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Discussion in 'Track' started by 22 HORN, Jun 11, 2014.

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    Does anyone have info for following the results of the T&F championships in Oregon?
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  3. 22 HORN

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    In women's 4 x 400 semi's...Tex 3.28.888 vs Ags 3.28.889....not even a breath of air would separate them if in same heat
  4. notanative

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    Women - TAMU first, UT second.

    Men - Oregon first, TAMU third, UT 11th.
  5. Bill in Sinton

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    Great effort by our teams. But it is frustrating to not get over that 50th NC hump the past two years.
  6. overseasbbfan1

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    Great job by the women as they finish runner-up for a second time this season. Definitely nice to see Hall get that individual NCAA title in her last collegiate race, and our sprinters did an unbelievable job. That they could score 51 points with arguably their top performer and defending NCAA 400m champion (and relay anchor) out to injury is phenomenal. I figured it would take multiple things going wrong for our women to come away without the team title, and sadly that's what happened. Even with the injury to Spencer, a win by PV favorite and Indoor Champion Petrillose would have still put us on top. The NH definitely came as a bit of a shock, but hopefully Kaitlin will make up the disappointment next year. Overall it's just really hard to win a championship when you only score 5 points on the field, but we came close. Fortunately enough top scorers return that I feel confident we'll get the job done next season.
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    USA Track and Field Championship
    Good Job Briana Nelson, making the 400 Meter Finals.

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