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  1. OUsucksATMblows

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    I'm tired of seeing people post that USC will pass us if Oreg. St. loses. It doesn't matter what OSU does, USC will not pass us. It's not gonna happen. The media doesn't have enough control to overcome USC's ****** computer component. I don't see any way that this happens.

    As long as OU and UT don't lose another game, one of us will play in the MNC.
  2. Tama_Horn

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    USC has no chance. They have too much ground to make up.
  3. scharnell

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    2/3 of the formula is the human, the voters could and may vote the Pac10 champ above a team that didn't even go to their conference championship. I hope you are right, but I think USC would.
  4. TexasGolf

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    USC will play in their backyard at the Rose bowl.. Should be a good match up with PSU

  5. Esoteric Horn

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  6. OUsucksATMblows

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    This wasnt meant to be a discussion thread. IT'S A FACT. USC WILL NOT PASS UT!
  7. buckhorn

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    If Texas does not win the conference and USC wins theirs, they could very well get bumped up above UT. UT has to win the conference to be at all safe.

    Oklahoma winning a tight game is in UT's best interest. I think the voters will come to their senses and push UT up above OU with TT having lost too late to get by. If Okie State wins then TT goes to the conference championship and either wins and goes to the MNC or loses and sends USC. That is a very real scenario.

    Boomer Sooner, but not not convincingly.
  8. SWHorn

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    Nah, it won't happen. If ou loses, it doesn't matter what Tech does, we're in the MNC game.
  9. 3_yard-out

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    It does screw up a chance for us to beat USC in the Fiesta and possibly get a split title out of it. Nobody will give a **** if we beat Ohio State in the Fiesta.
  10. warrior

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    USC could end up in the top 2 if they win out and win the Pac 10. With the BCS crap anything is possible.

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