Washington Football Team's Jennifer King - NFL's first Black female assistant

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by BevoJoe, Jan 27, 2021.

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    "It's so important to open the entire pool of applicants when you have a position," King said. "So far historically in football, it's only 50% of the people; no women were considered. For future female coaches coming up, this gives them a foot in the door. It's up to us to do a good job."

    It’s not about the pool of applicants. It’s generally about experience and qualifications to get the job in the first place & after that it’s all about results. Period. This business doesn’t care if you are a purple giraffe, the second part is what determines your future in it. I wish her good luck.
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    What a farce.
    What does she know àbout being a running back or ball carrier?
    Well I guess she could google or go to YouTube.
    Well after further thought I guess she could learn from others in the profession.
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    Totally agree. It may be possible for her to be a descent coach but to believe she was the best candidate is pure BS. This was more of the woke world.
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    Mike Leach never played football. He's had some success.
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    I think there are plenty of good coaches that never played the sport they coach.

    Get a job teaching high school . Get paid extra if they coach a sport. Learn as they go...

    The proof is in the pudding.
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    As a descent coach, does she always go down stairs, never up?
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    One things for sure...
    ....She'll never be fired whether she performs well or not
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    Stop saying He and She!
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    "Every time I've increased her responsibilities, she stepped up to the plate and has done a great job," Rivera said." Congratulations, Ms. King. Knock 'em dead.
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    What a load of crap.
  12. moondog_LFZ

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    You know her personally?
    You are aware of her intellect and all training she has received?
    You were present during the interview process of all applicants?
    Your statement seems like pure BS.
    This was more of the privileged world view.
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    Regardless of knowing anything about her intelligence, do yo really believe that looking at a pool of qualified applicants, the reason she was chosen was because she was the best candidate or because they wanted a girl?
    Bud this the the. NFL- not jr high.

    And throw me a bone here, let’s say being a female was a major factor-
    Then who’s really privileged?
    Her or the kid who also dreamed of that job and yet had some level of experience?
    Please, please Moon

    I live this every day after my company bought the services of of the McKensie consulting group.
    Smart people are now in roles they have zero experience in (non privledged I guess one could say) and our inner company health scores have hit 11%, the problem is our best are leaving to go to competitors thus taking away the only support these unqualified leaders had.
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    McKinsey is number one reason how 2nd tier companies get tier one talent.
  15. moondog_LFZ

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    "Every time I've increased her responsibilities, she stepped up to the plate and has done a great job," Rivera said."

    Sometimes you promote from within over a possibly more experienced outside applicant because you have witnessed firsthand their work ethic, intelligence, leadership abilities, etc..
    Whereas, the outside applicant may have more experience on paper but is an unknown otherwise.
    You are also inferring that Rivera, for some reason, felt a need to make some sort of statement by putting an unqualified female in a position over other qualified applicants, thus jeopardizing his teams future success and thereby his own job.
    This doesn't strike me as fitting his personality as a coach.
  16. NRHorn

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    This is really true-
    Pillar well respected VPs and top notch front line managers are leaving in record numbers.
    I’m looking as well, no joke.
    My requirement will be a privately owned company., just like the best we have lost.
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    And is how 2nd tier companies stay 2nd tier companies.

    This was totally a woke hire.
  18. NRHorn

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    No, thanks for the response( no sarcasm)I’m not referring to Rivera doing anything- I feel based upon my experience in a similar environment that he was told to make this hire and fortunately for him this hire won’t do a darn thing for the success or failure of his team.
    Her initial hire and subsequent ‘promotion’ cost someone who was more qualified a job.
    There’s no doubt in my mind. I’ve seen it first hand.
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    Woman and black, so only two diversity points? Boring! Come back to me when they hire all that plus her being a one-legged lesbian Eskimo, for a total of 5 diversity points.

    Ore maybe, to max things out she could be:

    Illegal alien
    Pagan, or at least a wiccan

    For a total of 7 diversity points. And an extra one if she has some politically correct disease like AIDS.
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    He did, this a common myth
    He played WR and DB in HS.

    Wonder if she ever put pads on?

    Funny thing is , I’m getting woke as well over this.
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    This appears to have touched off a nerve for you. Apparently common sense is not so common. Again, there are sooooooo many girls with football knowledge (sarcasm) so on the surface this hire looks woke. If she is in fact qualified then good for her. Lots of men coach girls basketball but again they at least have experience.
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    Charlie was a descent coach.........
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    What a vague qualification statement. I could assume what he meant to say and substitute, "Every time she got me coffee she added just the right amount of cream and sugar. Eventually I trusted her to get me lunch so that's why she is qualified to help lead our football team." Does that make her the best candidate?

    He doesn't "owe" me any kind of justification for the hiring just like Houston doesn't owe anyone justification for not hiring a black coach but not giving reasons leaves the door open to all sorts of questions and judgements.
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    Probably monthly!
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    What is gender even? Why does it matter she's a she, or Black? And doesn't praising her for being a woman delegitimize Trans people?
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  29. moondog_LFZ

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    But you will go ahead and assume she isn't and disparage her and the coaches decision even though you have no first hand knowledge of the situation.
  30. RainH2burntO

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    Well....this is the same franchise that put a totally unqualified name in place of a more qualified one....
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