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Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by DRAG69, Feb 7, 2008.

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    According to Chip Brown and Sean Adams they have heard from someone (they did not say who) that the president of The University of Texas will be contacting the president of Colorado University about something he may want to look into.

    That is about all they have said so far.

    But Chip also said where there is smoke there is fire........

    This is far from over.
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    Well...what's the point ya know? I mean, are we then going to take Scott like some spoil of war with CU? So we'll get a kid who doesn't want to play there, and is guilty of cheating?

    Or would we just try and ruin the kid's life by turning him in so he can't play anywhere else?

    I'm all for making cheaters pay...but he's 18. The school should suffer, but I don't see how D. Scott will gain anything here.

    The again...something has to be done. We can't lose recruits because we're unwilling to pay everyone off.
  3. DRAG69

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    Mack has already stated that he does not turn in violators when he encounters them during recruiting but when the school president gets invovled you know something must be up.

    I am assuming he will inform the CU president of what he knows and allow him to report his own school to the NCAA if he so desires.
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  5. Bevo5

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    Obviously ***IF*** this **** is true the his mother is not giving him a good example to live his life by. But I think ruining his life might be a step too far.

    Then again, he could go sign with a div 2 school and play with Bomar.

    Alright, I'm changing my tune. I'm all for making the guilty pay.
  6. l00p

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    There are enough sources or entities hearing this that it won't just die if the CU President does not look into it or do something. As stated on the show it is a good thing the internet can do in this day and age.

  7. mackfan1

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    As I said in the NYT thread, there is much more to this story than just, "Oh Ken Rucker isn't the RB coach anymore. I guess I'll go to CU."

    I don't think anyone wants to ruin Scott's career, but if Dean Powers has concrete info about recruiting "irregularities," he'd be remiss not to pass that on to the CU prez for any action they'd deem appropriate.
  8. Steel Shank

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    Welcome, Mr. Powers.
  9. l00p

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    Let us not forget that Mr. Powers is a bigtime football fan and previous season ticket holder not just as a member of faculty. I have seen him in his old seats and the man cheers.

    CHETOLONGHORN 250+ Posts

    Does this mean he goes to UCLA?
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    Was DS offered a hooker and dining priveleges?
  13. IcyHotStunta

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    This kind of breaks the unwritten code of schools/coaches not ratting each other out, even if their is 100% tangible proof.

    This will just open up a can of worms and engage universities into mudslinging. No way does UT do this without getting allegations in return by other Big 12 schools.

    This really isn't the first time one school/coaches figured some improprieties are in play when dealing with a recruit. In fact, there are probably 300+ instances of this a year in college football as far as allegations go.

    At the end of the day, it's really not worth it. Especially when it's a RB who Mack Brown half-assed recruited until a few months ago.
  14. Bevo5

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    If we're clean, then I'm all for making others live up to our standards.

    If we have skeletons we dont' want exposed...I keep quiet.

    Seems to me Mack is tired of the ******** and wants to even the playing field more.
  15. DRAG69

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    Reporting another school's violation to the NCAA is one thing but informing the president of a school that you know broke the rules and letting him and the school deal with it themselves is hardly "ratting" them out.
  16. shotgun427

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    I couldn't disagree more. If, and that's a big if, you know that someone is cheating and putting you at a disadvantage, you should report them. Not only does this help you, but it helps other who are also not cheating.
  17. IcyHotStunta

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  18. irishtexan

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    I'm not aware of an "unwritten rule" that says you don't turn in people for cheating. If such a thing exists, i have serious problems with it. And if Mack is going to the CU President, not the NCAA, I hardly see how that's turning someone in. He's giving them the opportunity to fix the situation in-house before the NCAA comes in and drops the hammer.
  19. IcyHotStunta

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  20. ballrific

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    this makes it look like we're coming off as babies about the whole thing so I hope there's something substantial to report.
  21. DRAG69

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  22. Steel Shank

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    Icy, it was in the newspapers. They reported it first, not Mack and UT.
  23. IcyHotStunta

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  24. Bevo5

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    If this is even true, then I'm guessing there is some proof to the whole thing.

    Calling ESPN would be going too far...calling the president to let them work out some issues internally is the right move. It stops the cheating from going on, and does as little damage to the reputation of the school/recruits as possible.

    Hell...CU could come out and say they are withdrawing their offer for some reason and be done with it. No reason to drag anybody around in the mud.

    The above poster is correct that CU cannot suffer another public black eye. If there is proof, I would think their president would move quickly to make sure no additional harm is done.
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    $$$ to donuts a booster owned OB/GYN clinic in Boulder has a new office manager.
  26. Bevo5

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    ^^ That is how you respond to these types of threads.

    Every OU poster on this board needs to read that last post and see how you're supposed to act.

    Politely refute the claims....accept that something could've gone on....outline that those responsible should be brought to justice.
  27. WashU-Horn

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    Given Mack's character and the fact that we aren't exactly hurting at Running Back, this has to be something really significant. Also, I take issue with the fact that Mack is doing any "whining" He explicitly moved away from talking about the Scott situation during the presser. This has to be big and the Texas admin may view it as a favor to the CU admin to let them know what they know about the situation.
  28. bierce

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    Beep-boop-beep-beep-beep-boop-boop-beep-boop-boop-beep, etc.

    Dan Hawkins: Hello?

    Mack Brown: Hey, Dan. Mack here.

    Dan Hawkins: Hey, Mack. Calling to congratulate me on Scott, aren't you?

    Mack Brown: (laughing) Yep, and I'm calling you out on this one, Dan. Choose the weapons.

    Dan Hawkins: Pistols at dawn OK with you?

    Brown: Sounds good. Of course, since we're the head football coaches and we get paid to much to waste our futures on a duel, shall we let our seconds stand in?

    Hawkins: Of course. University presidents as usual?

    Brown: Who else? Good talking with you. Good luck until October.

    Hawkins: You, too, Mack. Looking forward to seeing you then.

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  30. TheTresLeches

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    There is no unwritten rule between coaches. The reason SEC teams keep getting on probation is that they all rat each other out. Spurrier did that all the time at Florida because he ran a clean program.

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