Tigers in Our House

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by Wishbonemac, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. Wishbonemac

    Wishbonemac 250+ Posts

    Caesar's has the game a near pick 'em but my money is on J'C and The Gang.

    It HAS to hit us that we don't need to keep shooting ourselves in the feet.

    The sloppy fouls have to stop and the next time Clint goes potty mouth to an official, "I" will help drag him away.

    I'm sure we've regained our composure and the odds are against Frank Haith beating us twice. No high-steppin i Our House!

    The Tigers travel well, I can't wait to say farewell to these has-beens that never were.
  2. Seattle4UT

    Seattle4UT 1,000+ Posts

    Go Horns, beat Mizzou! Spank them out to the sec!

  3. DINO22

    DINO22 1,000+ Posts

    Look forward to the game!
  4. brntorng

    brntorng 2,500+ Posts

    A few minutes into the second half, and watching this team is painful. They're just not very good.
  5. Bill in Sinton

    Bill in Sinton 5,000+ Posts

    We are making a great effort but as usual it looks like we are going to let this one get away.
  6. Third Coast

    Third Coast 10,000+ Posts

    Who is this Kabongo and what did they do with the highly regarded recruit by the same name?
  7. Branyon

    Branyon 500+ Posts

    Kabongo just made one of the dumbest plays I have ever seen. TO followed by an intentional foul. Down 2 with the ball to down 4 and possibly 6. And he's a first rounder?
  8. Walking Boss

    Walking Boss 1,000+ Posts

    Critical play with horns down 2. mizzo guard kicks the ball away from kabongo who then gets called for intentional foul. The non calls are killing Texas.
  9. hornpharmd

    hornpharmd 5,000+ Posts

    man we suck this year
  10. Walking Boss

    Walking Boss 1,000+ Posts

    Kabongo makes horrible decisions with the ball and he plays defense like a matador.
  11. Walking Boss

    Walking Boss 1,000+ Posts

    That clearly was a flagrant foul
  12. Walking Boss

    Walking Boss 1,000+ Posts

    Horns by one. Maybe we pull one out. But must play defense
  13. hornpharmd

    hornpharmd 5,000+ Posts

    well we are playing better now. not sure why our team can't maintain mental focus longer in games.

    hope we pull this out.
  14. Third Coast

    Third Coast 10,000+ Posts

    With some productive psychotherapy, this team could be pretty decent.
  15. Walking Boss

    Walking Boss 1,000+ Posts

    Defense and this team go together like oil and water
  16. Third Coast

    Third Coast 10,000+ Posts

    Kabongo's collar was a little tight on that last shot.
  17. Bill in Sinton

    Bill in Sinton 5,000+ Posts

    We lose 67 to 66. A great effort in a close game by the Horns but we fall short again as usual. Perhaps I am too harsh but this is getting old.
  18. Walking Boss

    Walking Boss 1,000+ Posts

    Barnes weakness of coaching on last possessions either at the end of the game or at half strikes yet again
  19. caryhorn

    caryhorn 5,000+ Posts

    The tigers coming out on the last play in zone defense surprised our guys. Why didn't Barnes call another time out to reset another play. Were we out of time outs?

    Mizzu has two great guards. Experienced and clutch.

    If Kabongo stayed a couple of years, maybe he could develop those skills.

    Here's another question. Why don't our guys run the hard pick and roll. Mizzu scored often off of that. And most good teams do.
  20. Rex Kramer

    Rex Kramer 1,000+ Posts

    The move by haith to go zone was genius but something barnes easily could've addressed with a TO. Especially with Kabongo running point.

    Kabongo made a huge 3 and hit two clutch FTs. That's about the only positive for him. He is too jittery, dribbles way too much, makes boneheaded decisions, and plays awful D, reaching in way too much. At this point he's Balbay without the D. Though he can drive much better than Balbay, he is frequently out of control. He is a maddening player, but there is clear talent there.

    Aside from Kabongo, I thought the D was solid. My complaint is that our guys never really position themselves between the ball and their man. They rarely keep the ball in their periphery. Too many times our post players in particular are a step slow to help out because they're simply not aware of the ball. That kills you against a team like Mizzou, with experienced, quick guards.

    Julien Lewis is going to be a hell of a player. As is Holmes.
  21. georgecostanza

    georgecostanza NBHorn7’s Protégé

  22. Rex Kramer

    Rex Kramer 1,000+ Posts

    I somewhat agree and this is something I hadn't really noticed with prior teams. But this was prevalent with many guys all over the court tonight, and it is easy to prevent.
  23. Branyon

    Branyon 500+ Posts

    Tough to win with only 5 assists against 13 turnovers and hitting only 67% from the FT line at home. Too many bonehead plays. Maddening.
  24. IndyHorn

    IndyHorn 250+ Posts

    Well IF, and with us, is always a big "if", both Kabongo and Brown return for next season, along with the other frosh, we will return to being one of the best 32 teams in the country. Let's hope we can get a home game in the NIT come March. The NCAA tournament streak is over for certain now, correct?
  25. Rex Kramer

    Rex Kramer 1,000+ Posts

    No, not for certain. But we'd better get on a streak.
  26. majorwhiteapples

    majorwhiteapples 5,000+ Posts

    I like this team. They get down, make mistakes but keep on giving the Effort. They are working hard and they WILL learn to win the close games.

    Missouri has a number of 3/4 year players with experience. The Zone defense was a pretty good call at the end of the game. I blame Barnes for not calling another time out when he saw that.

    Kabongo draws a ton of fouls, he plays great Defense at times and does make some bonehead dribbling moves at times. I like him, he will be a major major improvement over Balbay.

    This team is definately a bubble team at the moment, we have 7 winnable games, we must win them all. Baylor and Kansas, an upset of one of those and we are in.

    With what we have coming in next year, lose Brown, we win the National Championship in 2014 or at least Final Four.
  27. busterbrown16

    busterbrown16 1,000+ Posts

    You are leaving out the Barnes factor.

    And the possiility that Kabongo still leaves even though he is nowhere near ready to even be a towel boy in the NBA.

    This is UT after all. Home of the "one and dones."
  28. ViperHorn

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  29. brntorng

    brntorng 2,500+ Posts

  30. busterbrown16

    busterbrown16 1,000+ Posts

    Viper - nothing surprises me with kids that come play basketball at UT. Joseph was not ready. Bradley was not ready. But both jumped ship early and got a guaranteed contract out of the deal. Could Kabongo do the same? I would hope not, but I am not a scout in the NBA who might think you can get a potential lottery pick on the cheap and get him in the late 1st round two years early.

    For what little hope I have left in Texas basketball, I hope I am wrong.

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