Vince's 4th down run vs Trojans...............

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by LousianaHorn, Dec 13, 2019.

  1. LousianaHorn

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  2. RainH2burntO

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    True story...I was in Dallas with a group watching at a large viewing party in a place that has large wooden planks appx 10 ft high supporting roof. I had climbed up on my chair in anticipation of the moment as it unfolded, and as he crossed the line lept in the air, grabbed a wooden rail, and hung there swinging, eyes fixed on a screen in front of me as the mini-touchdown celebration took place....moment forever seared.
    There I was...just hanging, swinging from the rafters literally in the middle of this place as history was made. It wasn't premeditated even an instant...just a pure, unadulterated expression of ecstasy.
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  3. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Awesome!! I went to every home game and a few away games that year and the year before including attending the Michigan game. I wore the same shirt every game both years whether in person or watching on TV. At halftime of this game while watching at home my wife realized I wasn't wearing my "lucky shirt". She told me to "get that damned shirt on" so I dug it out of the dirty clothes hamper and put it on during halftime. The rest is history and everyone can thank Mrs Vol Horn for that national championship. Really, it had nothing to do with Vince....:smile1:
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  4. VYFan

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    When the third down catch was out of bounds past the end line, and everyone groaned, I said, “it’s okay; this is about to be the greatest play in Texas history....”
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  5. LousianaHorn

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    2nd greatest..........being a semi old geezer I still give slight edge to Slick/Peschel #1A, Slick/Speyrer (Cotton Bowl) 1B and VY as 1C but its only by a hair in each case...........:smokin::hookem:!
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  6. Ajo Macho

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    As important as that play was, it was a pedestrian run by Vince standards. He had many more electrifying plays. A handful in that game alone.
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  7. zuckercanyon

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    Was fortunate to be in the stadium that day. On the other end same sideline so saw him run for the corner and then he disappeared....Never heard the Eyes played so many times, trouble seeing through happy tears while everyone sang it over and over and over and over......
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  8. ShAArk92

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    me too, zuckerC

    I was on the opposite side, opposite 25 yardline (I think the "North" 25, don't recall the orientation) Vince's run was almost directly away from us.

    I was on a Burbank layover! Had tickets from my brother n law ... was gonna meet them at the game, but didn't have transpo from the hotel to the Rose Bowl. I had my UT bag tag hangin on the cockpit door during boarding at DFW... DFW-BUR ... it was the Burnt Orange Express. Had a lotta "Hook Ems" ... but one couple chatted, asked if I was going to the game ... "yeah, but gotta find a ride" ... they offered. I took it.

    I remember parting ways with 'em at the parking lot ... and the ensuing air that "you're not worthy to be here" from the "locals."

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    FWHORN 5,000+ Posts

    Me too, I was in USC endzone above and to left of USC band if you were standing on field. I will never forget my buddy saying to me when USC had ball up 38-33 and was going for it on fourth down "if this is a team of destiny we get stop here and then drive for winning score." My other enduring memory is after game in that endzone and what was purportedly a USC section all the Horn fans in the section getting together and singing the Eyes of Texas. By far the best sports event I ever attended and the easily my best sports memories ever are all associated with that game.
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  10. ShAArk92

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    Going for it was the right call.

    having his Heisman trophy winner on the sidelines. THAT'S what sealed the deal.

    Lindale White was unstoppable. But when all 11 knew who was getting the ball, he wasn't gonna make those 2 yards.

    I knew the Horns would then take the ball and get the go ahead TD ... they weren't stopping Vince/Co either ... but I hoped they took enough time so the UT defense could pressure. it was closer than I wanted it to be. But a great game.

    Literally, even including at least 1 of Texas' other titles, unbeaten in declarative Champion. All year long #1 USC ... #2 TEXAS.

    And STILL, the trojans scoffed at our being there.
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  11. HornFan4Ever

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    Me as well and no sporting event will ever compare.
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  12. Texanne

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    I said, “Just get the first down ... just get the first down ...”

    But Vince, being an overachiever, went for the score.

    And I remember thinking, USC can score so quickly. Did we leave too much time on the clock?
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  13. ViperHorn

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    That was the concern, and they did move the ball on the first play after VY's final TD.
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  14. mchammer

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    The two point play was good mojo for what eventually transpired on defense. I felt better after that.
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  15. zuckercanyon

    zuckercanyon 1,000+ Posts

    At some point, I had doubts on the final scoring drive. It makes me tear up every time I recall the moment (even now). I said “Cmon Vince buddy don’t screw this up now”.. in a calm voice behind me this lady said “No. He’s not going to screw up. He’s going to do it. We’re going to win.” Made the hair stand up on the back of my neck.... Boy was she spot on....

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