UT, OU, and SEC?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Giovanni Jones, Jul 21, 2021.

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    I bet this thread has a long life!
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  2. BevoJoe

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    Only sense I can make of it is the B12 teams are all sent to other conferences so all have 16. That would allow each of the 4 conferences to be represented each year in the playoffs instead of one conference being left out. IF (and that is a BIG "if") the Power 5 goes to 4 conferences instead of 5, each remaining conference would have 16 teams and 64 total total programs.

    Right now the power conferences and number in each of members are:
    SEC - 14
    BIG - 14
    ACC - 15
    PAC12 - 12
    BIG12 - 10

    Total 65

    Go to 4 - 16 member conferences results in 64 teams. So, one program gets kicked to the curb. I don't know what criteria that would be used, perhaps base the ranking on total annual revenue for football. If the criteria is that only 9 of the 10 B12 teams will be picked up, my guess would be Kansas or WVU, maybe KSU or ISU would be left out, but could potentially be picked up for other sports. Personally, I'd kick out Syracuse, or maybe Louisville.

    Seems simple, but leave it to the NCAA to completely jack it up.
  3. 4th_floor

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    If Zwerneman were a political reporter, he would work for CNN.
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  4. ViperHorn

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    The subtitle to the article should read, "... and aTm goes from third best in their division to fourth due to Alabama and Auburn moving to the East." An off the field victory for ahhh.
  5. SabreHorn

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    Kansas will have a good home because of their basketball history. Candidates to be kicked to the curb:

    ND Lite
    Rutgers (they were only viable for Delany's first TV count)
    Miami - they have no alums & don't travel; who wants to go to a stadium where you don't dare to go the restroom for fear of getting mugged?
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  6. dukesteer

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    Met a customer at Ruby Tuesday there perhaps 15 years ago. That was about as good as it got at the time. Turns out that he was/is a Bama fan with the highest college football IQ of anyone I have ever met.
  7. NRHorn

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    -Prairie View
    -Sam Houston
    - Samford
    - Kentucky

    No Thank You
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  8. SabreHorn

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    A Ruby Tuesday in Auburn? Was it in Opelika? I missed it. The cafe in the university owned hotel has good food, particularly breakfast. Trip Advisor used to list Burger King and some pizza place as the #2 & #3 places to eat in Auburn.

    Opelika is a couple miles east, and there ain't much there.
  9. NRHorn

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    I had a refreshing experience.
    Neighbors kid, a UT Sr, was visiting. We started talking Horn football and this freakin kid surpassed me recalling past UT games.
    Stats, scores, key plays….
    Restored my faith in our next generation
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  10. SabreHorn

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    My fear would be nonconference might include Northshore, Katy, Duncanville. Denton Ryan, Southlake Carroll
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  11. Ut forever

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    Texas in the sec( will believe when i see it actually happen)….Im in the corner you can achieve everything as far as national success staying in the big12…Could be a ploy to get more money out of tv people when contract is up.. maybe not.. I do not have any inside info but i would bet there are at least 2 teams in one of the other p5 conferences not named sec that are not happy where there at … Go get them..Having said that if Texas leaves the big 12 this conference is dead and the hate in this state towards Texas increases 10 fold
  12. I_Dont_Exist

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    Conferences should be reducing in size not expanding. This is a bad idea riding on a runaway train. We can't win a ****** Big 12 and TCU's owned us since joining. But watch out SEC mighty Texas is coming!!! Hide your women and children! Laughable.
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  13. wadster

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    What happens when the LHN contract expires? Big payouts are in the Big and SEC. We're going one or the other. Just a matter of time.
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  14. militaryhorn

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    This could work. Play 7 games from own division plus 2 from other division and 2 OOC games. But, the 1st place team in each division has to play the 1st place team from the other division and 8th place based on previous season results. Then 2nd place vs 2nd place along with 7th place and so on.

    This will eliminate possible schedule fixing from the conference where one or two teams aren't given easy schedules to pump up the team for playoff consideration.
  15. Ajo Macho

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    Only problem with this is you'd potentially see a lot of rematches in the CCG. Fans would eventually get tired of seeing the same two teams play each other three times every two years.
  16. LonghornCatholic

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  17. slowrider

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    There is no current legislation or State policy that can prevent OU from leaving the Big 12 with or without OSU. That has been an urban legend proliferated by OSU alumni.

    and, yes they are pissed:
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  18. LonghornCatholic

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  19. slowrider

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  20. Crockett

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    WOW! Recruiting is a driver here. Kids like the pitch that they will be playing in the best conference. Ain't no mystery about the strongest football conference.
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  21. ViperHorn

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    and that is the problem. Two TV Networks pay a bunch of money for broadcast rights, which include the right to over-promote.

    The $EC isn't the strongest Conference; Alabama is the best going now. Most seasons LSU and Georgia could not win the Big XII. If it takes 1 dominant team plus 2 stronger teams to be the best, both the B1G and Big XII can claim the same.
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  22. Clean

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    Aggy howling with indignation already; “Texas A&M is a world class university and there were reasons we left”.... yada, yada, yada. Ha ha ha. That would be the best part of this move. They thought they’d gotten into some exclusive fraternity and we didn’t. Aggy has been strutting around for almost ten years basking in Bama’s glory as if they were apart of it somehow!
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  23. Clean

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    Moving to the sec is our only real option, especially if blowu wants to leave. The PAC is a dumpster fire. Who wants to go to the Big X? ACC too far away.

    padding the conference with schools like UH, SMU, South Fla., etc wouldn’t help much.
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  24. NRHorn

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    Shhhhh- let’s not give the SEC any ideas. Anything to pad the W column.
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  25. NRHorn

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    Excel Nationally cost this gentleman some credibility
  26. mchammer

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  27. Clean

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    we need to quit kidding ourselves, the sec IS the strongest conference in football. The only sport they don’t excel in is basketball.
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  28. Chop

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    So, if this transpires (a big "if"), then where would the following go:

    Texas Tech -- sizable student body and alumni base. Good, but not great, size crowds and following. Clearly the #3 program in the State of Texas from a $$$ standpoint. This program has value and would be a good addition to the PAC, MWC, etc. Plus, somebody would get a recruiting footprint in Texas.

    TCU -- big time overachievers in football and baseball. Small, but $$$$, alumni base. Hot chicks. Lots of Californians in current student body and recent alums. Nice stadium, but usually only medium sized crowds unless they're playing UT, OU, Tech, or rivals SMU/Baylor.

    Baylor -- toxic, toxic, toxic waste of a program. May have the most difficult time of finding a new home.

    OSU -- mid grade to higher on the field and court. Average to above average alumni base and crowds. About equal to Mizzou or Arkansas as a program, but they're the #2 school in a fairly smallish population state...

    KSU -- often good, but spotty, on the field. Small student body, alumni base, and crowds. Very small media market for them. Lack of value to a new conference

    Kansas -- drop the football program entirely and just play basketball...

    ISU -- Looks like a fit for the BIG. But, do they really add much. Small media market state, in which they're the #2 team. The BIG already has U. of Iowa.

    Maybe these teams mostly go to the Mountain West or WAC, or form some sort of new conference, adding UH and SMU...? Or maybe, UT and OU stay in the Big 12...
  29. Chop

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    Oh yeah:

    West Virginia -- they join their couch-burning cousins North of the Ohio in the BIG. The cultural fit between WVU and aOSU is solid (albeit a bit rusty...).

    Weirton, West Virginia

    Somewhere in West Virginia or Ohio
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  30. moondog_LFZ

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    Texas should go independent if the paper clips leave.
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