TRIVIA: what year did the phrase, "give'em Hell, give'em Hell, o.u. SUCKS!!!" start???

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    hint: DKR was coach.....
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    Wait, we don't say, "Hail, Hail, The gang's all here"?

    This does not sit well with me.

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    way too early....
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    All I know is I just got 2 free tickets given to me in Section 12. I have only missed two home games in Austin since the year 2000 (in Cancun both times) and I've never seen a game in the Cotton Bowl. Really pumped right now. There is a GOD! :yippee::bounce1::bounce2::bounce1::bounce2::yippee: :hookem:
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    it was the last year I was Varsity Cheerleader.....Barry had been a BAD BOY, Darryl was pissed......
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    1976....Barry SPIED on us, DKR was pissed....walked with Gerald Ford to the center of the field and did not say a word to each other....

    Our fans had read the papers and about the $10K bet that DKR made with Barry to fess up to spying on practices....(Barry, being the ANTI-CHRIST, denied it at the time and in BOOTLEGGER's BOY, his book....admitted the whole thing)....well, our fans were PISSED and when o.u. came out to practice....o.u. SUCKS, o.u. SUCKS, o.u. SUCKS was all you could was said as LOUD and as FAST as you can say it....

    then, during this game that ended in a 6-6 tie....everytime the TEXAS FIGHT was played....the o.u. SUCKS was interjected.....(kind of flows off the tongue, eh?)

    ....and the REST is HISTORY!!!
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    Not to be too much of a spelling nazi, but my nephew was named after DKR, his name is Darryl.

    DKR's first name is spelled Darrell.

    Just sayin.
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    Yes, this is the way I remember it.
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    Also, at the game, there were competing chants and signs for Ford and Carter.

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    ...that part I don't was so damn HOT that day that the ASTROTURF was melting our tennis could not stand still or you'd burn the bottom of your feet...

    my favorite memory of three years of being down on the field was right after we stopped them with just 1:25 left on the clock and our fans, LHB went NUTS!!! I remember tumbling straight out away from the band and coming up and TEXAS FIGHT was blaring and the fans absolutely BONKERS....not sure I've ever had such an adrenaline rush....GREAT STUFF!!!

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    I stand corrected....sorry! it's been a while since I saw it in print....

    what does the K stand for? (another trivia question)
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    And those of us who were there, as well as millions of Texas fans, are eternally grateful to Earnest Lee for psyching out the OU center on the extra point.

    Post game, Lee (Earl's teammate at Tyler John Tyler) lined up over the center and said, "You're gonna snap that ball clean over his head". Sure enough, I think the snap landed about the 21 yardline.
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    I spent the three longest years of my life in Tulsa....I had a great job selling medical equipment...this was about '87 when I was headed to Dallas for the game I called on Durant Hospital on the way down....I checked in with the very nice, very sweet grandma candystriper at the front desk....we started talking and I told her I was headed to Dallas to go to the game tomorrow. I fessed up that I was a Texas fan and a former cheerleader....she asked me what years....I told her 74-76....

    WELL, she tells me that her son was the center for o.u. that snapped the ball to the 30 yard line....and that he got a ton of nice mail after the game....SMALL WORLD!

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