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    Half time. What an amazing performance by Jones so far. His long trey was just a hakf second too late or it would be tied. I am worried about the 2nd half though. Best game of the season and we are down 3.

    A month ago, I thought Yancy should be handling the ball. Surprise, Smart knows more about hoops than me. Yancy is not contributing much. Allen also playing well.

    Shaq is really in a funk. Hope he recovers because right now he is splaying like he did in 2016. I feel for Roach. He is still driving into nothing hoping for a foul. He is such a talent and the pressure of trying to do too much is getting him down. Davis has recovered, we need Shaq and Roach to get back to form.

    Man, is Jones having a game so far!
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    Well, 4 minutes left and we are down by a dozen. I'm putting a fork in this one. Shaq played much better in the 2nd half Jones cooled off, he had to....still an outstanding game.

    I really feel bad for Roach. He had another poor game. The look on hs face says it all. He is a quality player, a bad year for him. Davis was a little off. He is not getting the ball where he can set and step into the trey. He did NOT have a bad game though.

    Allen was great the entire 40. Need for him to come back, and Jones. We would be really good next year.

    Look out Kansas and Baylor.
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    TCU showed what a difference balanced guard play makes in the NCAA. We have a bunch of tweeners who don't know whether to pass or shoot, and they have guys who better understand their roles and made our guys pay for it on the defensive end. The stats weren't dramatically different between us and them with the exception of 3-point percentage.

    Davis still showing his inconsistency. No bench to speak of, either.
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    I think we are all painfully aware that we do not have a PT guard. I am totally impressed with the growth of Jones and Davis almost back to form. We have not quit and hustle the entire game. Yes, the defense was lacking today, but they never quit.

    Sorry about the "Us vs TCO" instead of TCU///you cannot edirt the title. I am old.
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    TCU's first sweep of UT since 1987. That is 30 years. :( Kaiser Bob was the coach in 1987. Shaka is now 1-3 against TCU. Barnes was 8-0.
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    Thanks, This way I do not look like the old fool I am.
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    That's all true, but a little misleading. Part of that time span TCU was not in the Big 12. I don't care enough to look up how long. TCU has been the bottom dweller since they joined the Big 12 until this year when they had an excellent recruiting class a a key transfer. I guess this year it's our turn in the barrel.
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    Why any coach would play anything but a 2-3 zone against this Longhorn team is beyond me. If we went against a 2-3 zone all game we might not score 40 points.
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    Have been out of town today, away from media. thanks Old 65 for the updates and description of the play. Will try to find a replay, although it sounds like I may be fortunate that I wasn't here to watch. Ouch. What about that dude for tcu that plays post? Vladimir something. I've seen him in the past and he was very good offensively. He's a senior, I think. Just think how good this team could be if Allen stayed that long.

    Hey, I know he's gone next year. Just a little wishful, and wistful thinking. :deadhorse:
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    Let me see - TCU fires their coach. Texas is supposed to be better this year under its 2nd year coach. But TCU beats Texas twice for the first time in 30 years. The coach is responsible for the recruiting and the lack of a point guard. Our guy is not doing a very good job.
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    Hope you are not driving at night!
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    Jamie Dixon is a proven excellent coach. He left the big east with the winningest record of any coach in that league. He is an alum of tcu. Played BB there. He wanted to come home to Texas, so they got him. Who knows if Shaka will be as good a coach as Dixon. Time will tell.

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