Violence at UC-Berkeley: The Wacko Lefties Who Make Milo Even More Famous

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Phil Elliott, Feb 2, 2017.

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    You challenged me and I explained myself. You weren't expecting me to respond?
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    I read a little as I'm not a political science major and an Okie. I see your point about the left and anarchism. The right wing fools are anti-government, just not this current government. They were anti Obama for some reason. That said, I'd say anyone proposing to decapitate over politics might be closer to an anarchist than a Democrat.
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    You said they were "Democrats" and expected everyone to simply accept that. I called BS and said it was just as likely they were anarchists as Democrats. You then claimed that "anarchists" were a made up term by the media to which I pointed out evidence of their activity on the West Coast.
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    Those are not anarchists. As I said before the term "anarchist" is used by the media to refer to rowdy libs/dems. That group you linked who call themselves "anarchists" are not real anarchists. Read the stuff they believe on their website. It's all left-wing rhetoric. Anarchy is more of a right wing ideology. Just because a group commits violence to back up their beliefs doesn't make them anarchists. It makes them terrorists.
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    Anarchists thing we need no government. Christian anarchists think that the government is an affront to our spiritual sovereignty. The one I know who ascribes himself to this philosophy is a right wing pacifist who doesn't vote. He lumped Hillary and Trump into the same box and loved 11/9/16 because it proved to him that they were one and the same. Wall Street is in charge in his world view.
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    Exactly. That's why I'm saying these fools rioting on these campuses are not anarchists. These rioters want big government, hate right wingers, and hold left wing values on most topics. They're not anarchists, they are radical leftists.
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    The University doesn't invite people like Coulter. Student groups do, and no, the university doesn't have a legal requirement to allow that. The problem isn't that Ann Coulter has a right to speak at Cal. It's that the taxpayer should have a right for its public entities not to engage in viewpoint discrimination. If they want to keep Coulter out, then they should have to keep everybody out. If Coulter can't speak, then other liberal commentators shouldn't be allowed to speak.
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    Of course, they're never going to admit that they're engaging in viewpoint discrimination for the same reason nobody would admit he engages in race discrimination. They know how terrible it sounds.

    My concern is that if Coulter held a different political philosophy, I don't believe that Cal would try to make her cancel or reschedule. I think they'd beef up security and protect the person's right to speak on campus. By keeping her out (even if it's temporarily), they're rewarding and encouraging those who resort to violence. Why wouldn't these freaks simply show up and threaten violence in September? Catering to them is dangerous, and I'd say the same thing if we were talking about a leftist that I don't like. If some nutty socialist group on campus wanted to invite Ward Churchill to speak, I'd be horrified if conservative activists resorted to violence to stop him and I'd expect campus security to protect Churchill.
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    We've already discussed this. Link.
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    These people have no conscience. BAMN is an acronym for "By Any Means Necessary." It is a violent, even psychotic, commie cult led by 1960s Maoists who prey on the young


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    Check out the list of corporate & union donors to the Antifa Front Group BAMN

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    The rubber is about to meet the road at Berkeley. Coulter's defiance is gonna light the fuse next week.

    Then Milo's big return will toss in crates of dynamite. He's planning a multi-day event in and off campus with other known, left-hated guest speakers.

    I guarantee the whole point is to set off a massive conflict to turn Berkeley into a national crisis DT must address. Milo's event will be well publicized in advance and attract a ton of ANTIFA opposition groups ready to meet force with force. :popcorn:

    “In light of recent controversies, I am planning a huge multi-day event called Milo’s Free Speech Week in Berkeley later this year,” Yiannopolous said on Facebook.

    ”We will stand united against the 'progressive' Left,” he said. “We will loudly reject the venomous hectoring and moral hypocrisy of social justice warriors. Free speech belongs to everyone — not just the spoiled brats of the academy.”
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    The goal is to drive a movement to bring about the suppression of the people - a great first step for an authoritarian!
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    Suppression of a people who decided it's perfectly acceptable and their sworn duty to violently suppress any free speech they don't agree with?

    You're f*cking kidding me right? Now I know you're trolling. :smile1:

    Since I detest flag burners to the core, how about I mace the next one I see or clock them in the face with a padlock in a sock? That acceptable now?
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    Wonder what Willie Brown (first African American mayor of San Fran) thinks about Berkeley's modern suppression of free speech.

    Berkeley betrays its free speech legacy

    The battle over free speech in Berkeley has flipped the two sides in the old generation gap.

    When the Free Speech Movement got rolling at UC Berkeley in the 1960s, the whole point was winning the right to speak out about civil rights, sex, the Vietnam War or anything else on your mind.

    It was youth versus “the man.”

    Now it’s youth demanding the shutdown, and the man expressing outrage at the death of free speech.

    And the cops being sent in to protect it.

    How’s that for a reversal?

    And what are these kids upset about? Ann Coulter? Milo Yiannopoulos? David Horowitz? All second-string cable commentators at best.

    The descendants of those who fought for free speech now say there shouldn’t be speech unless it fits their own political agenda. If it doesn’t, then it’s not free speech, it’s hate speech — and it must be stopped, even if it means violence and damage.

    How the hell do you get away with that?

    The Free Speech Movement was born in Berkeley, and now, it seems, it’s being buried in Berkeley.
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    That is humorous coming from a member of the party that wants to suppress and subjugate all people to the will of government bureaucrats and their failed vision for America.
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    That is a glorious quote.
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    I never thought I'd say this, but good for Willie Brown. It takes balls for a guy in his position to speak out like that.
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    True liberalism is hardly served by suppression of opposition voices. Not sure what we call the Berkley agitators, but to call them liberals is getting far afield of the dictionary definition.
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    People don't think of it much now, but political movements in the past often had "paramilitary wings" that were essentially thugs who used physical violence and intimidation to suppress their opposition. Of course, the most famous group was the Nazi SA ("the Brownshirts"), but ideologically the SA's opposition group (the communist Red Front Fighters) is probably the most similar to these guys.
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    Progressives = regressed rights.
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    I have to agree that Antifa communazies, or whatever they are, are not real liberals. Much in the same way that american neo-nazis are not real conservatives. They are all just really screwed up people.
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    I agree with this. These people are just opportunistic agitators. The only cause they believe in is disruption and chaos.

    However, while these radicals lack any real support of the momentary cause they hijack as cover, there may also be puppet masters who fund their disruptive behaviors for political ends.
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    Are they even worse than Nikki Haley?
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    Violent radicals and bad politicians are apples and oranges. Like comparing a thief and a poor parker who takes up two spaces. Both are different kinds of societal problems. One should be in jail and another should stop being an a**hole.
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    Refresh my memory. Why is she an *******?

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