Uh oh, Uncle Joe

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Hollandtx, Mar 26, 2020.

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    Well, if the Democratic Party turns against Joe and wishes someone else was the nominee, now they have this to hold over his head. If, by the convention, Joe looks too senile to effectively take on Trump, here’s the excuse for the boot to Joe and a brokered convention.
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    Not “if” but “when.” I expect Cuomo will be their choice. But is there time between now and the convention?
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    Just watched Bombshell. Kind of amazing what we've let powerful people get away with .. There are consequences for standing up to them.
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    She will get the Juanita Broderick treatment. She will initially be ignored. If that doesn't work out, every potential weakness in her story will be highlighted - weaknesses that are approached with outrage when brought up against accusers of Republicans such as why she waited so long to come forward or why she never called the cops.

    Honestly, I'm skeptical of these people who are too afraid of retaliation when the incident happens and when evidence can be gathered and prosecutions brought but aren't too scared to bring them up decades later when someone is running for President or getting appointed to the Supreme Court and when it's far too late to do anything about it. I understand being afraid of a US senator, but let's keep in mind that at the time this was supposedly going on, the Senate was set to expel Bob Packwood (who was even more powerful than Biden) for far less offensive conduct.
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    Seems like friendly fire -- this is just the type of allegation Dem operatives hold for a time and purpose

    This article says Democrats making plans to not let Joe get all the way through to nomination Democratic fears rise again as coronavirus pushes Biden to sidelines

    Who will it be? Cuomo (his status is on the rise, IMO), Hillary, Michelle?
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    I guess that's that .....
    (doesnt it seem like these kind of comments have a way of coming back to bite you later?)

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    I don't think there are any weaknesses to Juanita Broderick's story, and she told some people right after it happened. She didn't press charges, but that was after Hillary paid her a visit.
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    Except it won't because, you know, (D).
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  11. Mr. Deez

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    The biggest weakness is that she denied the incident in a sworn affidavit.
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    Is that before or after the Hillary visit?
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    It came after. I'm not saying her denial disproves the allegation, but it's a weakness. Her story would be stronger without that.
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    heh, like the Chinese doctors were were visited by the Govt and persuaded to take back their early data on the coronavirus and sign confessions as spreaders of propaganda?
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    Go on....


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