Tom Herman Accused of Initiating Meyer Story

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by RainH2burntO, Aug 11, 2018.

  1. RainH2burntO

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    I blew this off when I first read details....not so sure now...
    Ohio State Buckeyes Football: Jeff Snook says Texas Longhorns Tom Herman was whistleblower in Ohio State saga

    Texas Longhorns Football: Tom Herman denies involvement Ohio State scandal Urban Meyer Brett McMurphy

    Tom Herman and Brett McMurphy deny report that Herman was the Ohio State scandal tipster

    Every major (and minor) outlet running some version of these now... wouldn't they love it

    Either way, a whole lotta guts --or some terrible misinformation- it took for Snook to run this story (btw the "reporter" Snook has Ohio State ties)

    Smells like it's not true to me....hope my "smeller" is functioning properly
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  2. mchammer

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    No way it is true. Small possibility that a friend of TH without TH’s knowledge said something to a reporter.
  3. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada Liquor Man

    If McMurphy categorically denies Herman was his source, I believe him.
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  4. LonghornCatholic

    LonghornCatholic Romantic Catholic

    Man, that Ohio State bunch is doing anything and everything to divert.
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  5. bystander

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    Well, even if Herman tipped someone off, it doesn't change the facts whatever they may be. I don't expect Herman to not be a rat if that's what he is. It doesn't matter because everybody is negative recruiting. So big shock there. But I just hope he doesn't get caught lying about it because that's when being a rat gets messy.
  6. dukesteer

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    Agree completely. Where the story came from is a diversion. It’s blaming the messenger, and even if true, it’s not relevant. Herman isn’t responsible for the Ohio state program.

    OSU and all of their apologists are desperate to change the subject, or divert attention away from the responsible individual, Urban Meyer. That might work in Columbus but it won’t work on the national stage.
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  7. bystander

    bystander 5,000+ Posts

    Who told? That's the classic deflect and redirect...
  8. SabreHorn

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    If the idiot had not written the article, Maryland would have taken them out of the headlines.
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  9. ViperHorn

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    Herman admitted that his wife gave money to the woman. Not a big deal then; big deal now because of the recruiting repercussions. Every recruit now is asking themselves will Herman be my coach if he is wrapped up in this.

    My guess is look towards collie station and their new coaching staff (or possibly Norman but they just cheat on their on).
  10. I_Dont_Exist

    I_Dont_Exist 1,000+ Posts

    If you suspected or knew for a fact one of your neighbors was physically abusing his wife or children would you stay silent because you don't want to be labeled a "rat" ?
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  11. RainH2burntO

    RainH2burntO 500+ Posts

    Seems to me most likely scenario is --it is widely reported the two couples had become friends while Herman was at Ohio State -- and at some point perhaps Michelle or even both had advised Mrs. Smith she needed to come forward or do something about the "abuse" ...and they had been a friend to her at some point during this by helping her that would make sense. (Btw, could be the source is Zach Smith himself, upset the Herman's had befriended his wife)
    That, advising a friend you think is in trouble, is a far cry from calling a reporter and stirring up a story.
    The biggest aspect of this that gives me pause and makes me question source, motive, and validity is the part about Herman being motivated by Garrett Wilson loss in recruiting. Maybe Herman was disappointed the Buckeyes got him, but that aspect of this story and the emphasis on it was a big red flag for me.
    We shall see....maybe.
    Definitely think there's more to the story and someone wanted to get at Herman and definitely don't think it should be that big of a story even if Herman was involved in the "outing".
  12. LonghornDave

    LonghornDave 500+ Posts

    Exactly. I think the emphasis on a recruit is odd and frankly people could allege this as a "motive" without any facts whatsoever. Other odd things, why would Courtney need to pay for an attorney? The DA prosecutes crimes right? Herman left before the 2017 "incident" and certainly had nothing to do with the public disclosure of the recent arrest. And this idea that a reporter was tipped off about the filth during Urban Meyer's tenure at Florida is laughable. Every Gator fan can rattle off the mess he left behind and the court records are abundant.
    This "report" reeks of tOSU trying to divert attention from the "issue" and to keep a prized recruit whose recruiter has been disgraced by disgracing the competitor.
    Jeff Snook knew Herman would deny the allegations so show us the proof? If he has none then he is likely just a hack tOSU fan stringing together a supposition from nothing.
    Just because Herman and Meyer trade barbs and recruit against each other doesn't prove that there was a second shooter on the grassy knoll. And Herman paying Cortney's lawyer seems easy enough to prove.
  13. FWHORN

    FWHORN 5,000+ Posts

    Seriously, the story should be whether or not he abused his wife and if so who knew and didnt do their freaking jobs and report it, everything else is garbage deflection. Talk about losing sight of the real issues.
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  14. bystander

    bystander 5,000+ Posts

    I understand what you are saying but let's pretend for a moment that Herman did tip off the reporter. Why did he wait so long? What did he accomplish? It would mean he kept it in his pocket until now.

    Isn't that what the timeline would suggest? Would that not make him a rat (in the eyes of Ohio State) versus someone who did the right thing contemporaneously with the abuse. In other words, he covered it up when he was there, then when Ohio State steps on his toes he "rats them out."
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  15. Joe Fan

    Joe Fan 10,000+ Posts

    So the Hermans tried to help a woman in a serial abuse situation.
    Urban covered it up.
    I don think the tOSU people are looking at it correctly
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  16. Joe Fan

    Joe Fan 10,000+ Posts

    Some people seem to get what is going on

  17. moondog_LFZ

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    Herman admits his wife helped a friend in time of need.
    He denies spilling the beans.
    The reporter denies TH was his source.
    Nuff said.
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  18. LonghornCatholic

    LonghornCatholic Romantic Catholic

    So an article came out a couple of days ago saying the alleged victim is a vindictive terrible crazy person and nobody, including the cops, Shelley, Zach, Urban, Mom, in-laws, Director of Athletics, and a ton of others, believe her story.

    .........Except the Hermans? Yea, that makes sense. Its their fault.
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  19. bystander

    bystander 5,000+ Posts

    It is amazing how the rebuttal comes off:

    She's a psycho and Tom Herman told.
  20. ViperHorn

    ViperHorn 5,000+ Posts

    That is the way the system is supposed to work. However I can give you my niece's contact information in Houston, and she can relate a story about trying to get the DA to work for you. The first step is getting the police to believe you, and it is uphill from there.
  21. X Misn Tx

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    I think I'll make this my signature for a while. lol
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  22. WorsterMan

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    Nuteye fans need to somehow spin it and find someone or some program to blame or call a snitch.
  23. SabreHorn

    SabreHorn 5,000+ Posts

    Cut the Ohio State fans some slack.

    Columbus is such a cesspool that the fans can't recognize a lying piece of **** face to face.
  24. NRHorn

    NRHorn 500+ Posts

    Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willinik,
    Needs to be distributed and required reading for anyone associated from the Buckeye camp.
    I Thought I’d seen it all until this horse crap, that reporter should be fired as well.
    Could I say a “source” told me that the reporter was a meth addict? Not saying he is, but I truly don’t understand the difference using unnamed sources.
  25. bystander

    bystander 5,000+ Posts

    It seems Snook deserves a lawsuit out of principle ASSUMING Herman truly didn't do it and Snook can't prove it. That's what should really happen. Not sure that Herman can prove damages or intent but the media needs a braking mechanism at times.
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  26. ProdigalHorn

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    Remember when Herbstreet called Austin a "cesspool?" Yeah... me too...
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  27. zuckercanyon

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    wasn't it because we fired mack brown? or was it Charlie strong? too....
  28. LonghornCatholic

    LonghornCatholic Romantic Catholic

    #metoo all up in here today.
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  29. X Misn Tx

    X Misn Tx 1,000+ Posts

    I'm ok with "sources" in journalism. but they need to be verifiable and trustworthy. If the "source" told snook "I was in the room with Tom Herman when he was on the phone with mcmurphy" that might be a good "source." But if the "source" said that they bet it was Herman, than Snook does deserve a bitchslap.
  30. Dionysus

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