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Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by Diggerdive, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. Diggerdive

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    There has been a great deal of debate on the volleytalk blog about DH's and JF's "celebrating" after big and/or critical kills. I would like to hear what folks think about this.

    I watched as JF gave a pretty intense "ojo" across the net. It did seem like a challenge of sorts, but I have to admit it was kinda fun to watch. I guess I don't take that too seriously, but I don't know if volleyball might have some unwritten rule about not boasting too much or too loudly.

    Some folks seem to be suggesting that the taunting (and I think it's safe to say she did taunt the other team a bit) was, well, unbecoming for volleyball (or maybe for UT athletics)?
  2. facemask

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    Typical of the sexist double standard in society. It's widely encouraged for men, but women need to be passive.
  3. MadTrapper

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    ...I like to call it swagger. [​IMG]

    Also, Faucette's yellow card was awesome.
  4. Glad2BeBack

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    I'd like to see our ladies bring it down a notch or two. Yes celebrate and have fun but it's getting annoying with every match. Aside from that our gals or kicking butt and taking names. Tough weekend ahead but things look good for them to make the final 4. Hook'em! [​IMG]
  5. VinceYoungScores

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    I don't know anything about Volleyball except that I love watching this Texas team beat other teams into the ground, and be proud of it. I expect every team from here on out will be excellent, and our team needs to continue to assume the relentless nature that has personified them in all of their finest moments this year.
  6. MadTrapper

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    I find it interesting how the seemingly inconsequential actions of two people can cause such an uproar. Reactions invariably lead to not only questioning the integrity of the players, but even the coach. I'm just glad those two athletes are playing for Texas. [​IMG]
  7. TempestHorn

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    After struggling through a football season where our team at many times played with no emotion and got beat by both our rivals; I'll take some passion, some desire and most importantly results against our rival volleyball programs. And if all you can pick on them about is their post-point celebrating, how weinie does that make you?
  8. NavyLonghorn

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    The celebration doesn't impede the flow of the game so I am all for it. If the server had to take extra time for the players to get into position after excessive celebration, THEN there is a problem. That isnt the case. The posters on volley talk are being hypersensitive, IMO. In no way is Destinee or Faucette classless like a few posters on that site say.

    On top of that, many posters are claiming it is a reflection of Coach Elliott.(he is arrogant,only cares about winning, abnoxious)

    Yes, Faucette got a yellow card, so in that instance the ref felt she had gone too far. I find it atrocious that people would say that those women have nasty attitudes. Everyone celebrates and gets motivated in different ways.

    I laughed my tail off when a poster over there attributed the celebration tactics to "the new urban lifestyle", as if Destinee is some sort of gangsta. LOL

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