day. There will be a spot for him if he wants it. He's at the top of the OL list.
  21. HornLivin

    HornLivin 250+ Posts

    Wow, if true we have one hell of an O-Line class building. Seems like every other year Mack brings in an incredible class of beef...
  22. HousHorn09

    HousHorn09 2,500+ Posts

    Ashcraft is a beast. This '09 class is looking very intimidating... if you're somebody other than Texas. [​IMG]
  23. scharnell

    scharnell 1,000+ Posts

    Huge pickup if true. with this start, who wouldnt want to come to Texas and play with the best players in the State?

    Top QB, Top RB, Top 1-2 WR, Top 3OLs, Top S, and it will only get better.

    Hook'em Thomas!
  24. Les Claypool

    Les Claypool 25+ Posts

    I thought Rivals has him listed as DT? Is he coming as a OLine?

    JOSEYWALES66 100+ Posts

    Thomas Ashcraft

    An article from the Dallas Morning News published on National Signing day about next year.
  26. Bytor

    Bytor 100+ Posts

    According to the article, Football is his only non-Honors class.

    Sounds like a great kid and player.
  27. bishophorn

    bishophorn 250+ Posts

    We need big Offensive linemen in the worst way, we only got 3 this year and fewer than that the years before, so at least 7 studs are needed this year just at tackle and guard.
    Please come on down Mr. Ashcraft, and hopefully, Mr. Walters later and then some.
  28. UnBiased Horn

    UnBiased Horn 250+ Posts

    Take another look at our depth chart. We have a lot of OL that are Jr and Sophs plus the 3 we took last year. We will take 4 at most and probably 3 if Walters says no.
  29. killerfrog17

    killerfrog17 250+ Posts

    No, actually we got 4 the year before, would've been 5 with Nader. Bearing in mind we have somewhat limited ships this year, we'll probably take 4 OLs.
  30. ERhine

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