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Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Phil Elliott, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. Statalyzer

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    It basically is. Stupid system error that defies common sense, no creative thinking used to fix it, UA employees don't give a crap about them, person forced to accept a poo poo platter offer revolving around vouchers.
  2. ShAArk92

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    Basically ... as I said ... airline ... seat ... passenger.

    After that the two situations are completely different.

    The former: non vol removal

    Latter: seat assignment duplication.

    If that's too complicated ... well....

    What IS fair is to note UA had another seat assignment problem.

    I guarantee you that wasn't the only one that day and wasn't the only carrier.

    Your summary reveals a lack of understanding and willingness to simply disregard facts.
  3. ShAArk92

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    Oh boy ... can't wait to see what comes from THIS! sigh.
  4. mb227

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    Were they a delayed connection or is this a case of sitting around too long in the lounge and then playing the DYKWIA card?

    Either way, their 'performance' cost them any sympathy I might otherwise have had for them.
  5. horninchicago

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    Sounded like they were claiming an airline shuttle bus was delayed or something. That caused them to miss the window where they begin accommodating stand-by passengers. Agreed, maybe approaching it in a more diplomatic, pleading their case way might have brought a different result.
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    Except if an official airline shuttle bus was delayed somewhere, they would have radioed to the appropriate gates to let them know pax were on their way...or at least that is what has happened when I had a short connection made worse by inter-terminal transport...
  7. horninchicago

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    Oh don't misunderstand that I believed the rantings of that lunatic. Just saying what it sounded like his argument was on why they "deserved" to be on that flight while demanding they remove other people.
  8. Phil Elliott

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    Same thing happened to me at MSP last year - I was walking very briskly and a guy in an AA golf cart asked if I needed a ride to make my flight. I said yes, thanks, and got on. He asked my name and called ahead on the radio to let them know I was on my way.
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    The slumping to the floor and crying like a child is a nice dramatic touch in an attempt to foster sympathy. Unfortunately, her partner effectively negates her valiant attempt with his anger and righteous demands.
  10. ShAArk92

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    My understanding is that they connected via the little regional outfit and the airport bus wasn't fast enough ...
    probably a true situation.
  11. ShAArk92

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    ... and why is it another heart surgeon???
    what's with those people?

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