We have lost a Horns WBB fan

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by BabHorn, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. BabHorn

    BabHorn 10,000+ Posts

    Sorry to inform all of you that Anna Hookem passed away Saturday after a long battle with cancer.
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  2. Dionysus

    Dionysus Ok Cool. Hook ’Em! Admin

    Oh my, I’m so sorry. I remember she posted something about her illness a while back, and I wondered about her recently.

    Did you know her personally @BabHorn?
  3. BabHorn

    BabHorn 10,000+ Posts

    Yes, for a few years.
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  4. racerx5908

    racerx5908 500+ Posts

    Sad. Thanks for letting us know. I know there's another longtime fan who also has an illness. I hope to see them at the volleyball scrimmage....but if not, then I know they may no longer be with us.
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  5. overseasbbfan1

    overseasbbfan1 1,000+ Posts

    So sorry to hear that. I recall her posts about coming from so far away to attend games. She seemed very sweet. I believe she made it for the BU game last season, that was probably her final opportunity to see the Horns live. Thanks for informing us, Babhorn.
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  6. mb227

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  7. DFW_Horn

    DFW_Horn 1,000+ Posts

    I never met her but she had a boundless enthusiasm for the program that anyone could easily sense from her posts. RIP.
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  8. Malcom

    Malcom 250+ Posts

    I'm so sorry to hear this. Anna was a very nice person and a huge Longhorn fan.
    Blessings and Condolences to all her Family & Friends
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  9. Run Pincher

    Run Pincher 500+ Posts

    I'm really sorry Bab and cancer fing sucks!
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  10. LutherIsMyDog

    LutherIsMyDog 1,000+ Posts

    Thanks for letting us know @BabHorn. RIP Anna!
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  11. bystander

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  12. TXSNOS

    TXSNOS 1,000+ Posts

    Am so very sorry to hear that.
  13. UTExinPDX

    UTExinPDX 1,000+ Posts

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  14. GameOfHorns

    GameOfHorns 100+ Posts

    HookEm Anna!
  15. JoeDallas

    JoeDallas 500+ Posts

    I'll miss her posts, which evoked a real love of the game and of the team.
  16. jusme828

    jusme828 2,500+ Posts

    Sorry to hear this news.
  17. flash34

    flash34 500+ Posts

    Anna Hook Em was a "real fan". In a post back in spring 2017 in which a lot of us shared how we became a fan of Longhorn Women's BB. Anna wrote...…….

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