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    While there is hard data (troves of emails and substantiated evidences of using unauthorized servers) against Clinton, all investigations have been stonewalled. Meanwhile, daily charges ranging from sexual promiscuity to treasonous collaboration with the Russian government, none of which is substantiated with evidence, is being pursued by US intelligence and mainstream media. Interesting commentary by Moon of Alabama this morning.
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    It's all nonsense
    Just like the recount, the electoral whining, the legal challenges and the "Russians hacked the election" claims

    I hope there is blowback on the media on this ala Dan Rather/CBS
    Would like to see some heads roll
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    There are some claims getting attention on 4Chan that this latest thing is all a giant 4chan scam, and they are laughing their asses off

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    What the hell is 4chan?
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    4chan is a simple image-based bulletin board where anyone can post comments and share images. There are boards dedicated to a variety of topics, from Japanese animation and culture to videogames, music, and photography. Users do not need to register an account before participating in the community. Feel free to click on a board below that interests you and jump right in!
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    It is more than just one thing

    Among them, a good argument can be made that 4chan played a role in Trump winning the election (along with Breitbart, memes, Harambe and other creations hated by some here)
    If nothing else, 4chan is often the source of the best memes

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    It's where JoeFan gets his material.
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    And sadly, US intelligence agencies.
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    That's possible if CNN is incorrectly reporting that the FBI has vetted the former Mi6 intelligence officer and his sources to determine them credible. Not even the Trump administration is denying that "annex" of material though.

    4Chan is renowned for massive misinformation campaigns as part of elaborate hoaxes. This could be a hoax or another misinformation campaign to discredit a primary target of theirs and their preferred candidate: the media.
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    But no doubt some of the memes. They do the best ones
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    They got themselves catfished
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    I heard on a local radio show coming in today that John McCain, our would be 44th President, heard about the "Dirty Dossier" in Canada and arranged to send an envoy to London to pick it up and bring it to the U.S.

    It was a clandestine affair right out of a Jason Bourne novel. His envoy was to look for a person reading The Telegraph and give them a password. The contact gave the envoy the Dirty Dossier who brought it back to McCain. McCain "reviewed it" and passed it to the FBI on Dec. 9. Crazy stuff.

    McCain is really shaping up to be a pain-in-the-*** RHINO. He probably won't support Tillerson either, which will make his confirmation close.
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    I don't know what classification McCain fits. I see him as a globalist and also a Nazi. Seems like a contradiction. I'll just label him a neocon because there is no disputing that label fits.
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    By all evidence, McCain may have been one of the last people to get these memos.
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    Here's a summary of the sequence of events. I assume it's pretty close.

    The tale about the fake accusations about Russian influence on the U.S. presidential election becomes more gripping by each day. The are part of a larger war between various groups of the "elites" but also include infighting between U.S. government organizations.

    We know that there was heavy Ukrainian influence on the side of Clinton in the election and in the current smear campaign against Trump and Russia. But it certainly wasn't Ukraine alone that is behind this. There are more international connections.

    The "former" desk officer for Russia in the British MI6 Christopher Steele was the one who prepared the 35 pages of obviously false claims about Russian connections with and kompromat against Trump. There are so many inconsistencies in these pages that anyone knowledgeable about the workings in Moscow could immediately identify it as fake. Putin personally started working on Trump five years ago when Trump had no political role or hope whatsoever? A Trump associate met Russian officials in Prague even though he has never been in the Czech Republic?

    Steele spread the fakes throughout the press corps in Washington DC but no media published them because these were obviously false accusations.

    Steele then decided to hand the papers to the FBI and to talk to its agents hoping they would start an official investigation. He cleared his move (or was ordered to proceed?) at the highest level of the British government:

    arranged the hand over:

    A former British ambassador to Russia has revealed he played a significant role in bringing the Donald Trump 'dirty dossier' to the attention of the American intelligence services.
    Sir Andrew Wood said he spoke to Republican senator John McCain at an international security conference in November about the existence of material that could compromise the president-elect.

    Mr McCain subsequently handed the document, which contained allegations of lurid sexual behaviour by Mr Trump in Russian hotels, to the head of the FBI.

    The MI6 is well known for launching fakes on behalf of the British government.

    Even the second, more official handover to the FBI still did not result in the hoped for publication of the allegations. But by that time Clinton was widely expect to win the election anyway so no further steps were taken.

    After Trump unexpectedly won the election a new effort was launched to publish the smears. The Director of National Intelligence decided (or was ordered to) "brief" the President, the President elect and Congress on the obviously dubious accusations.

    It was this decision that made sure that the papers would eventually be published. As the NYT noted:

    What exactly prompted American intelligence officials to pass on a summary of the unvetted claims to Mr. Obama, Mr. Trump and Congress? Officials have said they felt the president-elect should be aware of the memos, which had circulated widely in Washington. But putting the summary in a report that went to multiple people in Congress and the executive branch made it very likely that it would be leaked. [emphasis in the original!]
    Only after Clapper or others leaked to CNN about the briefing of Obama, Trump and Congress, did CNN publish about the 35 pages:

    Classified documents presented last week to President Obama and President-elect Trump included allegations that Russian operatives claim to have compromising personal and financial information about Mr. Trump, multiple US officials with direct knowledge of the briefings tell CNN.
    The classified briefings last week were presented by four of the senior-most US intelligence chiefs -- Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, FBI Director James Comey, CIA Director John Brennan, and NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers.
    CNN has reviewed a 35-page compilation of the memos, from which the two-page synopsis was drawn. The memos have since been published by Buzzfeed. The memos originated as opposition research, first commissioned by anti-Trump Republicans, and later by Democrats. At this point, CNN is not reporting on details of the memos, as it has not independently corroborated the specific allegations.
    The last half-sentence is part of the smear campaign. When DNI Clapper recently tried to exculpate himself from the ****-storm he created he used the same obfuscation:

    The IC has not made any judgment that the information in this document is reliable ..
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    More on "Trumpgate."

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    Yeah you probably don't want to do that. They make the lovechild of TexAgs and ShaggyBevo seem like a normal, decent human being. But no doubt they are good at trolling.
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    LOL! 4Chan is certainly the seedy dark alley of the internet.
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    Russian tech expert named in Trump report says US intelligence never contacted him


    A Russian venture capitalist and tech expert whose name and company are mentioned in the now-notorious document alleging connections between the Donald Trump campaign and Russian hackers says no intelligence officers have ever contacted him about the accusations, which he says are false.

    A report compiled by a former Western intelligence official as opposition research against Trump was made public Tuesday when BuzzFeed posted its 35 pages. The document included unsubstantiated claims of collusion between the Trump campaign team and the Kremlin.

    It also alleged that global tech firm XBT Holding, with operations in Dallas, was instrumental in the hack of leaked Democratic Party emails that embarrassed Hillary Clinton and fellow Democrats.

    XBT, owner of Dallas-based enterprise-hosting company Webzilla, is run by a successful Russian tech startup expert, Aleksej Gubarev. In a phone interview from Cyprus, where he said he’d lived since 2002, Gubarev said he was surprised to see his name in the report.

    “I don’t know why I was there,” Gubarev said, adding that perhaps a competitor sought to discredit him. “I still don’t understand the true reason for this report.”

    The salacious innuendoes in the periodic reports about Trump’s personal life dominated social media headlines. The mention of Webzilla and Gubarev was among the more specific allegations: that XBT and affiliates “had been using botnets and porn traffic to transmit viruses, plant bugs, steal data and conduct ‘altering operations’ against the Democratic Party leadership.”

    Gubarev said he operated 75,000 servers across the globe and got real-time information if there had been hacking or illicit activity tied to his businesses. There is no evidence of that, he said, adding that no one has contacted him.

    “I have a physical office in Dallas. Nobody contacted me,” said Gubarev, adding that 40 percent of his business is handled over the servers it runs in Dallas and the United States accounts for about 27 percent of his global business.

    President-elect Trump confirmed Wednesday at a news conference that he had seen the 35-page report, and he blasted it as “fake news” and an “absolute disgrace.’’

    McClatchy has reported that Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., gave the bulk of the report to FBI Director James Comey on Dec. 9. The final pages of the report are dated Dec. 11. McClatchy had the report earlier but couldn’t verify any of its allegations.

    A federal law enforcement source told McClatchy that the document was being examined as part of a broader FBI inquiry into Russia’s influence on the U.S. election but wouldn’t characterize its credibility. A source familiar with the former Western intelligence expert who compiled the dossier told McClatchy that the ex-spy has extensive experience in tracking activities in the Kremlin.

    The report alleges that Gubarev and another hacking expert were recruited under duress by the FSB, the Russian intelligence-agency successor to the KGB. Gubarev said he had not been threatened or blackmailed, nor had his mother, who lives in Russia.

    Gubarev’s Facebook page shows his wife, Anna Gubareva, and him on the bow rail of a fast-moving luxury yacht. His profile picture shows him behind the wheel of a vintage convertible Citroen. He is the public face of a number of tech companies around the globe.

    XBT offers an array of tech services, from dedicated hosting of servers and cloud-based storage to developing apps for mobile phones and offering virtual private servers. His company advertises specialized services to software developers, advertisers, gaming companies and electronic-commerce enterprises. It also operates data centers in Russia, Asia, Europe and Dallas.

    XBT has been on a buying spree in recent years, accumulating companies in the web-hosting and related fields, including, 1-800-HOSTING,, ColocateUSA, in Luxembourg, Singapore’s 8 to Infinity, and a site used heavily to host pornography, It acquired Webzilla about a decade ago, which is a medium-sized web-hosting company.

    Although Webzilla operates from Texas, it has a “pretty deep Russian client base,” analyst Carl Brooks of 451 Research, a Boston-based consultancy, said in a December interview. “They don’t have a bad reputation, by any means.”

    He said the same went for XBT Holding: “To the best of my knowledge, XBT is not particularly nefarious.” He estimated annual revenues for XBT between $50 million and $200 million.

    Gubarev suspected he might have been named in the report because of comments to Bloomberg’s Russia business columnist Leonid Bershidsky. Bershidsky wrote on Nov. 1 that Gubarev questioned allegations that the Trump organization maintained a server found to have communicated with two servers at Russia’s Alfa Bank, which is also named in the 35 pages of unproven allegations.

    “Bloomberg asked me my expert opinion,” he said, noting it was the only time he’d ever commented about a U.S. election or U.S. politics.

    In that column, Gubarev expressed doubt about the conclusions of outside experts who said they had studied the server connections between Alfa Bank and the Trump organization. These experts, Gubarev said, would not have had access to the complete logs of a server they didn’t control.

    The Russian-born Cyprus resident may not be a household name in the United States, but he is tied to millions of iPhones belonging to ordinary Americans. Gubarev was a major investor in the app now called Prism. It was one of the most downloaded of 2016 and uses artificial intelligence to turn ordinary cellphone photos into a wide range of painting styles.

    If law enforcement wants to talk with him, Gubarev said, his door is open.

    “I’m ready for any investigation. I’m ready to cooperate with everybody, he said.

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    here is a rare radio interview with one of the 4-chan guys, explains some of what this part of 4chan does and what they did with regard to Trump

    Tailors with some of the stories I posted above

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    That sounded authoritative.
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    That's the point, they are just guys screwing around on the internet
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    Which is why the only media giving them air time are the ones that want and hope their conspiracy theory to be true.
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    You know me, just trying to help

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