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Discussion in 'Horn Depot' started by Uninformed, Nov 15, 2012.

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    I use to be pretty strong and was able to bench twice my weight. About 12 years ago, though, I developed rotator cuff problems so I stopped benching and shoulder presses and eventually pretty much stopped lifting altogether. Anyway, I started back up about 6wks ago hoping that the pain wouldn't return. So far so good but I want to start building my chest back up and have done a little bench with really light weight - like 90lbs on a machine incline press. I'm not sure if it is doing any good and I'm not sure whether more reps with light weight is easier on my shoulders than heavy weight with fewer reps. I also feel a little silly doing such a light weight. Any advice is appreciated.
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    I suggest getting some Perfect Pushup bars and doing those the way they instruct. Use your body weight with a variety of exercises for awhile. That core buzz word, go after that.

    Talk to a doctor after doing those for awhile and look into kettle bells. Trust me, they will kick your *** and you may not want to or need to lift weights the old way ever again. The bells are not injury proof and need to be used properly but they kick ***. Just my .02.

    Start light and stay light as long as you can working on technique and form.
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    Work on your stabilizer muscles too. I jacked my rotator cuff lifting a couple years ago - mind numbing pain! As I returned to the gym, I added in moderate stretching and worked the stabilizing muscles.
    Try using a yoga ball instead of bench and use lighter dumbell weights. You'll notice when you go back to conventional bench press, it'll be much easier
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    Thanks for the advice. I am getting some stiffness in the shoulders but no pain yet. I am finishing workouts with the rowing machine to help loosen up my muscles, but I still need to stretch more. It sounds like one of the keys to the comments so far is to work on the stabilizing muscles instead of just isolating a muscle group like typical weight training.
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    Stretch x 1000000000. The recommendation to use stability ball was spot -on! Go slow..and stretch!
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    And when you want a really good workout, kettle bells. You think you know working out now, just wait. Seriously, they will kick your *** and your improvements will come big time.

    youtube 'em.
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    Don't underestimate the benefit of push-ups.
    Like you, I laid off the wiegths for a while due to injuries. I've always been active and in shape but lifting was more just to keep tone. I was never a fanatic. I've probably played a million hours worth of basketball though.

    Anyway, I began losing muscle mass in my chest so starting doing pushups. No more man boobs. I was actually surprised that did the trick without lifting.
    I still lift a bit but gain enough benefit from push-ups and other coffee table exercises I do to get the results I'm seeking.
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