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    Twitter has now suspended Martin Shkreli (Turing Pharmaceuticals)
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    bad word warning - RE: Shkreli
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    Twitter management sucks

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    Twitter has now banned this prolific user after he questioned EU Officials on their Islam Policy

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    Now Youtube has banned Milo
    He called the Dems "cucks"

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    Here, Ace of Spades discussing Twitter censoring pro-Trump folks -- the page includes examples --

    "President Donald Trump was given control over the POTUS Twitter handle on inauguration day, but has chosen to continue tweeting from his personal account. When I noticed how transparent he was being with his tweets, I decided to enable alerts, so that I would be notified each time he sends a tweet.

    The first thing I noticed was that many others have enabled alerts as well, and always try to be one of the first to reply to the Presidents’ tweets. The second thing I noticed was that the vast majority of these tweets are very negative and very critical of the President.

    I decided to start replying with my own, pro Trump tweets. The first time I did it, I got a fairly large amount of support (by my meager standards) and was thrilled to see replies, retweets, and favorites trickle in over the next few days.

    I noticed something else interesting. The (anti-Trump) tweet that I replied to was deleted once mine started outpacing it in number of favorites and retweets. It was interesting to observe that once that tweet was deleted, mine stopped being interacted with. That’s because my tweet was no longer part of any “thread” in the conversation. Not a surprise, and nothing unusual about that. The only people who would see my comment are those who follow me already, which is a small number.

    Over the past few days, I have continued to reply directly to the President, voicing my support of his policies and ideas. However, I have found that while initially, for about the first minute or so, I get a flood of reactions and notifications. Favorites, retweets, etc, and then they abruptly stop, because my tweets are being manually removed from the main conversation thread......"
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    Another right-side victim of Twitter censorship
    This account had 1.3 followers
    The crime? it offended over-sensitive feminists

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    You'd think Twitter would want to have as much traffic as possible because it would help advertising sales. They seem to only be appealing to half the population.
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    I have wondered for years why no other major news network has said, "Hey, I want a slice of that pie that Fox is eating!" But no, nobody else wants to make money, they'd rather go over the cliff flying the liberal flag.
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    It is beyond bizarre. The Houston Chronicle has been struggling for years (as have many newspapers) and has some of the most aggressive sales tactics even resorting to fraud at times. You would think that they would just stop being so damn biased and it would definitely attract more customers (especially in a red state) but apparently they prefer to continue failing.
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    No conflict of interest here...:facepalm: Then again, Trump was clear that the "conflict of interest" rules don't apply to him.

    This was retweeted by @POTUS.

    Nordstrom's response:
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    TWTR after earnings

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    That is probably correct, unintentionally of course
  15. Horn6721

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    If Nordstrom or every retailer dropped every line that had slow to lagging sales what is left would fit into a small storage unit. All lines/ companies have ups and downs. Sure there was nothing political about this.:rolleyes1:

    OTOH I can understand that as her father his need to protect his daughter I wish he had not done it in a tweet.
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    Who do you think shops at Nordstrom? (Hint: Not Trump's base). Quietly, Nieman Marcus, TJ Max and others have downgraded their treatment of the Trump product lines. The former stopped selling some product line online while TJ Max directed it's stores to mix in the Ivanka Trump stuff with the rest of the garments and discard any end cap materials.

    If it's political, it's because consumers in those stores don't want to wear Trump gear.
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    So people with disposable income (you know, people that fall into Trump's base) don't shop at Nordstrom (and Neiman Marcus)? Are you back on the crack pipe?

    I don't recall seeing much of the Trump lines in any store, but I wasn't specifically looking for it either. I don't generally shop by specific my voting, I go for what appeals to me at a particular point in time. That being said, I have problems when stores interject themselves into a political fray and the move by Nordstrom is concerning...
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    Sometimes I wonder if Trump lies intentionally, or if he believes all of the falsehoods he tweets. Here's a timeline from the WSJ showing when the last 6 presidents' cabinet picks were confirmed. Note that Obama and Bush 41 both had nominations not confirmed until deep into March.

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    As a conservative, I did not realize that when I have shopped at Nordstroms, and I have, that I was transformed into a liberal. Wow, who knew?
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    If you read him literally and fail to understand he's jamming more than one point in the same sentence to be under 140 characters, yes it runs together and looks like lies without applying context of the media subject he's speaking on.

    Clearly he's making two points if you know the whole conversation that's been all over MSM media on this topic.

    First, he's saying I can't believe my full cabinet is not in place yet. Truth.

    Then his second point addresses his "such delay" being the longest in history. "Such delay" refers to the number of confirmations he has now trails all others.

    The truth on that I've heard all over MSM is he has the least number of confirmations today since George Washington. It's not even close compared to recent Presidents.

    Interpreting Twitter literal as a normal sentence should read without applying context of the details surrounding the subject will often lead one astray.
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    I'm working under the assumption that the base of Trumps support is the white blue collar working class. How many Nordstroms exist in the Rust Belt? Does that mean that NONE of Trump's supporters shop at Nordstroms? Clearly not enough to warrant carrying Ivanka Trumps merchandise. Given the current state of Nordstroms business, if her stuff was making them $$$ they'd carry it. The same for Nieman Marcus online sales and TJ Max would continue to prominently display it unless you think these 3 companies care more about politics than profit. They are all public companies.
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    FAKE NEWS! :lmao:
  23. Sangre Naranjada

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    Who knew the rust belt was so very, very vast?
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    I was still amazed at putting TJM in the same category as Nordstrom or me, they are not even remotely close.
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    Pretty stupid business move by Nordstrom's. I suspect that quite a few Republicans shop at Nordstroms but even if Trump supporters / Republicans were only 10% of your customer base why would you want to alienate paying customers? I do not care for some of Trump's behavior and did not vote for him, but I absolutely cannot stand the political correctness demonstrated by Nordstroms. I have a Nordstroms about 5 mins from my home and have been a patron in the past. I won't say that I plan on boycotting but this certainly paints them in a negative light and I will probably try to avoid them.
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    Because they assume that more of the 90 percent will ditch them or even worse suffer some kind of emotional injury that could lead to litigation if they see Ivanka Trump's name on something.
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    I was once in Washington DC on business and had my tie damaged. A Nordstroms was conveniently across the street. The first ties I saw had an $85 price tag. I asked a clerk: "Where are your inexpensive ties?" He pointed to the rack where I was looking. I left and never darkened their doors again. I'm not boycotting Nordstrom's, but I don't value clothing enough to shop there.
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    That's a possibility but I suspect the type of hard core leftist that is out in the street protesting non-stop does not have enough money to shop at Nordstrom's. It's not a cheap place. I really think they would have been better off by staying neutral and letting the customers decide which products stay with their wallets.
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    It's not the protestors in the street. It's the wealthy, urban elite liberal who's receptive to corporate virtue signaling.
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    I agree that's possible. I don't have any elite liberal friends to speak of. I envision them being more of the socialites that attend charity fundraisers and expensive awareness galas rather than threatening boycotts. However, I know that a good chunk of Nordstrom's customer base are conservatives/Republicans. This is a high end retailer of business suits and clothing. We are not talking about JC Penney's or Montgomery Wards (if they still exist) here.

    So from my point of view Nordstrom's traded the possibility of offending some of their customers for a certainty that they will offend some of their customers. I just don't think this was a smart business move.

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