Verizon first to announced they will carry LHN

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by biganakhanhda, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. biganakhanhda

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    I have DTV, wonder when they will join the fold.

    Who lives in Dallas and wants some Lone Star beer for the Rice game should DTV not carry it?
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  4. OrangeHair

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    Can't get FIOS in Houston. Come on Uverse, I don't want to switch providers...
  5. PabTexas

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    Beautiful...signing up for service as I type...

    Hook 'em
  6. mcbrett

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    True dat about DirecTV- I have the Verizon 4 play- but because Fios isn't available yet in my neighborhood they gave me DirecTV- It would seem like DTV should be one step behind Verizon.

    Anyone have word on this?
  7. Wesser

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    I just switched to FiOS on Tuesday. What a break!
  8. RP McMurphy

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    I knew Verizon would have it. They carry BYU tv so I felt pretty confident that LHN would get picked up. I reluctantly switched to Verizon from DirecTV when I moved two years ago. I'm glad for it now!

    I'm also pretty confident that DirecTV will pick it up and when that happens that crappy sattellite company, DISH Network, would be crazy not to follow because it's so easy to switch from one to the other.
    The one I would be concerned about in the Dallas area is Time Warner cable.

    Hook'em Horns
  9. RP McMurphy

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    It's also awesome that they assigned channel 579 for LHN. All of the ESPN channels are in the 570s and so is FOXSW.

    Hook'em Horns
  10. Hu_Fan

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    DTV (DirecTV) notes....

    A rep for their carrier at Austin's NW Best Buy a couple weeks ago told me they talk about it in group meetings and that it's a go. But it's still not available.

    A call-in on 104.9 FM Austin (ESPN) today said his DTV installer said it was going to be delivered. But, still it's not.

    So who's to say. (and I have DTV).

    I just looked at DirecTV channels... in the ESPN Group
    206 - ESPN
    207 - ESNHD - news
    208 - ESPNU
    209 - ESPN2
    210 - ESNa - To Be Announced
    211 - ESNa - To Be Announced
    212 - NFLHD

    I can't say how long those placeholders at 210 and 211 have been there, but it's a nobrainer that either of those can be switched on as fast as a mouse click.

    When channels like that are in place, they are in place with, for lack of a better term, a frequency, a bandwidth. When I had Time Warner, I had a receiver where (talking with tech support) I was shown how to look at the bandwidth and db settings and how it was performing. That's when I learned that not all channels on a cable or satellite are equal, and this is why some channels are knock-out superior to others. At least a few years ago. Some of that may have evened out by now.

    But to say, those two channels on DTV... 210 and 211... would assume to be in place and with sufficient carrier bandwidth to deliver a solid HD signal the same as main ESPN and the NFL Network (Ch. 212).

    Also, the availability of channels is easily regulated on a major satellite carrier. Zones of Austin can be turned on, or any other city or region. Or turned off. Depending on delivery packages. Even the NFL Network can be disabled for just one programming segment in a zip code - as was the Texan's game the other day when it was pre-empted to a more local carrier and put on DirecTV ch. 54.

    So, the turning on or off, the deactivating or activating, is managed as easily as opening and closing an app.

    Ie,... the decision can be made and implemented lightening quick with precision in designated regions down to a zip code or individual subscriber.

    The hold up is with 'suits' meaning with neckties or strings of pearls. Somebody needs to get their *** in gear and help me set my DVR now not later.

  11. Burnt Orange Bevo

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    As a Verizon FIOS subscriber here in (northern) Virginia, I'm thrilled although I'll have to upgrade (pay more $) to get the Ultimate HD package.
  12. Horns11

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    Anyone who doesn't have it already is either out of their coverage zone or doesn't understand its superiority.
  13. S.A.Diva

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    Damnit! Not available where I live...screwed again by TWC. [​IMG]

  14. baoklhorn

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    How would you like to live in Tulsa. Sooners and pistolas firing don't have any interest in LHN.

    Is there any chance it might be streamed on ESPN 3?
  15. Horns11

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  16. horn123

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    If verizon is only one to show this,not to worry the internet is still here.
    it's coming one way, or another.
  17. Texdoc

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    Been with DirecTV since before there was cable (seems like). When we couldn't get the local Dallas channels, they let me have BOTH NY & LA networks (Fox, CBS, NBC, & ABC) They were only supposed to allow one or the other & local ABC was refusing to allow anyone locally to have NY or LA access. Anyway, I got in good with a phone rep because (are you ready for this) he was an ou fan & we started talking about the RRS one time. After that, everytime I called, I would dial his Extention & he would hook me up with whatever, including deducting stuff off my bill ! I got those East & West coast channels for over 2 yrs until the Dallas locals became avail about the same time they started broadcasting in HD.
    My rep finally became unavailable, & all they would tell me was that he was no longer employed there. Guess he was too nice for too long.
    However, I still love DTV, & wouldn't give up NFL Sunday Ticket, ............. but this sucks so far. Guess I need to get off my butt & start complaining.

    HOOK 'EM,
    Texdoc [​IMG]
  18. FW_Horn_32

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    I'm at my buddy's house in Ft Worth right now. He has Fios. Channels 79 and 579 are "unavailable".
  19. Santafe

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    This is pretty embarrassing news for the Longhorn Network, considering Verizon FiOS has only about 4 million customers and FiOS is the only network to sign as of the start of the network today. Maybe the cable companies don't see the demand others see (UT & ESPN).

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