UT vs. Vandy

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by Wishbonemac, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. Wishbonemac

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    The SEC comes to town tonight in the form of a decent Commodore team.

    "What's a Commodore", Bob in Houston is probably wondering?

    It's s an honorary title in the Navy and Coast Guard, almost as useless as a "Spartan" (Greek warrior).

    They had 8,400 folks at their last home game. Time we step up and show a little love.
  2. Third Coast

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    8:00 p.m. on ESPN2 for those not going to the game.

    Should be a relatively even match-up if Texas plays well. Longhorns are about a TD favorite

  3. LonghornCatholic

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    Let's go 'Horns! [​IMG]
  4. Third Coast

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    dominate them boards & keep your eyes open at the FT line! [​IMG]
  5. LonghornCatholic

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    Not sure why Barnes decided to slow the game down with the big lead.
    Should have kept our normal pace.

    Disappointed Barnes dialed up another three after a timeout with 50 seconds after we had missed 5 in a row.
    Oh well, still playing great game with a lot of fight.

    Lets see how these young guns can handle a lead [​IMG]
  6. Third Coast

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    It's hack-a-horn time!
  7. LonghornCatholic

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    Yep. Will be lucky to hang on.
  8. LonghornCatholic

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    I'll take it!
    Good win against a legitimate D-1 school [​IMG]
  9. Third Coast

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    Made 'em when they had to. Gutsy win. [​IMG]
  10. NBHorn7

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    I thought the bat showed great hustle and even managed to miss Ridley which is pretty hard to do.

    Our free throw shooting is going to get us one of these games.
    First real road game against Temple coming up. Will be interesting to see how that goes.
  11. tejas77

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    Missed it due to a work meeting last night but was able to catch the last couple of mins on the radio as I drove home. As someone mentioned above, not hitting our FTs is going bite us some day. Hopefully I'll catch the re-run on the LHN.
  12. Horns11

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    Yancy, Taylor, and Holland need to spend extra time at the stripe in practice. It's getting painfully funny to watch. And then when you stop laughing, it's just painful. I remember when guards who shot under 75 percent were considered awful FT shooters. These guys will be fortunate to finish the year around Shaquille O'Neal percentages.

    The bat flying around the arena kind of stole the show. Even for the TV commentators and fans.

    McClellan on Vandy missed a ton of wide open shots, and that made the difference. Sounds a lot like our former McClellan. Our D still needs to find a way to stay in their set without looking puzzled. Watching a Barnes team from 2002-05, you knew exactly what D they were in and who had whom. Now, it's kind of like a crapshoot... one guy will look like he's playing a box-1 set, and another guy on the same play looks like he's playing man. The team is young and needs to figure it out quickly.

    I liked Ridley's hustle. He still gets confused when the ball moves around, but he never slouches when getting back down the court.

    The next five games will set the tone for the conference slate, but unfortunately, we don't really know which Temple and UNC teams will show up to play us. I have no doubt that MSU will handle us, but we could go 4-1 or 1-4 over that stretch. I'm hoping for 3-2 with a win over either Temple or UNC, and heading in to the conference schedule (which appears a lot tougher than most originally thought) with a 10-3 record should help the overall confidence. Then it's 9 games (potentially 11) against ranked teams over the last 18, not including the conference tournament [​IMG]
  13. Walking Boss

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    1:30 left and they go 0-4 from the line and then foul where vandy goes 3-4. I will never understand why players can't shoot free throws
  14. Walking Boss

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    Now down to a one point lead with 33 seconds left after missed ft's , bad fouls and a poor turnover. 8 points up with about 2 minutes left and they will be lucky to hang on
  15. Walking Boss

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    Horns hold fast with Felix hitting 2 ft and a fortunate break when vandy player tripped over his teammate and the pass went out if bounds, followed by a horn break away.
  16. LonghornCatholic

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  17. Third Coast

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